"Mmm Catsuit"
By noideer  Monday

I dont think I have ever seen a bad Messy Jessie video. Jessie is having nothing but fun in this video and the fact that she is wearing a catsuit makes it even more amazing to watch. I love her videos and I am sure we all do too.

By noideer  Monday

I bought this scene to see what all the fuss was about and i must say that it is a stroke of genius this video. You can clearly tell that Binnay and Kitten enjoyed filming their scene and that they had thought about what camera angles to use and pretty much everything was bob on with this scene. Deffo worth buying.

"Stunning girls / pink, green, black gunge and a little snog!"
By JJMJohn  Friday

This was the first custom I ordered on UMD, and I was not disappointed. After a bit of back and forth chatter between Lisa, Charlotte and myself we finally got it right. What followed was a big heavy gunging mixed with two stunning women and some lovely kissing.

Lisa and Charlotte are without a doubt the two best ladies from 'The Moomin Team' and I am so glad they agreed to my custom. I will definately be ordering more customs and hopefully I can get them both together and gunged again!

Thanks so much girls! See you again!

"Sloppy slapstick long hair fun!"
By atriflemessy  6 days ago

Superb, i loved it, i like the deep pie tins and the sloppy mix especially when slopped on top of a beautiful head of long silky hair, both girls are lovely and take the mess really well. i loved the sloppy chocolate pie that Manu slapped into Brenda's face and then smeared up over her head.

Please do more ladies, perhaps a cafe /restaurant scene with more smart dress and gorgeous long hair and loads of sloppy slapstick pies.

Thanks, awesome vid.

"Sweet and gungey"
By ht123  7 days ago

Not bought anything featuring the wonderful Lisa since the days of Topgunge (no idea why it's taken me so long). Thoroughly happy with my purchase, two lovely ladies and loads of gunge. I particularly appreciated the way both ladies seem to enjoy the multiple gungings, I always like it when the models seem to be having fun and that seemed to be the case here. The quick gungey kisses were good with the really good chemistry, although if you want full-on messy snogging then you may feel a little letdown. Really recommend this and will have to keep an eye for a future purchase or two from these wonderful women.

"Absolute amazing"
By kev36663  7 days ago

I love this--absolutely amazing and massive kudos for going through with it. I love the balance of repulsion yet just going for it. Well done and thank you.

"Fi. Naked. Chocolate. Questions?"
By moreslime  12 days ago

Now this was a great surprise! Having been a long-time fan of Fi's and having a pretty thorough knowledge of her messy back catalogue, I can happily say I think this must be a "lost scene", as it's completely new to me. Add to this that she retired in about 2013 anyway, and I'm assuming this is something the Kowalskis recently found on an old hard drive, or similar. Wonderful!

The gorgeous Fi starts in a lovely lbd, which she changes out of, showing her lovely pale body in the process, and into a lovely pink one. From there this scene does what it says on the tin as Fi is repeatedly gunged with thick, gooey chocolate. She steps out of the dress partway through, and then her underwear. And keeps getting covered in more chocolate. Fi, as usual, really seems to be enjoying herself and there are numerous, loving close-ups of her stunning body. The irony about this, as a scene from well-known producers and starring a WAM legend, is that it's almost more mainstream than fetish in the sense that covering a naked woman in chocolate is about as close as the mainstream gets to a WAM fantasy; after all, you can get body chocolate on Amazon!

The only minor gripes I've got (and why I've knocked off one star) are that not quite enough are made of the tubs of chocolate trifle that are dumped over Fi's head at the end--perhaps she could have completed the makeover by "washing her face" with the trifle? and that her pink heels are the one item of clothing she does keep on. I love women's bare feet and know from her shoots with bondage site "Restrained Elegance" that Fi's got beautiful feet, but we sadly don't get to see them.

However, these are only quibbles. Overall, how can you argue with a rediscovered Fi Stevens clip? You can't, and I find it hard to imagine anyone would want to. So that just leaves one rather obvious last question.

Are there any more?

"Great fun, humiliation scene"
By Deathstroke  14 days ago

This is the second of 2 scenes I bought from Rev and what a pleasure it was, I wont gush to much but he's really a great producer and a great man who takes the time to discuss with the community if need be. The scene its self is fab. The messy humiliation of Maria by Jessie & Kitten is brilliant from luring her into a false sense of security to the outright humiliation with pies and gunge, right down to stripping her and finally sending her on her messy, naked, humiliated way. Its Jessie and Kitten at their devious best. A fab scene I would recommend in a heart beat for fans of Humiliation or Maria or both :)

"Great, Fun Scene with two great models"
By Deathstroke  14 days ago

This was one of two scenes I bought from Rev and firstly I would like to start by mentioning what a delight he is to buy from, I exchanged a few messages back and forth with him prior to making perchases and he was kind enough to recommed based on my tastes the best scenes. Regarding this scene, it's a really fun goofy scene and some of the facial looks by Maria are great, from when she looks shocked and embarressed by the crowd wanting her to partake right to the shock of getting slammed in the face and other areas with cakes and gunge all whilst Jessie pushes her to partake, overall a great scene.

An enjoyable scene that based on recent developments wont be around too much longer, If you haven't got it I would absolutley recommend it!

