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Oily Anal Vacation

It's interesting how sometimes you just know certain things. He makes me feel like a fortune teller at times. A look across a dinner table, or a moment of locking eyes with a smile walking down the street, or in this case, looking up seeing him with laughter in his eyes standing in the middle of a river as I lay on the banks watching and writing this. You just know something really great is about to happen as soon as you have a moment to sneak away alone. I wonder how it will go today. I wond...   Read
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Fiona by Herself at the Pool
By MrWetShirt
Friday     65 views    1 comment
Fiona by Herself at the Pool Tony had an interview and assessment for a temporary post at a home delivery company, working as a dispatch manager to be based at the depot. The job was due to start at...
Oily Anal Vacation
By MyPieRogative
Wednesday     31 views    image included
It's interesting how sometimes you just know certain things. He makes me feel like a fortune teller at times. A look across a dinner table, or a moment of locking eyes with a smile walking down the st...
I know, I'm perfect?
By AnnaLee
9 days ago     115 views    6 comments
Just a quick blip before I go bouncing around Pieland for the day: Someone said to me this week, and I'm paraphrasing here, "You're impossibly perfect!" BINGO! Key word here is "impossibly"! See...
Quick replies to chat questions
By AnnaLee
12 days ago     96 views
"Where are you from?" -Pieland, Slapstickonia, USA. Like it says on my profile! "What do you do?" -Mainly make silly and risky comments while someone is holding a pie. Generally this is right after...
Random Mailbag
By AnnaLee
12 days ago     95 views    3 comments
K. Writes: "Why all of the boob pics? Are any of them you?" Why the pics? I like them! They're aspirational to me at the moment I find them, and for the "theater in my mind" (not a real theater, just...
A surprisingly fabulous pie
By AnnaLee
14 days ago     199 views    6 comments
It's time for a happy, upbeat blog post! So once, I met a woman who was an overall very positive kinkster and who thought the idea of pies in the face was, if not erotic, at least very fun and had gr...
Pics Or It Didn't Happen
By AnnaLee
14 days ago     271 views    3 comments
And now, lets dip into our mailbag shall we? Viewer Bill (not his real name) writes in. Bill asks "Why don't you show us what you look like? How do we know you're as cute as you say you are and not...
You know you're a wammer when
By MogAnarchy
15 days ago     72 views
You know you're a WAMmer when... You own a stack of B&Q orange buckets, despite never washing cars or doing garden work... You own a vast amount of paper plates, despite rarely holding a buffet...
By AnnaLee
15 days ago     140 views    3 comments
There's been this thing lately where I chat with someone and they do something WAMmy without my consent. It turns them on apparently, even after we've agreed what the interests and boundaries are for...
A Very Wet Start To The New Year 2017
By WetAndMuddyFun
15 days ago     28 views
Even though it had snowed all day new years eve and the the temperature was below 0C I managed to get wet multiple times on New Years day. First I did a polar bear swim at noon. When I got to the loca...
Wam session
17 days ago     38 views
Hi to all wam females. As you know I have been on this site for a while. I am not getting joy in doing a wam sessions. I love wetlook and I am very open to anything goes. At the moment I cant accommod...
Slightly strange fantasy
By bsmithyst
26 days ago     97 views
Ok, so I thought I would share my slightly strange fantasy with you guys. Let me know what you think... Imagine a young, tall cute blond guy. Both he and I are wearing tshirts and sweat pants. He si...
My ideal session continued.
By curiousvixen84
28 days ago     160 views    2 comments
Seeing that smile on his face excites me even more while he is standing surrounded by pies pleased with his actions so far...i get up off the floor and slowly slide my feet across the floor to meet hi...
Old thoughts!
By Wet-Si
1/28/17     62 views
Lately I've been having a lot of thoughts about 2 ex partners both of who gave me a lot of pleasure with getting wet and messy. I used to enjoy the tight gym clothes and the jeans as well as using cus...
Charity Quiz With A Mud Bath For The Losers!
By Lauren19
1/25/17     119 views    image included
Recently, I took part in a fun quiz night as a fundraiser with my work colleagues. Where it differed from a normal quiz was the fact that at various points throughout the night people that were deemed...

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