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Anyone know the best odourless gunge?

The other week I was pied in the face for the first time by my girlfriend. I ended up smelling like fresh cream for days! What are the best alternatives that don't have a smell that clings?...   Read
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Standing where it started
By blondbear 3 hours ago
Recently I had to move in with my father to be his caregiver and while I was standing naked in my bathroom waiting for the shower water to heat up, I realized that 35 years ago in that very room, in t...
Anyone know the best odourless gunge?
By gunge_the_loser 11 hours ago       Smell  pie  gunge  help  cream  messy
The other week I was pied in the face for the first time by my girlfriend. I ended up smelling like fresh cream for days! What are the best alternatives that don't have a smell that clings?
Chapter 2: Missy's First Time Revealed
By J.Bond 7 days ago     91 views      Rachel  Missy  Cheerleader  Pies  WAM  Wet and Messy
The next day Missy was at Rachel's place first thing in the morning. Missy wore a really lowcut white top, tight jean shorts, and a matching lace bra and pink panty set undetneath. She wore flip flops...
Pi Day is this Wednesday!
By blondbear 7 days ago     26 views
Yes, it's that magical time of year where you get pied in the face by anyone and everyone because it's Pi Day. Okay, that's not what's going to happen, but a clown can dream, can't he?
Suited men slipping and falling down
By TPow69 10 days ago     19 views
Hello, I'm new here and was looking for some film clips of men in suits slipping and falling on banana peels, (Oliver Hardy slips on one in dance master), marbles or ball bearings (judge doom on who f...
Kinky messy holidays
By sm8591 14 days ago     66 views    image included      gay  mud  dirt
For many years I combined nudism with my submissive masochism. I had an arrangement with a sado-dominant man who offered me a free stay in exchange for applying his sm experiments on my body and sex....
Messy meet up!
By Messtoimpress 14 days ago     52 views
Hey, Ive been thinking about a messy meet, as ive never had the balls to do it untill now. Im in the norfolk area, but i cant travel far! Id prefer to meet with a female but if a guy wants to thats...
By MSMystique 20 days ago     108 views    image included      Messy  Hand Job  Vaseline  Lotion  Panties  Crossdressing
~~ A big thank you to everyone who messaged me about either being caught masturbating or catching someone else masturbating. I am sad to report that no one admitted to either. On the other hand,...
Kinky messy holidays
By sm8591 24 days ago     108 views    1 comment    image included      gay  mud  outdoors
I used to spend holidays with a dominant male in Southern France, I enjoyed nudism as submissive. The deal was that I got my stay for free on condition that I stayed naked and accepted a role play as...
Bred To Be Her Playtoy--Part Four
By SunnyJohansen 24 days ago     45 views    1 comment      messy  wet and messy  wam  messy sex  lesbians  messy lesbian sex  lesbian wam  lesbian wet and messy  lesbian sex
If you haven't read parts one through three first, I hope you will! Thank-you! ___________________________ Still lying on my tummy, my body jumped with Blue's tongue sliding on my sweat-covered ass....
Bred To Be Her Playtoy--Part Three
By SunnyJohansen 28 days ago     42 views
Time for my daily dose of sunshine! Blue likes my tanned ass and pussy, along with the rest of me. She takes my hand in one of hers. In her other hand, she carries a dozen over-ripe bananas! As...
Pies and Pints Munch Guidelines
By PennyBanks 2/17/18     182 views    2 comments
This is a relaxed, social meetup in a pub. There will be members of the public also there, so please wear normal vanilla clothes so we don't make anyone else uncomfortable! We're all here to make fri...
Muddy fun sex time
By mosluigi 2/15/18     94 views
After several visits to my mud pit, I had a really good feel for it in more ways than one ;-). I'd never had any problems getting to or from it, other than skeeters which is why I started bringing Off...
Bred To Be Her Playtoy--Part Two
By SunnyJohansen 2/13/18     60 views    1 comment
I slid down between her legs and licked all my cum from her. In her sleep, her body trembled...I was dying to eat her more. She created me with a brain and body made for sex...and to want her consta...
Bred To Be Her Playtoy--Part One
By SunnyJohansen 2/12/18     81 views
I awoke, horny as fuck, beside the woman I love...the woman who had me created...bred to satisfy her deepest, hottest sexual desires. She was sleeping, her silky smooth thigh against my pussy. My...

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