"Fun video of two good looking lads getting gunged!"
By SeanGunge  14 days ago

Lee and Matt are two good looking lads who I thoroughly enjoyed partaking in Hayleys Quiz. It was exciting from the beginning to see who would end up first in the dunk tank and who would end up first in the gunge tank. What I enjoyed was that both lads had seemed to have a fun time teasing each other and getting on. Now let's talk about the gunge. It was brilliant, thick and looked beautiful especially when it was covered on the lads. All in all a great purchase that I had fun watching and would definitely recommend.

"Jack and friend are sexy as fuck!"
By PiesX12s  15 days ago

I could watch Jack get pied every day, wishing I were there.

He's matched with an incredibly handsome guy who knows how to take it and give it back with all the thrills of a hot pie guy.

Way to go, guys!

"If you think clay is great, this is a new look."
By SilverBlue  17 days ago

I love the colour, it's just right with the lighting to bring out the shape of her beautiful body the slime. It's great to see someone really enjoying the experience as she moves around and plays with it. I am going to have to try that. I can appreciate the work that goes into preparing an cleaning up such an amount.

"One of the most erotic outdoor mud films"
By retoast  25 days ago

This is one of the most erotic outdoor mud films I've seen. Stella truly enjoys the mud and has a very sensual time covering herself and playing in the various mud pits. Her playful nature, mixed with her sexy and sensual enjoyment is very authentic. Camera quality is also great too. This film is totally worth it and I really hope she makes more outdoor mud films. Not enough mud on Stella's website!

"Hot guy,great mess, definitely worth purchasing"
By jay852uk  25 days ago

Such a hot video, I don't think I'll ever get bored of seeing Michael pied and slimed.

Great pies, great slime, and I love that he gets cleaned up a few times only to get messy again :)

"Hands-on custard-drenched pie fun!"
By Trouso  3/26/17

Maybe it's a generation thing. I do hope not! But the release of this clip as a download was pretty exciting. It is reputedly the first "purpose made" WAM movie with sound (the first pie scene at any rate). Originally released in full as a bbfc approved VHS video in 1989 (though, apparently, shot in 85-86) "The Hopeful Starlet" for me--as well as oozing a lot of custard, also oozes a feeling of fond nostalgia for the pioneering days of messy movie making and a sense of wonder that, when this movie was made, I still felt like I was the only person in the world with this fascination--little did I know!

This clip is pretty innocent, but no less comic and titillating as an exploitation piece that, with all the PC brooms sweeping entertainment at that time, would never have made it into a mainstream comedy in a million years. The metaphorically cigar chomping Alpha male boss (a proto-Professor Treacle, Mr Roper), subjecting his 'poor' (trying not to laugh) secretary, Suzanne, to an impromptu head to foot drenching with large amounts of custard in order to make a point to his over-eager slapstick protege, Margie. It's good old slapstick as an exercise in low level rough-housing and messy humiliation. It is ridiculous, but funny and finely executed by the trio. It's--all in all--quite satisfying!

Originally shot on high quality analogue video, it's not exactly 4k--but it's good for it's time and has transferred well.

Great fun and a must for the collector.

"Sexy lady in some sexy mud."
By Jkphlyers  3/25/17

This was a really nice scene. Sateen Dubois wears a sexy shiny red leather skirt. She's not shy with the mud and gets right to it rubbing it all over her gorgeous body. She rolls around in the mud a lot and then covers her hair and then her face.The mud quality is great, it's dark and coats her body really well. I would love to have seen more of her beautiful face after she was fully covered. I would love to see more and I she would do nudity, because she has a really nice body.

"Great Mess, Grand Acting, and Plenty of Pies"
By Lost_Wammer  3/23/17

Although a fairly short video, the team over at thunderwam really do a good job with expressing how much Thundergirl does not enjoy the humiliation, The hands that control the pieing seem to have a great deal of fun rubbing the mess into all the right places and it makes for a really great watch.

"Check this out (even if you're not particularly a diaper fan!)!"
By AlSmartUK  3/23/17

I should maybe start by saying that I'm not personally a big adult diaper fan (although I am pretty kinky and therefore can see why others would be in to diapers). I am however a huge fan of two hot half-naked lads filling each others' underwear with slime, and for that reason, I found this video extremely hot! They clearly find it hot, and that's pretty hot to me!

I'd watch Miles read a telephone book, he's adorable, and MessyUndies is hot property--you can tell they're both really into it and are having a great time slopping each other (taking great care to get each other absolutely covered head to toe, barely an inch left clean ;-p). There's head dunking, there's slop flying about everywhere, lots of diaper filling and rubbing. Wonderful!

Absolutely loved it!

"Wish I was in there with him!"
By AlSmartUK  3/23/17

MessyMark is so cute and I love his outfits. He really goes to town in this video, really enjoying and making the most of the sheer volume of slime in that bathtub. My only regret is that no-one has yet invented the technology to allow me to be there in that bathtub alongside him (ha-ha). Great coverage, cute hot guy who's clearly having a great time. Loved everything about this video.

"Two guys having a great time with yucky, lumpy slop!"
By AlSmartUK  3/23/17

Such great coverage in this one--buckets and buckets of lumpy yucky slop, taken like a man by two hotties who are clearly loving it and having a great time.

There's messy faces, crotches, feet and socks, and lying-down-gungings (which we don't generally see a lot of in male wam videos)--something for everyone I reckon.

Great fun!


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