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"One Of My All Time Favorites Of Jessie's!"
By mikey25  Thursday

If you love the idea of WAM been that of women getting all dolled up to the nines then getting obliterated by mess then this is for you. The premise of the scene is a firm favorite and the basis of some WAM stories online and this is a great realizing of that concept in real life and with it staring Jessie you can't ask for more than that. What's not to love about this video you have it all both Jessie and Sally look jaw-droppingly good in their dresses, almost to the point of it been a shame there going to get messed up. Both looking beautiful and the picture of elegance that its until the pies start to fly, nice full pies at that all going to one person, Jessie in her gorgeous red dress completely covering her all over, head, hair, make up the lot all ruined and then it's time for Jessie's sexy silky underwear to get the same treatment too. And then it get's even better with the laughing Sally sat there in her gorgeous black silk dress also getting a few surprise pies, including some to her ample chest.

All in all a fantastic scene and concept done really well with beautiful women in wonderful dresses getting pied is always going to be a win and as a bonus this scene also has a bit of bondage with Jessie been tied up for a bit in the first part of the scene for those who like it. One of my all time favorites Messy Jessie has done. As to the video and audio quality of the video it's to a good standard and fine quality.

"Love Sweet Or Savory, You'll love this."
By mikey25  Thursday

This video has great sweet and savory messes in equal measure, so if that's a plus for you then getting this is an instant buy. The audio and video quality are both good with no problems in ether category and can't complain, the scene it's self is fantastic with both Jessie and Sally looking great in there outfits and the messes used, Jessie been covered in savory is always a treat to watch and something I will never get bored of and to say this was Sally's first time getting messy she did incredibly well, her reactions to the messes are wonderful as well as cute and she looked great in all the sweet substances. At the end of the lotto both Jessie and Sally get a surprise each, Sally's been sprayed with foam from cans covering her from top to bottom which been her first is a joy to watch and as for Jessie's surprise that is what really drew me to this video and that is she gets a bucket of slops of all the mess used in the video all over her head to finish off the scene which is always a big win in my book.

"Great scene!"
By skillet2  Tuesday

Another great scene! Wish she would produce more. Love the choice of outfits and how the tops always end up see-through.

By pie_guy_uk  Tuesday

Excellent. Well done. A very funny skit. Roger definitely took it very well. I hope that you get him involved in some more messing around.

"Epic slime scene!"
By MadLoverJoker  Monday

Epic sliming scene. The only thing I would change is: keep the girl facing up and looking directly into each downpour so as to achieve maximum facial coverage that just keeps building and building.

The topless thing doesn't really matter to me, honestly. DOn't get me wrong: I love a nice set of breasts. But I'm here for the comedy and coverage, not the sexual aspect.

Otherwise: simply amazing scene. I might just have to borrow this idea, honestly.

"Cassie is the Queen of Evil characters!"
By JJMJohn  7 days ago

This was my second custom from Charlotte and it was a tip-top one! At first Cassie felt a bit uncomfortable with what was aksed of her but after a bit of chat we finally got it right and the result was spectacular. Cassie is a dream and really got into the role so well! It's such a shame she isn't available to gunge me!

Thanks so much Charlotte and MostWam!

"Mud Lovers Dream"
By acesandeights  8 days ago

This video is a mud lovers dream come true. Beautiful girls, sexy dresses, lots of dirty dialog, and absolutely awesome mud.These country girls really know how to have fun in the mud. Not one clean spot left on any of the girls awesome bodies. Jayce you are the bomb shoving that hand full of gooey mud in your mouth. Your outdoor mud scenes are the absolute best.

"It was fun and quirky! Loved it."
By Mumumasterpiece  8 days ago

It was amazing! Loved the whole video, totally worth the purchase! I definitely want to purchase more in the near future. keep em coming.

"Hot guy and hot slime become one!"
By SeanGunge  9 days ago

This is a very hot video with the model Jay. He is a very attractive man who thourohly green slimes himself! It is very nice to see him get covered in all this magnificent slime and it is very arousing! If you love seeing Hot men getting slimed or gunged this is one video you should definitely buy!

"UV gunge is really cool!"
By gungegay  10 days ago

This is a great video and a real turn on! UV gunge is really cool and opens a whole new aesthetic into the mix.

