"Worth buying, and Superb wam footage!"
By HideRevo  Friday

Sir, I will take my hat off, and you totally deserve the title of Master Wam Player! I'm very pleased to see this, and thank you very much for horny feeling that made my night! I am hoping to see more like this, and I really want to try this in the near future! You're my number 1 wam player!

"Okay action, but reduced camera angle"
By Jansson  Thursday

A fairly simple but okay scene if you love messy & ripping action and pantyhose but the camera is static and it only shows you 2/3 of this wonderful girl's body. You don't see her legs below her thighs and her head is barely visible. Seems home made by the actor?

The script is simple but okay: filling pantyhose and shirt with food, ripping it all being the climax. The action itself is fluent and natural, but clinical in a way as there's no talking or addressing the viewers. I'd definitely be interested in more messy & ripping scenes with this lovely girl but would suggest a few more clothes (skirt, jacket), perhaps some wetting before or after the scene and definitely better camera work.

"A wonderful, fun and sexy video."
By clue1  Wednesday

As always, a wonderful video. And like the rest of her videos, it is a wonderful combination of playful, messy & sexy. And, most importantly, she always seems to love getting nice and messy.

I'm always a big fan of face close-ups, and this one has a bit of that, which is nice. And the white & pink icing makes for a fun valentine's day theme.

Great stuff.

"Splendid fun watching hot lads getting trashed!"
By SeanGunge  6 days ago

This was a really great gungelads episode! I was secretly fantasizing that I was the one in the stocks getting hit repeatedly in the face with those fantastic pies by Tim. Great pie thrower! nate was great fun as well. I loved watching their expressions of their faces as to whom was going to get that slimed with food gunge or slIme. I also loved the bucket of green slime that was slimed on......what you think I'm going to ruin it for you. Of course not! That's why this is a must buy in my opinion getting show!

"Just buy it!"
By WAMMYJosh  12 days ago

Each and every video that she does is amazing and this one is no different. The sheer amount of energy that Melissa has in this video is so awesome and it's clear that she is having fun. Great when the cake gets demolished.

Hint: Hope it's not an accident your top falls down next time! lol

Overall a great scene and yet again a job well done.

By the_cheeseus  12 days ago

What a hot scene... like, I can't get through it without shooting off a couple loads... well worth the money and well worth the watch... I've got quite the library of gunge videos between my own and videos I've bought over the years but this will be on the list of videos that get played A lot! If I were you, I would invest in this sloppy, sexy, colorful video.

"God wammer! My most favorite wammer!"
By HideRevo  13 days ago

He's the god of wam player! Wow, phenomenal footage, and I really want to see another version (gray body with white paint)! If I have a chance, I'd like to experience like the way he did! Worth the price, and I can't wait to see more!

"3 times the Foam fun in this cute little Holiday romp"
By FoamyFremen  13 days ago

A foam-filled free-for-all is in store for these 3 sexy girls, lots of foam is thrown about and a good time all around. I do wish we could of had some some skin showing, but it was worth getting regardless.

"Shave gel makes for a good time in this sexy scene"
By FoamyFremen  13 days ago

Another fun foamy romp with Jayce and Ariel is always fun and this video is no different, except for being shave gel. But the two ladies waste no time getting all foamy and sexy, makes you want to hop in there and help out. A serious recommendation, if you have enjoyed the last couple of their "shave foam adventures" then you need to watch this one. Two foamy thumbs up, way to go girls, now if you need any help getting it all "rinsed" off, let me know. Lol.

"Slimy gameshow is where it's at"
By bsmithyst  16 days ago

Nice work... I especially like Mbs1991, he seems like a perfect gunge target, so my only wish is that he got even more of the slime!

"Enjoyed it"
By matty8567  21 days ago

Loved the video and the fact the dress was ruined. However, I had hoped for it to be cut up a bit more for example breasts and backside exposed and rest of the dress in rags. More mess would have been better as well.

"Frock or food?!"
By iain-ecgunge  23 days ago

Hmmm, I get the feeling Jess didn't know the game when she picked her outfit! Still for a gunge fan, all that taking clothes off stuff is just wasting time so there's more mess to enjoy in this scene than others in the series! Great reactions throughout.

"Clothes or custard!"
By iain-ecgunge  23 days ago

Surely this should have been named clothes or custard given the slime is not only talked about as gunge but is custard! (I know pedantic sod...) Bex gets rather nicely covered in this nice scene.

"Fun gungey quiz"
By iain-ecgunge  23 days ago

Fun reactions throughout, did seem a bit EastEndersee with the accent though! There's nothing quite like the gobby gameshow contestant getting trashed!

"Nice simple game"
By iain-ecgunge  23 days ago

It's a simple concept, with some nice squirming throughout, although perhaps the game would benefit from a random choice on the strip or slime element to spread the fun out more.

"Can't wait for next installment!"
By ratbagsuk  23 days ago

Nice speedos! You should deffo do more vids in them! Maybe with some slime! Don't forget to mess up your ass! lol. Cant wait for next installment!

"Hottest Video Ever Made!"
By Pieology  23 days ago

I loved this video! This is one of the hottest videos I have ever seen. The muscle, the attitude, the down right sexy humor. I love it!

"You must buy"
By phando22  25 days ago

Wow wow wow. What more can I say. The pictures speak for themselves!

Fantasic mess in the longest hair. What a sport. What a cracker.

"Fun and cute filling/sliming"
By MessyMeido  28 days ago

This one just hits the spot, super cute in a lovely fitting one piece enjoying the hell out of some slime. Sure the quality isnt amazing but the way she has fun with it is.

Only thing I could have asked for more of is filling the swimsuit some more. Love it!

"One of the best savory scenes of all time imo"
By wammster27  1/28/17

If you like savory stuff do yourself a favor and get this video!

Dixie is totally adorable. She's a total trooper for letting Jacye anywhere near her with industrial sized jars of condiments. And she's in leggings. Who doesn't like leggings? Are you not sold yet? Just look at that picture above. Look at it again. This video fucking rocks if cute girls about to have comically large tubs of ranch dressing poured over their head is your thing. Just buy it already. Put a second mortgage on the house if you have to--I don't even have a house but I have this video and I'm ok with that.

Joking aside. If you're still thinking "eh. I like watching a girl describe how chunky mayo feels on top of her head in a thick Kentucky accent but I'm still not sold..." Deets below.

Production: 10/10--Great video quality. Filmed beautifully with full-body pans, action shots. excellent audio, it's all here. Kudos to the director!

Mess: 10/10--(If you're not into savory mess 0/10) You know how sometimes you see mainstream adult videos get "messy" with a little dribble of honey here and a dabble of chocolate syrup there? This is like the exact opposite of that.

Model: 11/10--If there were Oscars for WAM videos, I'd nominate Dixie for the bravest newcomer award (if I were on the WAM Oscar nomination committee). She takes the mess like a trooper. Have you ever had an industrial sized tub of mustard dumped on you not once, but twice? Since you're reading this maybe you have, but I bet it was a first for Dixie. Great natural reactions.

If you're still reading at this point, I have one question for you and that's why have you not stopped reading and bought this scene yet? Seriously, do it. It's like 10 times better than this review.


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