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"Absolutely fantastic"
By TnaMaster  17 hours ago

Absolutely amazing clip the girls where fantastic and a laugh through the clip and the overall loser took the gunging like an absolute professional excellent coverage as per usual thanks to the mostwam team and the look on the losers face when leon does his tidal wave trick was priceless all in all a huge round of applause to everyone involved 10/10 well worth the purchase cant wait for ep2 and the rest.

"A treat in itself!"
By WAMMYJosh  yesterday

Oh Melissa, Melissa, Melissa! Aren't we in for a treat!

Another absoloutly fantastic and sexy shower scene. It's got all of what you'd expect from other shower videos, including the good old shower head! This is definetly the furthest she's gone yet and this is just without a doubt a must buy. If you could only buy one scene, by this one!

"A really hot collection of slimey photos."
By GungedHairFan  yesterday

I love picture sets more than videos some times, but it's not always easy finding good sets. This is a really sexy picture set. Ari is really cute. I'm big into hair wam, and Ari's hair gets nice and covered and she dunks it.

"10/10. A new Wam favourite for me!"
By PieOrCake  Tuesday

I bought this video with only a mild introduction to the duo. I had seen them get Wammer of the Day once I think, and there's no really way of avoiding those giant breasts no matter where you point your eyes to on this site. So I went ahead and bought a handful of scenes. best. decision. ever.

now I am going to have to be a little bit indulgent in the language I'm about to use, I apologise. But that woman really knows her way around a cock with a pie around it. Technique, facial expression (which is a big part of it for me) and body language was great! Neither were uncomfortable with each other or the mess. In fact, half way through you really get the feeling that she has dipped into a Wam-lust and laps up some mess across herself. It truly is great.

Best part of these videos for me? Cleo being able to take a pie, suck a dick and enjoy it. There are a lot of models on this site that I love because they have a love for Wam, but there are certain others who do their best not to get anything in the face, be a little reluctant with decadence and appear uncomfortable in the video all together (Which I understand, it is no easy job to be enjoying something you're not used to, especially if you're new) but with Cleo, I climaxed so hard because of her temperament. I'm in love with them both for giving the world this video! Will definitely be buying more in the future!

Highly recommend this video for those who want to see someone never shy away from a pie, in fact face it with eroticism plastered unto their expression and don't mind non-verbal WAM. Can't wait to see her boobs out again, I might even beg for a custom! Much love!

"Eh... It's an ok scene"
By evilsam2014  Saturday

Very erotic and hot. Should have been more with his pants lower. She never touched him once which was a turn off even tho he played with her breasts. I feel he was under used in this scene and even tho he says he came...we have no proof. So it was an erotic scene. But there could have been more.

By PiedGoofball  Saturday

Kaydens is always yummy. She gets pied with the best coverage and she's willing to do anything. I love this girl. She's the best.

"The most paint I have ever seen used in a movie!"
By ItsJay  Friday

This proves both Jayce and Ariel are getting better with experience. This is the type of movie that made me fall in love with WAM. Its fun, experimental and messy! Both Ariel and Jayce love it. If you have to buy one WAM movie this month, buy this one. The shower scene is awesome. These women must get though a lot of soap!

"Gooey goodness"
By DontKnowDD  Friday

Yet another great video. I love the slime, concept, and everything.

I hope you continue to make more, it looks like yoy could make a ycdotv inspired episode.

I want to see a Speedo and wrestling singlet next.

If you ever make a Double dare inspired costume/mess/game I would love to see that too!

"Briliant scene"
By noideer  Friday

This scene is really well set up. The mess and premise are very well thought out. We see Slimestar doing what she loves and we love her to see and also more which is incredible.

"Great bubbly video!"
By Jpwam  6 days ago

This is a very sexy video where Jayce plays with bubbles and shampoo.

Jayce is very cute and sexy when is covered in foam,This is strongly recommended for people who like bubbles and Jayce.

"Solid film"
By jkjkk  10 days ago

A really good scene, even more so with the outtakes left in that had me laughing. My only criticism (without spoiling) would be scoop up to avoid the outtake. Other than that, great gunging, great idea, good film.

By shortfoot78  10 days ago

Beautiful and so horny in white! Puts you in serious value. The outfit is perfect and the joggers shiny. Encore!

"Smokin hot"
By bbwsandcustard  12 days ago

This is amazing...curvy lady in pvc... and goo. Mog has an amazing ass too! Hope to see more of the pvc catsuit. And hope to see mogs fiancee from the slime sofa getting messy.

"Oh, There's Juice coming out of Mine"
By CalGungeFan  12 days ago

I bet when Lila and Casey walked into the studio to find the mud tank in front of them, their hearts dropped haha...

The dreaded Mud Tank is back but Lila seems so happy, maybe that has something to do with the game, Fruit Grabber. with last time they played, Lila whitewashing Casey 5-0...

So can Casey get her revenge and finally win a game of Fruit Grabber? Only one way to find out, with your money Another fantastic fearful Mudding, definitely my favourite way to cover "victims," I mean Beautiful girls in mud haha

"Starter Question for Pies"
By CalGungeFan  12 days ago

A wonderful competitive Quiz with 4 of my Favourite girls... what could be better! And by the end, Quite a few pied ladies, one girl gloating and feeling very happy and one girl fuming! That's how i like my Mostwam.

"Great Scene"
By Deathstroke  13 days ago

Sateen is great, let me just start by saying that.

This is the second of Sateen's clips i have bought, The first being Pleading #1 and honestly I would say this scene is better.

Sateen plays the damsel in peril with pin point accuracy, from the animated facial expressions of sheer panic to the distress and fear in her voice as she sinks slowly into the puddle.

Its also pretty great watching her try to use her blouse and her bra to desperately try and latch on to anything to pull herself free until she finally succumbs to and is swallowed by the ground after a final desperate gasp for air!

"We need more Rev and Mostwam collaborations!"
By ruegger  13 days ago

The Rev has outdone himself once again with this fantastic scene! Charlotte has never looked better and Rev's classic slapstick comedy and humiliated reactions make this scene a real winner! Plenty of mess, gorgeous girls, sexy outfits and perfect reactions make this one epic scene! A must have if you like the Rev's stuff! 10 out of 10!

"Absolutely worth It! Buy buy buy!"
By sexystew90  13 days ago

One of the best scenes I have ever seen! Made me a very happy boy! Plus I really need this treatment so any offers please inbox me! Such a shame I didn't get to see you both cumming that would have been the icing on the cake but Exceptional work boys!

"Strawberrys and Cream mmmmmm"
By noideer  14 days ago

I bought this scene because Imbo looks amazing in the red pvc. There is a lo of banter between herself and the cameraman and it looks like she is having a really good time in the mess. I bought the bundle because it offers an amazing discount overall. Thanks Imbo. Please keep making more films like this.

"Worth Every Penny!"
By Messy_Man100  16 days ago

This is a match made in heaven! If you're reading this just go ahead and scroll back up and buy it! Worth every penny! Hope to see more from these two in the future!

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