"Super video, hot girls, sexy outfits. Terrific by TotallyGunged."
By Walls  12 days ago

My first purchase from TotallyGunged and it's fantastic! The girls are as hot (hotter actually) as the photos. And the outfits are perfect if you like that kind of thing like I do!

The video is shot so well, really bright and detailed. And it's very professionally done too. The girls are playful, they chat and get on well (that makes it even sexier for me). They look gorgeous and the loser takes the gunge well, not blocking it from falling on her at all. All in all this video is more than I expected. Congrats to all the team and the models. I'll be back for more especially if the girls are as hot as these and are in outfits like this again.

"Lovely soaking girl... pity jacket put back on."
By leeming  15 days ago

Enjoyed the initial soaking but needs to be more animated. Pity that the shirt did not get totally drenched. Great wet hair!

By SneakyBlackNeko  18 days ago

An interesting concept not usually done. The actress is wonderful and the mess is perfect for her. Definitely cannot wait for more works from this creator.

"One of the best feet vids I have seen"
By chewybil  25 days ago

Superb messy feet video, I'd love to see more like this. She really did a good job at working up some mud and getting her feet filthy. Only thing lacking for me was some sole shots, but otherwise perfect!

"Sensual strawberry sexiness"
By noideer  28 days ago

Another brilliant scene from these two that just oozes pure gorgeousness.

The setup is simple and effective. Kitten maintains loads of eye contact which just makes the fact she is being covered in mess all the more sensual. Brilliant job guys.

"Wonder how mood slime would affect a Brit wamer? Now we know!"
By asianCD  28 days ago

Whenever I would think of Pink Slime in a bathtub, my initial thoughts would go to Ghostbusters 2, and thanks to this excellent scene, I can now say that I don't have to imagine what would have happened had Dana been slimed in the tub. This scene is a great realization of what may have been in a more adult themed rendition of the film. When I saw the teaser pics posted in the forum for upcoming scenes, I was hopeful that it would be one of the first, and I was very pleased to see it is the second release celebrating Kitten's return to the site!

The noise is all ambient, and you can hear each splatter of slime as it hits the meow-rvelous Kitten! Kitten is amazing, and her reactions are priceless. From her little giggles and moans as she's hit with the gunge; those with an aural stimulation fetish, this scene hits the mark. When Kitten is offered the cup for more self-sliming and it drops, her giggle shows how much fun she's having. There are times when she is playful, and others when she has a more sensual quality to her reactions and playing in the slime; Kitten is certainly a wamer, and not another actress or amateur trying to cash in on a gimmick.

Welcome back Kitten, I will definitely be going through the back catalog for slime scenes, and looking forward to future releases as well!

"Hot, Hot, Hot!"
By WAMMYJosh  28 days ago

Firstly... Great to have you back!

On to the video, the videos are always great and this was no exception. I'm not usually one for slime but Melissa can make anything look ultra hot when it comes to getting messy. I loved the way the top became see-through so reveal her boobs and that tease about halfway through part 2 was hot af.

overall, a great clip and I hope to see more in the near future and a must buy!

"Another Brilliant Gameshow!"
By mikey25  7/13/17

Well If you like gorgeous girls playing fun, silly gungey games to get there friend covered then this clip has you covered.

This clip is another great gameshow by the MostWam team, the girls look great in there outfits and the games are classics, reminiscent of gyob in a kinda of way with Mia trying to get Nadia in the tank and going up against Emily trying to get her sister Charlotte in the tank. Loved the last game very gungey with bright yellow gunge and also the banter of the group during the bobbing for apples game was fun too also If your a feet lover then this has something for you too. If you like the idea of a messy gameshow with gorgeous girls then these types of clips from the MostWam team are an easy buy for anyone.

"Sweet smoking hot deep south southern beautifull belle"
By Marshy  7/12/17

From the moment I laid my eyes on this clip I knew I had to download it. Whats not to like about this smokin hot southern belle who gets a total deluge of sweet sticky substances poured over her head. I love her reactions to the sweet mess that gets poured over her slowly turning her into a sundae damn this chick is good enough to eat.

"Awesome! Best $6.00 I even spent."
By rkinzer98  7/11/17

The best $6.00 I ever spent.

Great job!

This one hits all the right buttons and gets the heart pounding.

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