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Tony's Treat

Tony's Treat It was winter and it was closed season at the outdoor pool. Tony had a temporary job at a warehouse, picking goods from the thousands of storage areas and shelves, and rushing them onto trolleys to be dispatched. Every shift was a hard slog, there was literally never a moment's rest. Staff were constantly being monitored and measured regarding their productivity, and any errors or slowness were recorded against them. The turnover of staff was huge, many people only lasted a week or...   Read
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Update 2017
By messyjojo
monday     12 views    1 comment
After havinbg a few pm's about what I'm up to/why I'm not online much....I thought I'd better give you all an update..... Since August 2016 I have been back at college, undertaking a new venture, no...
Tony's Treat
By MrWetShirt
saturday     25 views
Tony's Treat It was winter and it was closed season at the outdoor pool. Tony had a temporary job at a warehouse, picking goods from the thousands of storage areas and shelves, and rushing them onto t...
Australia Day
By nXdressr0816
11 days ago     17 views
May be on my own for Australia Day this year meaning I am free to get messy! Custard, chocolate sauce, Whipped cream. My leather leggings, boots, wetlook top. afterwards a wash off in the shower....
Somewhat success
By nXdressr0816
14 days ago     17 views
I have now found that the new home's facilities are much smaller than the old one. Despite being successful in a good messy session I have found a lot of purple and black marks on my body. Most crampe...
Ode to the Target
By dreamygie
14 days ago     79 views    1 comment
There was a thread recently asking if people liked getting messy. I wanted to expound on the subject but like I said earlier, if I post on a thread it will die immediately. It's a gift. I don't like...
Too old for this sh-stuff
By dreamygie
20 days ago     167 views    3 comments
It's a movie cliche in the third or fourth installment of a comedy/action series, after an especially exhausting yet familiar action sequence, the weary sidekick will say in an aside, 'I'm too old for...
Now, that's embarrassing.
By sneaked666
20 days ago     79 views    image included
You know how it is, you think you've got presents for everyone and then someone turns up at the last minute with a gift and have have nothing to give them back... Wammer of the Day on Christmas day i...
Up for oiled jeans?
By Eggz72
21 days ago     60 views
Hi everyone; Well if you've read my profile you'll know I love the look and feel of oil soaked tight jeans. I'm up for an oil soaking soon and will do it in my skinny Lee jeans. But I'm also up to dou...
My story
By messycoolcatshirtsboy
23 days ago     111 views
Hello everybody, I am Luuk, a 19 years old boy from Utrecht, The Netherlands. I was 8 year at the start of my Wet And Messy Story. I do WAM with everything, paint, mud, custard, ketchup etc etc. A fe...
blah blah blah
By dreamygie
24 days ago     98 views
So I figured i'd try this blog thing for awhile though i'll probably delete this tomorrow. I always do. Eventually i'll leave one up. So yeah, i'm bored. And a little high. I love my green, what can I...
Heavenly Mud
By VersaceMess
27 days ago     147 views    2 comments
For years, I have carefully ventured behind the old barn at home and down to the creek for some nice muddy relaxation. I never understood why I am so attracted to the dark, deep, captivating mud that...
Plans for 2017
By Manwam
28 days ago     85 views    image included
So another year has past. Ive nearly been on umd 10 years not (had a previous profile) This year has been most interesting and a bit turbulent. I enjoyed meeting with elf earlier in january and febr...
30th Birthday kinky gunging
By Gungdulgence
28 days ago     177 views    image included
The night has finally arrived. I have been ordered upstairs by my sexy wife to prepare me her naughty sex and messy punishment dungeon. Looks like i am well in for a good seeing to! Just about to make...
The Muddy Miss
By nXdressr0816
29 days ago     86 views
In school I was always getting into trouble. On a cold winters day this was no exception as my mates and I went out into the muddy wetlands to test out a small replica of a Trebuchet. It had been ra...
Villain/Villaness meets sticky end WAM style!
By cigarsuitedslimeball
12/10/16     191 views    2 comments    image included
Has anyone been fascinated by movies where the villain/villainess meets a sticky end through slapstick and lots of WAM scenes !! I love the powerful role suddenly being reduced to a slimy blob! I've...

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