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6 days ago
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Giving up getting messy

A lot of people might relate to this, if you do please feel free to comment and if i can ill reply Ive had a wam fetish for nearly 20 years, and it has remained secret the entire time. Like a lot of people on here, im afraid of being judged or rejected. The thing is, im married. And every time i dress up and get messy i feel like im cheating on my wife. I always tell myself that im not doing anything wrong, and that im not hurting anybody so its ok. But the reality is, im going behind my wif...   Read
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Another Wet Weekend
By MrWetShirt Sunday     21 views
Another Wet Weekend They checked out of the hotel later that morning, and Fiona was delighted to be presented with a voucher offering her thirty dollars off the cost of another visit, if made within a...
Giving up getting messy
By Miss E Cleavage 6 days ago     104 views
A lot of people might relate to this, if you do please feel free to comment and if i can ill reply :) Ive had a wam fetish for nearly 20 years, and it has remained secret the entire time. Like a lot...
First time with new girlfriend-it was a hit
By Blaze68 17 days ago     177 views
Looking like I've got a new WAMMING partner. Cute little blonde named Beth in her early 40's I've been dating for a few months. I bought her a kayak for her recent birthday, and yesterday (5/5) she...
Comic Relief Silliness At Work
By Lauren19 24 days ago     129 views    image included
My workplace always gets behind initiatives such as Comic Relief and this time was no exception. One of my friends cooked up the idea of "The Mud Bucket Challenge". Unlike the famous ice bucket challe...
First Messy Session--Messy Fun at 4 in the Morning
By Slopseeker 26 days ago     122 views    1 comment
Wake up after a couple of hours of sleep bright and early for my 21st. Hastily sort out some train tickets for about two hours time, and then head into the bathroom shaking like a bastard. Lie some pl...
When did it all start?
By FarmCouple 28 days ago     75 views
My best recollection of when it started for me as a young boy, was watching the Jungle Book and that sneaky snake wrapping his coils around Mowgli, and that started my mind going about what it would b...
Mud Swimming in the Backyard
By wvmud 4/23/17     103 views
I have a 6 month old yellow lab. She's really good at being a puppy and whines constantly to go outside and normally I don't mind. But the past month in the pacific northwest we have had more rain t...
Wet Knickers
By Wet-Si 4/9/17     77 views
So i had a dream last night, don't know what would have brought it on but anyway that doesn't matter. It was about an ex partner who i had a very active and varied fetish sex life with, she was always...
By sweetfreak 4/7/17     130 views    image included
Aren't we lucky being WAM-lovers? For us, any supermarket is a sex shop. Do you recognize that feeling? Walking in a store, imagining all the things you could get messy with. things you can fuck, thin...
Bozo T. Poem.
By BozoT.Clown 3/28/17     60 views    image included
Nobody Loves Us Clowns. We Shouldn't Be Foolin' Around. We Should Be Serious. And Not Delirious. Nobody Loves Us Clowns. I REALLY MEAN IT! Nobody Loves Us CLOWNS!!! :P
By Wet-Si 3/26/17     139 views
I keep seeing this video on YouTube and can never get it out my head, it's a girl named Stephanie, from round the North Est area. She is recorded introducing herself and that she is about to be gunged...
Wet Yoga Pants
By Wet-Si 3/21/17     116 views
So last night whilst having a very mixed sleep I started dreaming about an ex partner and boy was it worth it. I remember this trip we took, I picked her up and started the journey she was wearing a p...
friendship through wam
By INDIWAM17 3/19/17     87 views
Hi I am very lovable person but there no females takers as messy they get. I love being wet but still I am very open wet person. We can all be friends on wam but there is no takers, then is hope to a...
The London Splosh Games Tuesday 14th March 2017
By Whitestar 3/15/17     530 views    image included
This is an edited version of my post on Fetlife under the same user name. I was booked in for Sploshing Event at Townhouse on 31st July 2016, but unfortunately my car broke down the day before and I...
A new idea
By kane83 3/15/17     180 views
I was thinking once I open my own download store and start selling some product on here, i was thinking !, it would be an awesome idea to live stream a full pie season with my girlfriend getting cream...

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