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"Cute af!"
By bloodmire9  Friday

Soo adorable, love watching you get messy and have a lot of fun doing it. Also loved the way you hold your feet up and show us your gooey soles at the end of this video. Your feet are super cute and if I see that you're barefoot in a video I have to buy it! Please show your feet more and keep having lots of messy fun! :)

"Double Thumbs Up along with other body parts up as well!"
By ed1  Thursday

Another super hot vid of Ariel and Jayce! The filling of their panties nice, the nipple licking and kissing each other, super hot...reaching into each others panties and teasing each other, red hot...Imagining Ariel filling up my underwear made me rock hard and distracted...Double Thumbs up!

"This incredible duo never fails to amaze!"
By Piemeup  Tuesday

Anyone who has a hair fetish has to buy this scene! The chocolate and the green batter cascading down their beautiful long hair was a massive turn on!

"Buy it, you deserve it"
By messyhotguy  Tuesday

I've been a fan of Michelle for years and have always enjoyed her videos. She's beautiful, fun, enthusiastic and so hot. However, this video has to be the best of the best. Her choice of clothing combined with the selection of oil to get messy with leaves little to the imagination. We even get a shower-down scene at the end too. Thank you to the lovely Charlotte for ensuring a readily supply of oil was doused over poor little sexy, Michelle. For all those out there looking at the pics, believe me, this is one for your collection, Michelle is perfection. Buy it.

"What's not to like?!"
By AlSmartUK  6 days ago

What's not to like about this scene?! Two hot young guys, a little bit of rubber, and three buckets of brightly coloured slop! They have a great time and I did too... ;-p

"Simple and seriously hot!"
By AlSmartUK  6 days ago

This is one of the most unique pie clips I've seen. I'm actually not normally really into pies on their own but this scene is seriously hot! I loved the sequence / order, the clothes (a little bit of ripping is always a nice touch ;-p), loved the consistency of the pies, and the camera angle means you can see everything that's going on! This hot young guy clearly knows what he's doing and loves every minute of it! It's a simple scene, a buff half-naked guy and six large pies, but it's executed perfectly! I loved it!

"White dress, mess? whats not to like"
By chryslerfire  7 days ago

Pandora, you're something extra special ;) Loved the build up to the mess and Pandora's reaction after finding out she was about to be trashed. Would deferentially recommend.

"I'd still marry you looking like that :)"
By chryslerfire  7 days ago

Always been a fan of brides getting messy. For a cheap photo set it was better then I expected. Very nice.

"Sexy gunging by a sexy guy"
By DeepMud  9 days ago

Hot video! Loved the camera angle too. Definitely allowed for a more "hands on" experience. You could tell he was excited while filming this. Some flexing for the camera makes it even more sexy. Don't want to spoil too much. Definitely enjoyed it ;)

"Smart suits and pies galore!"
By mikey25  10 days ago

Well were shall I start, if your a fan of smart office attire getting messy then this video is an easy buy for you, both Charlotte and Lisa look stunning in their suits and get very messy.

Charlotte gets obliterated with pie after pie ruining her suit, the pies are the usual great pies from the mostwam team and to top it off theirs the a bathtub of gunge for any submersion fans out there which leaves Charlotte totally covered in pie and gunge sat waiting for Lisa to finish her off with a simple bowl of custard.

As it says in the information there is a bonus addition in which we also get to see Lisa play around in the bathtub after finishing with Charlotte doing submersion's and scooping and pouring the gunge all over her and her suit also with general playing around in the tub.

All in all an Office attire fan will love this through and through, both Charlotte and Lisa get into this scenario and really go for it Lisa doesn't hold back with the pies one bit.

"Absolutely brilliant watch-wam!"
By Edorin  10 days ago

Perfect watch-wam! Perfect! purr...fict! I would hire her! She's got a nice and huge wristwatch that she doesn't mind at all getting it all gunged up! She acted like it wasn't even there, love it! (Hope it rinsed off just fine so it can be used again!) You've earned another follow for this watch-wam, hope to see more like this in the future!

By Mute  10 days ago

Two of my favourite gungelads have fun together, and the ending scene with the gungy cuddles is just so cute. Great work, mates :) Hope to see Miles wrestle the other lads in the big pool someday

"Allison is cute and sexy without even trying"
By GoOfBaLL223  14 days ago

Allison looks to me like one of those classic hollywood actresses like Judy Garland or Audrey Hepburn. She has such a natural beauty and looks sexy wearing any type of clothing. Allison was a bit young unfortunately for the sss usual scenes that normally ended topless or fully nude. She appeared in many videos back in the day but never went topless or fully see-through with no bra on or anything like that. (If I'm missing something please point me to the scenes where Allison is naked right away!) In this scene, you get to see her flashing some wet panties and that is probably the most of Allison you are going to ever see. God only knows what ever happened to young Allison or where she is today, but who cares about that she looks amazing in this video! :p

