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wet_clothed_man, 47 mins ago
wb w c m
MikeNomic, 48 mins ago
wet_clothed_man, 48 mins ago
w c m - Pretty good here today thanks
MikeNomic, 55 mins ago
Hi Mandy
MikeNomic, 56 mins ago
u ok
wet_clothed_man, 1 hour ago
lo w c m
MikeNomic, 1 hour ago
What part do you take in roleplay - dom or sub?
MikeNomic, 2 hours ago
... unfortunately.
MikeNomic, 2 hours ago
That's life
MikeNomic, 2 hours ago
I guess so
MiniMetroid, 2 hours ago
Time and cost are against it?
MikeNomic, 2 hours ago
I'd really love to
MiniMetroid, 2 hours ago
... subject always to the weather
MikeNomic, 2 hours ago
ef="/alexdc" class="break_word small">AlexDC
";}}'); ?>
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Toronto, Ontario
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