Jayce's Topless Yucky, Smelly, Fish Funk Hair
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jayce shampoos her hair with the grossest of savory and the best of sweet"

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Total runtime:12 mins, 15 secs
Date added:12/13/16
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Jayce is topless wearing her hair down, black panties and her glasses. The substances she uses are: fish, lard, boiled eggs, oil, blue cheese, peanut butter, nutella, and glue. she first mixes the boiled eggs, oil and fish all in a blender and that is what she shampoo's on first. She is totally disgusted because she can feel the fish chunks in the mixture! It smells horrible! Jayce puts in in her hair like a champ, even dunking her head in the bowl of mixture, pouring it on and everything. She then pours on the blue cheese and pulls her hair up to shampoo it all in really good. she pulls her hair back down to smother in the nutella and peanut butter adn then continues to literally scrub all the substance in. She adds some more lard for good measure and shampoos it in and does some more hair dipping into the fishy mixture! She then attempts to wring some of the mixture out of her hair so you can see how completely encased her hair is, and thick with all the crazy substances! She is not sitting in the most flattering position but, she wanted a little to drip down on her boobies for good measure ended up some drip down on her legs, feet and boobs! yuck!

This was by far the grossest, smelliest set Jayce has ever done! Whew! If you like a little sweet with your extra savory and hair washing, this is the video for you!
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12.3 minutes

"Perfect, genuine reaction!"
By J.Bond  9/12/18

I have to say Jayce always impresses me and this is yet another video I love because of her perfect, genuine reactions. I have seen some videos (never from Jayce) that are obviously scripted and obviously rigid but the fact that Jayce goes out there and does stuff like this genuinely with real reactions is just awesome!

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