"Great retro wet blouse featuring sexy Micki"
By GoOfBaLL223  14 days ago

Classic stuff from the sss/ Wamtec archive. Featuring Micki, who is absolutely MK's _second_ hottest model in my opinion (second to Melanie). Of course feel free to disagree, but few can say she is anything but sexy. I also love the shirt Micki is wearing, it is totally 80s and best of all goes totally see-through when wet. While now this type of thing may seem like common and perhaps run of the mill today, back in 1993 this was just jaw dropping unexpected. With only half a dozen people making WAM videos you very rarely got to see a model who could just as easily been doing Playboy photoshoots instead going swimming in her clothes. I'm really thankful for MK releasing these videos as digital downloads, this stuff is too good to keep locked up in a vault somewhere.

"Best slime video I have seen in years"
By GoOfBaLL223  14 days ago

G'd Damned perfect sliming... if you are a fan of You Can't Do That on TV... (and I know you are). Hazel is a super hot skinny girl who just looks amazing in this costume. Then she gets dumped with slime (from clean) and to her credit she knows the proper technique to get slimed! She makes sure the slime covers that dress... trashing herself in proper fashion! Confession I did not make it through 3 minutes of this video I was just instantly turned on watching her. After getting slimed like a champion she finishes the scene taking off the dress and getting fully naked, showing us her glorious perfect body.

Hazel is a natural beauty. She has no piercings, no tattoos, no plastic surgery... simply phenomenal. Plus she enjoys getting slimed and doesn't mind getting fully naked for the camera. I am very happy with this update from a rather unexpected source. Maybe this site can do more scenes like this, featuring this beautiful model or others like her, wearing nice clothing and getting properly slimed and stripping nude. Rob Blaine would be proud!

"Kendall is a firecracker! Damn hot petite woman"
By GoOfBaLL223  14 days ago

Wow where on earth did they find Kendall?! She is not your typical LeonMoomin model, showing much more of herself than the other girls. But who is complaining? Certainly not me! I love her body, and want to see more!

Perhaps in the future she could wear the classier office clothing/ semi-casual/ or transparent dress like in more traditional LeonMoomin style. I would still love to see her body; just because she starts off wearing office clothing does not mean it has to stay on for the entire shoot!

Anyway love what you guys do, keep it up!

"Wonderful Cassie!"
By GoOfBaLL223  14 days ago

Lovely Cassie joins the ranks of the few Leon/Lisa Moomin models to go braless in a wetlook video. Sure, other sites do this all the time but when it is LM you will know the girls are going to be well dressed and on point themselves... Leon's girls are amazing and capturing them topless or braless from time to time is fantastic.

Although it is just perception this 10 minute scene seems short... I wish it would have been longer. But then again, maybe Leon can start filming another one? :) I love the scenes with Cassie here on Charlotte's spinoff LM site. However all of Cassie's scenes, like most of the other girls, would be much much nicer if they were all braless and featured some sort of showering or something. Office wear, dresses, and casual clothing make the best "wet t-shirts", much better than the plain old boring t-shirt. I would really love to see a true "wet t-shirt" style video from Leon and Friends. Perhaps someone could explain how to make that happen.

"Melanie is the girl of your dreams"
By GoOfBaLL223  14 days ago

Melanie was MK's most natural and beautiful model in my opinion. I don't know why she didn't appear in more of sss/wamtec's videos... there are only a few featuring her unfortunately. This one is probably one of the best chances to see her gorgeous fully nude body on display here. While there are no nude shots above the water you get to see enough of her to make it well worth the download, assuming you still don't have the scene stashed away on VHS somewhere!

If you are unfamiliar with sss/aquatapes/wamtec, perhaps because you didn't get started in WAM until the 2000's, then you should do yourself a favor and check out this classic video from the old Jupiter Farms.

"Sexy Patti will blow you away!"
By GoOfBaLL223  14 days ago

This may be just personal taste but Patti was incredible... just a perfect petite little woman. She wears something half between cheerleader and ballerina outfit in this old scene from Wamtec.

Patti has that perfect balance between shy and innocent yet not afraid to show you what she's got! I only wish I could go back in time and join her as she emerges from that bathtub!

Video quality is surprisingly good considering that it was filmed probably 25 years ago or thereabouts.

"Hottest girl ever in super see-through scene braless w/ oil!"
By GoOfBaLL223  14 days ago

Every once and a while one of Leon's girls will do a topless or at least braless scene. These scenes are always my favorite... Leon's girls are some of the most beautiful around and always come well dressed!

This time Michelle, perhaps the most beautiful girl on the site, poses "practically naked" (as she puts it) :D Surely I have been waiting to see the gorgeous Michelle do something like this and it is absolutely worth the wait!

I hope we get to see more of Michelle getting messy without those uncomfortable itchy bras on. Maybe even Charlotte will be bold enough to join her in a see-through office wear version of the wet t-shirt. Can't wait! :D


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