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"Amazing video!"
By cardinalboy  Monday

I told Manwam that I only got through the first 3 minutes of it before I shot my load. :P Now I need to figure out how to get through the rest.

"Jayce loves mud so much"
By Desamo  Sunday

Jayce is naked in thick silt mud. She is in public but she doesnt care and why should she? She just wants to enjoy the feeling of this wonderful mud. She rolls around and covers her whole body with this great mud. She gets off and moans in pleasure. She loves this mud so much it drives her so horny. This is 5 minutes of pure mud pleasure. This video might be short but its absolutely worth the price and its one of the best mud videos I have seen. If you love Jayce and mud buy this video asap!

"Sailor Moon loves wam"
By Desamo  Sunday

Sailor Moon has some messy fun and covers her costume with chocolate syrup and lots of pie. She pies her face and ass. She loves it so much and then she pours a bowl of sprinkles over her costume. Costume is now ruined and she then decides to shred it to pieces and reveals her big tits. She pours some pancake syrup to her tits and then pies them and its hot. Lastly she pies her face. She made a big and very nice mess.

I recommend to everyone who likes great wamming and costume destruction.

"Jayce enjoys her foam mountain"
By Desamo  Sunday

Jayce is wearing great pink nightie and panties. She then jumps to big foam bed and starts to enjoy it by covering her whole body in foam, rolling and taking her top off. Jayce loves foam and so do I. Jayce looks so good when is covered in foam. This is really good foam video and I recommend this to everyone who likes Jayce and foam.

"Simplicity at its best"
By mosluigi  Sunday

A hot girl, amazing thick mud, great sinking and even better struggling. It reminds me of the early scenes that got me into the mud/quicksand fetish in the first place.

"I enjoyed it almost as much as Rae did"
By rb2844  14 days ago

This was great. Loads of mess. She really seemed to have a great time which is another plus! Nice to listen to her talking about the different textures and stuff at the end.

"It was good."
By rb2844  14 days ago

Really great scene, good value, well worth a download! The bit at the end was probably the best bit and these photos don't even show that!

Well done all round!

"Really great girl! Outfit 5/5. Many substances, just wow!"
By Peter Forst  14 days ago

Lila is just really beautiful in her outfit, wow! Many substances recover her (choice is nice!) One of greater vids on your site! Congrats! Continue in this way! :)

"Sexy Nyloned legs, little dress and gunge bath. Just too nice!"
By Peter Forst  15 days ago

Mia is a pretty girl with really beautyful legs; I like almost all her scenes. This one is a greater from her for sure! I suggest it to everyone without hesitation! 9/10

"Sexy girl, sexy cloths, lot of gunge = success!"
By Peter Forst  15 days ago

Michelle is just awesomely nice in her tight messy top. Pretty beautyful woman just can make a great video! One of your best actress for sure since the start.

"Amazing! Truly Awesome!"
By CalGungeFan  16 days ago

Wow! What a Custom this turned out to be! One of the best customs ever made!

All the 3 girls were fantastic! All wearing different types of clothes. All 3 had great chemistry!

Very competitive games (especially the round 2) With Georgina being the devil on the shoulder trying to "help" but getting her just desserts with pies! But the star of this episode has to be Emily! Ultra Competitive! The Winner was so pleased she won and escaped the tankings! but... that big prize!

what AN ending! Just simply Brilliant! And for $8... The bargain of the year! Christmas has just come early!

By usaow  17 days ago

This is just absolutely amazing, especially for the price! Def going in my favorites folder! From the amount of content recieved to the quality. It was an amazing turn on to watch one vid after another.

"Amazing foamy video!"
By Jpwam  18 days ago

Jayce wrapped in an incredible amount of foam and Ariel enjoying it... both cute and exciting and sexy!

Please watch the competition of foamy angels.

"Buy this video you won't regret it"
By Desamo  18 days ago

This is awesome video from Jayce. Easily worth the money. She starts with her nice pink dress and then strips herself to nude because its your birthday. She covers her sexy body and her great big boobs with white icing. She then has fun with her vibrator while she sings happy birthday and gets orgasms it's so hot. I recommend this to everyone who likes Jayce or wants naughty birthday video.

"Gage is hot sinking and struggling in marsh quicksand!"
By Quiksandboy  18 days ago

My review is about Gage, not so.much the girl, who is annoying. Beefcake Gage accidentally walks into the marsh mud and starts to sink. It finally dawns on him, he stuck in quicksand! The quicksand is nice and thick in the beginning, but toward his demise the qs becomes more watery, kinda disappointing. But Gage is hot struggling and sinking deeper in the muck worth getting for male quicksand scene.

"Hot hunter Anthony struggles and sinks in the muck!"
By Quiksandboy  18 days ago

A great qs scene. Beefy Anthony is hot sinking and struggling in the muck. The qs is good and thick at times. Would love to see Anthony in other sinking vids!

"Beefy survivalist sinks to his doom, top notch!"
By Quiksandboy  18 days ago

A great scene of a survivalist filming a how to escape from tidal mud. The mud is thick and unforgiving, as the beefy model Anthony sinks to his doom. Love seeing beefy men in qs scenes, hot. Let's see more of Anthony!

"Top notch quicksand sinking scene!"
By Quiksandboy  18 days ago

Excellent quicksand sinking scene. The model Gage is a cute beefy jungle explorer, and his sinking and struggling is excellent. Like to see more of Gage in other qs scenes!

"Great old fashioned quicksand slow sink!"
By Quiksandboy  18 days ago

This is a great old fashioned slow sinking in quicksand/quickmud scene. The mud is nice and thick, and the model Doug does an excellent job in his struggling and panic as he sinks to his doom!

"A barrel full of Foamy fun, well done."
By FoamyFremen  19 days ago

Once again, Jayce and Ariel prove that they are the queens of foamy fun. This was a awesome video, Jayce was SO sexy and erotic throughout and Ariel was obviously enjoying just as much. If you have seen any of their other foam exploits then you have to see this one, it is worth every penny. I highly recommend this one.

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