The UMD is always free for everyone, but we have to restrict some things to save bandwidth. Our VIP upgrade gets you easy access to much more content, plus other perks.
Here are the perks:
Access 10 years' worth of finds in our Forum Video Archive.
Access the 10-year photo curation in the Forum Pic Archive.
Download photos from galleries and other areas via zip file.
Save vids from the Videos page and get high-quality playback.
5% off every purchase in the Download Stores.
We kill almost all the ads.
A "No Trailers" option in the videos area.
Unrestricted Wall and Main User Gallery.
See tomorrow's What's New section early.
We'll love you forever. (Actually, we'll do that anyway, but still.)

Goddess Carmella
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Current VIP-only Coupons
Use a UMD store's coupon code upon checkout to get the discount on their content.
15% off entire store
expires Saturday
PLUS: Sale: 20% off and buy 2 get 1 free.
latest scenes
15% off entire store
expires in 6 days
latest scenes
15% off entire store
expires 12/2/17
latest scenes
15% off $5.00 or more entire store
expires 12/15/17
PLUS: Sale: 20% off and buy 2 get 1 free.
latest scenes
How To Be A VIP For Free
UMD will automatically upgrade your account to VIP if...
You're near the top of our Most-Loved people list.
Each day, our top few dozen loved ones get the next 24 hours of honorary VIP status for free. You accumulate "love" when people view your pictures, play your vids, read your posts, fill your hearts, buy your scenes, and more. Note that any existing paid VIP membership will continue to be active until you cancel.

You're a top supporter of our stores.
We currently give VIP to every store customer who spends at least $500 within a rolling 180-day period, just to say thanks.
UMD Store Owners
Give discount coupons to VIP's, and we'll pay for it.
Create VIP coupons for your store, and UMD will offer to pay for the discount upon any sale, with your commission untouched!
Other ways to get exposure from UMD
To look up or cancel your VIP membership, please visit, our authorized sales agent. For password or access issues, please contact us.
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