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Test Mess

"Is this showing speech marks properly?" Messmaster asked. "I'm not sure," Noise replied, "Hopefully, there will be a line break before this piece of speech. And the following, including the paragraph." "Evolving a huge website is hard," Messmaster mused. "It would be easier if you didn't keep breaking it!" "No shit, and what the fuck have you built anyway? You have all the answers but i haven't seen you make something this cool." Noise went quiet for a minute, aware he was full of shit but...   Read
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My Birthday!
By Mr.Wammer
15 hours ago     8 views
This Saturday is my Birthday! I'll be turning 19 this year! I'm so happy!
Test Mess
By noise
Tuesday     36 views    image included
"Is this showing speech marks properly?" Messmaster asked. "I'm not sure," Noise replied, "Hopefully, there will be a line break before this piece of speech. And the following, including the paragrap...
My Hooters Uniform
By SissyCreamPuff
Monday     46 views    1 comment    image included
I recently went to the grocery store wearing Hooters boyshorts, a ladies', black V-neck, suntan pantyhose, and white Skechers. I was shopping, trying not to look too conspicuous, when I was approached...
Sissy Roulette (fiction)
By SissyCreamPuff
Monday     52 views
Each sissy, wearing her sissy finest, will sit on the lap of a "real" man. For 3 minutes, that man may caress his sissy, wrap his strong arms around her, and whisper dirty thoughts in her ear. He may...
Mondopondo anyone?
By webcamplayer
Saturday     114 views    2 comments
Once upon a time, many moons ago, before you were old enough to even think about gunge and games and dares and all that stuff, there was game called Mondopondo, if you were straight, and Mondopondowil...
Patent Leather vs PU (Faux Leather)
By DessertFox
8 days ago     22 views
Crossdressing has become a main stay in my life with almost 3hrs a day being dressed up and sometimes entire weekends. Two years ago I bought Patent leather boots but now they are showing there wear....
My fourth messy session!
By Poppy
15 days ago     252 views    7 comments
I finally got messy agin yesterday, and it was the best one yet! I was wearing a long red dress, some cream silk gloves with a set of pink undies and a bra. There I was, sat down in my glass shower cu...
mes plans humide
15 days ago     19 views    image included
Confidence Online.
By Poppy
19 days ago     190 views
Many of you know that I am quite introverted. I have been here for nearly two years, under many different names and genders (Solitary, Anton Chigurh). This was not to deceive anyone or mislead, this w...
Mession Session ii--the Sequel--Heaven with Melted Heaven.
By Slopseeker
25 days ago     470 views    5 comments
So I guess with each new year we get a bit older and a bit wiser, but when you're also still in something that could be classified as youth such as the twenties you also get bolder, until you reach mi...
Showering in Crazy Boxers
By wetgalfan
25 days ago     58 views    1 comment    image included
I have given up on naked showering. It's so dull. Ever since I discovered Crazy Boxer underwear, I've only stripped down to my undies to shower. Crazy Boxers are novelty boxer briefs. They feature...
Wet Under Armour
By jimmybinbdn
26 days ago     38 views
First time I took a bath with my Under Armour runners. The last time I got them wet during a rain storm, they took a long time to dry. I also wore blue jeans and a hoodie. I wonder what I'll have a...
Wet And Messy Fun In Kentucky!
By Mr.Wammer
4/13/18     115 views
So me and TonyA were talking and he's going to be in Louisville, Kentucky sometime in October. We we're planning a meet up at that time and we want to share the experience with some Kentucky Wammers!...
Tell me what you all think. Thanks
By Messydream
4/11/18     97 views    2 comments    image included
Hello all. Would anyone be interested in seeing more of me. I'm a white male. I love really big mess. These pics are just an example with only 3 cans of shaving foam. The vid is 20min. I had a fuck...
Cleo's Mud Bath
By dougiezerts
4/8/18     95 views
(I've read that Cleopatra enjoyed mud baths! It inspired me to write this story:) In a special room in the palace was a large circular marble tub. It was about 2' deep, and contained dark brown mud....

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