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My surprise session tonight.
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So I wanted to tell you all what happened to me tonight. My husband was working and I went over my friend and her husband's house to hang out. I got there wearing the outfit you see. After a bit of chatting a few of the guys grabbed me and put me in a dunk tank. They dunked me for about an hour and then took me in the house to let me shower and then asked if my husband would mind them having a gang bang on me. My husband said it was ok. And I had 4 guys at once. A first time having that m...   Read
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My surprise session tonight.
By Dunktanklady88 yesterday     54 views    1 comment    image included
So I wanted to tell you all what happened to me tonight. My husband was working and I went over my friend and her husband's house to hang out. I got there wearing the outfit you see. After a bit of...
wetsuit wetness
By wetmana 11 days ago     33 views    1 comment
Well for the first time in my life i purchased a full neoprene wet suit , ( trespass shop and a sale on ) i walked up to the stand , see a large sized one , went to try it on, (well what it felt like...
An extremely fun day with mypierogative--Saturday 15 July 20...
By Whitestar 15 days ago     247 views    3 comments    image included
MyPieRogative what can I say but 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10, 5 Stars out of 5, I think you dear reader might be getting the picture, but how did I come to that conclusion I hear you ask? Read on and fi...
My first public wet experience
By greatone90 19 days ago     80 views    1 comment
Last night i was walking home after few drinks with friends, it was absolutely chucking it down. I was wearing my black north face jacket with skinny jeans and adidas trainers, as i was walking in rai...
Things to come.
By mudsprite 19 days ago     51 views
Its been a funny year so far, and sploshing activities have been difficult to arrange. Certainly so far, things havent quite gone to plan. Looking back though it's amazing how well I've done consideri...
New Video on YouTube
By Wetty2010 28 days ago     29 views    image included
There is a brand New video on youtube. Wet G-Starts with my Denim Jacket Here is the link:
First time in new mud
By mosluigi 7/19/17     97 views
I moved to Florida a year ago from Maryland. Up there I had a couple good mud spots I'd played in a few times, so after moving I made finding a new spot a priority and finally hit paydirt. And what a...
By iain-ecgunge 7/17/17     212 views    image included
Last weekend was a rather busy one for me - the tripleWAMmy, it's strange the way things work out sometimes! I did have a session booked in for my birthday, but that had to be postponed for reasons o...
I just want to thank you!
By SeaOpal 7/15/17     39 views    image included      thank you  fan appreciation  wetlook
I haven't had a lot of time to spend here lately, and I never have time to respond to each individual message or friend request I get but I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!! to all you guys who've...
some thing different
By wetmana 7/11/17     51 views
well it bee very wet in the uk this week , i planned to get wet so many times and something else came up , until today , i was free to , so i had planned what to wear, jeans or chinos, shirt or sui...
London Splosh Games Two 9th July 2017
By Whitestar 7/10/17     378 views    4 comments
Edited 13 July 2017 to add names of people I couldn't remember. Wow, what can I say but it was another absolute blast! I saw the post for London Splosh Games two appear on Fetlife/UMD and within a...
You Tube Channel redesign
By Wetty2010 7/10/17     39 views
Guys go visit my new redesign you tube channel I also activate my UMD site posting pictures, videos and becomeing a mode where i encourage all interest guys who wants to fi...
It's what we do
By EdwinR 7/1/17     101 views
We have produced a couple of free promotional videos featuring dozens of photos and clips in a hip music video format to show you the variety of images you will find at "A Splash Of Glamour" and our v...
My Evening at slosh Messing About at Underworld
By slosh1474 6/27/17     245 views    image included
I saw the advertising about S.L.O.S.H. Presents messing About at Underworld on the homepage of S.L.O.S.H. and was curious. So I clicked on the link and informed me. After I had asked some questions b...
s.l.o.s.h. Presents Messing about an Underworld 24 June 2017
By Whitestar 6/25/17     341 views    2 comments
I saw the post on UMD about 'S.L.O.S.H. Presents Messing about an Underworld' on 5 April and within about 30secs of reading the post, I knew I had to buy a ticket. Ticket was bought without any probl...

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