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A real story, not fiction. Just because.

With some of the speculation on the forums as to what is a true story and what's a fantasy, and since I almost always post fantasy, I thought I'd post a real event. A true story. A few things occur to me about why I love recounting this story. First is that my girfriend at the time wasn't a WAMmer, and wasn't into pies. She was into other kinks (imagine role play, spanking, that category of play), but didn't get any rise out of pie play. But, in the end, she loved what we did together and had a...   Read
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A real story, not fiction. Just because.
By PieWriter Friday     411 views      pies  true story  shower  naked
With some of the speculation on the forums as to what is a true story and what's a fantasy, and since I almost always post fantasy, I thought I'd post a real event. A true story. A few things occur t...
sposhing filming
By GoddessAveena Thursday     29 views    image included
looking for like minded subs to do some sploshing on film, I can rent venue to do so but would need a tribute and it will be filmed for those of you who are camera shy you need not apply. This will be...
Something I would love
By gunge_the_loser 11 days ago     186 views    2 comments
I would honestly love a video or recording of someone even just talking about a scenario using the words 'gunk, slop, gunge, goo, ooze and splat', things like that. Ideally in an English accent and hu...
The tide is high
By wetmana 12 days ago     147 views
Tis time of year we get a really good high tide and the beach , (7.5m) so a lot of the beach gets covers, especially were the step go down to it, so sunday i was out for a walk along the banking to t...
The second wamming
By MessyBBWuk 12 days ago     221 views    2 comments
Having messed my face up the night before I decided to continue my solo experimentation with some full body sploshing. I also thought that rather than risk selfies I would video it and pull stills of...
Pied In Public
By pieguy446 14 days ago     178 views    1 comment
I've been thinking a lot lately after I received an interesting proposition on UMD. A pperson, not to be named, messaged me out of the blue, asking me if I would be interested in conducting a social...
Health anxiety. How to beat it!
By ItsJay 14 days ago     155 views    1 comment      health anxiety  health  anxiety  help  stress
I know this is not W.A.M related at all, but, I feel its something I need to talk about. If I manage to help one person, just once, a little, I will be happy. I have been suffering with heath anxiety...
First solo WAM
By MessyBBWuk 15 days ago     243 views    image included      solo  marshmallow  poster paint  shaving foam  wam virgin  female
I have wanted to be made messy from my first moment of sexual awakening but it's taken some time to actually get over the embarrassment of feeling like that about this unusual fetish Anyway, I'm curr...
more updates
By RainbowStarr 16 days ago     165 views    1 comment    image included
Sorry I have been on lately I having hard time with my internet I cant seems to upload any of my newvideos, no its not the site but my internet it needs help or rewiring or something Anyways i have a...
Some alone time
By Wet-Si 19 days ago     17 views      Leggings  Knickers  Panties  Wet  Wetlook  Bath
It's not. Dry often I get time on my own without my partner, this Friday she will be out and this means I can finally get a tight pair of knickers and leggings on. I'll eventualy get them wet in the b...
Dream custom
By bsmithyst 20 days ago     39 views
I'd love to make a custom video along these lines, with contestant and host: Contestant: cute, clean shaven, aged somewhere between 18 and 30. Clothes: plain t-shirt, jeans or track pants, wearing reg...
A Muddy Forfeit At Work
By Lauren19 21 days ago     47 views    image included
We had lots of fun at work for the recent Children In Need event. Some people were gunged and it all got very messy! I got involved in a muddy stunt again personally! I had a 100 price on my head and...
Watching Brandy in Toronto
By Paris Erotic Massage 22 days ago     18 views
Watching Brandy in Toronto November 25, 2017 | by stevenmaturin I moved into the condo about a year ago. I loved being close to work and my wife and I loved giving up the commute. The condo was large...
Mandy in Dubai
By Paris Erotic Massage 22 days ago     15 views
Mandy in Dubai November 25, 2017 | by cowboy109 The dragon's reptilian claws dug into the stone to wind its green scaled body tightly around the pillar. Its head with the ghastly big, baby-like eyes w...
Arabian Nights in Dubai
By Paris Erotic Massage 22 days ago     24 views
Arabian Nights in Dubai November 25, 2017 | by kayla_femboi I was in Dubai for business. I was essentially a salesman for a company that specialized in medical equipment for hospitals. Nothing terribl...

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