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"Loved every moment of this!"
A lovely, sensual, gooey and messy clip. The playful teasing and caressing really make this exceptional.

GungyDave25 14 hours ago
"Good fun and Peach very is hot although shame there's no Joi."
Peach's voice and figure are great and you'll enjoy getting messy with her in whatever slime you have (p.s. you'll need around 11 jugs worth for reference).

The timing is mostly good although there was one pour which had a very quick follow up. I think the biggest issue I had with the scene was that there's no JOI at the end. This can be OK if your plan is to just play in the mess following the end. However, combined with the short length of the video, this means it's not the best value for your money scene, even on the store.

That said, if you can get it as part of the buy two, get one free deal (like I did), Peach is a nice girl to play with and have instruct you. I partially wish this scene was remade or there was a round two--I would definitely buy that following this scene!

JadonHato Sunday
"Video felt like more of a photoshoot"
The visuals on the scene are excellent however my complaint is that in the video you hear more of the background of water splashing around rather than Jenna. It doesn't help that there is background music throughout the entire video that also muffles it out.

monkgus Sunday
"Fun and exciting scene that gets everything right"
(Note: The store thinks this is 1.25GB, when its a more manageable 500MB) Fantastic scene which is a convergence of a lot of great things. Luna is brilliant obviously, and love the outfit. The concept is incredibly clever and fun. The equipment works brilliantly, but I think the mess in particular might be the best I've ever seen. From all the scenes I've viewed this is the one which resoundingly feels like everyone involved just wants to be there. The sense of fun, excitement, and positive energy is the best I've ever seen--and for me that's what elevates it. The scene is cut about 50% longer than some, and Luna stays around to have

- what looks like at least--some genuine fun for the last half. (Obligatory but genuine--we should appreciate all the models and producers who do their best to bring this 'hobby' to life. Ultimately its a job, they are gamely stepping into our strange world, and people can get very weird about whether models are "doing it for the money/real wammers." I'm not looking in any way to cosign that)

Johndoe906 Sunday
"More pies please! I think patsy needs way more pies!"
I wish i was the one on the receiving end, patsy clearly loves a pie in the face and she looks great in her clown costume. Patsy takes the pies really well and i wish i was her.

Virgin wammer Saturday
"A title true to its name for the scene."
When I first started watching this scene, Faith and Sushii were not holding back after they Irene and her friend spread false rumors about each other, but they amazing from start to finish. The mud looked more softer than before a lot of face planting, and motorboating. If you are mud wrestling fans, give this scene a watch and get attached to the sexy fun from the models of Glam.

Mudicon20 Wednesday
"Great Hair Mess"
As a lover of messy hair, this is one of the best messy shampoos I've ever seen. Moana and Jahnna make a great combo and seem to truly enjoy having their hair destroyed. Can't wait to see what either of them will do next.

logvanjam 7 days ago
"The end gunging is well worth the wait!"
Kacie and Natalia are fantastic as ever together. They have great banter and really make the whole event enjoyable.

Knowing each other, they very quickly get each other very messy... but don't know each other as well as they think they do so start losing clothes almost as quickly. They take great pleasure in gunging each other with a jug each time, and slowly seem to enjoy being gunged. Although both girls are well covered, once one has removed all her clothes she receives all the remaining gunge in the buckets--and it is well worth the wait! The remaining gunge from 3 buckets and 1 full, untouched bucket all over her head is a magnificent sight as thick green and red gunge flows all the way down her!

Would recommend to anybody who enjoys two beautiful women stripping whilst being covered in brightly coloured gunge!

Love2bpied 7 days ago
"A naughty captain getting down and dirty"
Kym was great in this scene, from being a cute cheerleader that showing off, to getting pies in the face and face plant into a box of chocolate pudding, to going topless and getting slimed. This is another awesome video by Kym from Pfg.

Mudicon20 8 days ago
Jane is a sexy girl who really knows how to wear this and lovely that the showering is added too.

Knickerfilling 8 days ago
"This is hooooooooootttt"
The stunning Mrs makes her body into a lovely mess. The way she looks when she fills her leggings is priceless. She knows how to finish this situation... would love to lick her clean...

Knickerfilling 8 days ago
"Totally awesome. Makes you wanna lick her clean!"
The absolutely stunning Melonie makes a massage into a hot show! She rubs the chocolate over her stunning body. Makes you wanna lick her clean bit by bit. I only wonder how long it took her to get clean. The showering off would have been a great vid too, I hope there is one! If so, let me know...

Knickerfilling 8 days ago
"Two girls and a pool of mud. Great combination"
Kym and Naomi were at their true talent when they did this mud scene for Pfg. I love the face planting and going topless. If you love the WAM legend Kym. Then watch this with her and Naomi.

Mudicon20 8 days ago
"Ivy is fantastic! You won't regret entering This casino!"
I really enjoyed this. Having never been to the Splosh Casino I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wasn't disappointed. Ivy is gorgeous and her enthusiasm to get you messy really makes this exciting. She playfully teases that she doesn't lose, but thankfully you get to see her getting messy a few times :). Be prepared! There is lots of mess!

She teases throughout whenever she wins a round tells you exactly what she wants you do with each forfeit, which I liked. Loved the narrative of a couple playing together--it really works to play along with Ivy, and could see this working with a partner. A well made video, a great, fun opponent and both end the game Very messy... what's not to love?! can't wait to return and play Ivy again.

Love2bpied 9 days ago
"Sexy ladies, lots on gunge and plenty of stripping! Win Win Win!"
Simple setup but it does the job perfectly. Proof complex games or storylines aren't always needed. Two girls, a deck of cards, 2 buckets of gunge and a simple game with messy consequences. Both Katie Natalia look stunning to start while the game is explained quickly get started. I like that the game is pure chance and that neither girl knows who's going to taking a "forfeit", or which it will be. Natalia seem nervous of the gunge to begin with but soon gets over it it then seems both want to lose be gunged... but I'm not complaining!

Would highly recommend can't wait to check out Kacie Natalia's other games.

Love2bpied 10 days ago
"She can come to mine for dinner anytime"
If there's a reason to keep on coming back to umd then. I'm in WAM heaven and those boobs, I'm hypnotised by her clevage. What was I watching again...

DirtyWamMan-98 12 days ago
"Just amazing!"
And yet another amazing wetlook scene. As one of the other reviews said you can definitely tell you truly enjoy the wetlook and are not just doing it as a model. That makes all of these videos well worth the purchase.

Gungeguy83 13 days ago
"Short and savory"
Another great video--was a little shorter than I had anticipated (didn't look before buying) but gets right to it. The blowjob at the end is very hot. Not a shaving cream guy myself, but still a great video. And of course, Tea is phenomenal as always.

wammster27 13 days ago
"Tea is a trooper!"
Might be the nastiest savory mess I've seen. Would be great to get a post scene interview with Tea on a future video, am really curious what she has to say about the experience. Super hot video, if you like savory just get it!

wammster27 13 days ago
"All of her videos so far are well worth the purchase."
Yet again Jennie does an amazing job getting wet in her clothes. I cannot wait for more to come. She definitely loves this and looks absolutely natural and candid with these. Keep it up Jennie.

Gungeguy83 13 days ago
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