Custom Video Producers
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The producers on this list are allowed to negotiate custom film services with our users. No other producer may use this site's inbox, forums, or other areas to negotiate directly with our users. Contact a producer to initiate negotiations on the screenplay, pricing, and delivery.

This List is part of our free directory service and does not imply endorsement of anyone or guarantee any work. You must always use a contract which specifies the scene by name and the production date. If your contract's deadline has passed and your producer has stopped communicating, please send us the contract and we will attempt to get them to respond to you over our inbox system so that we can gauge their responsiveness firsthand. If a producer is ignoring any customers, they will be removed from the list.

By using this List, you acknowledge that:
This site cannot not be held responsible for any consequences of using the List.
All agreements are between the producer and customer only, even if we offer to help.
For us to assist in a dispute, the producer must be on the List and a contract must be presented.
We cannot actually enforce any contract; It's needed only for assessing who is culpable.
Our assistance is limited to attempting to get all parties communicating and possible List removal.
A producer's privileges on this site are not part of your agreement and will not be used as leverage.

To get on this List:
You must become a verified user by submitting a photo ID and Compliance Record Keeper info.
You must have a store here with at least 10 scenes to showcase your work. Bundles don't count.
Your UMD account must be in good standing at at least 3 months old.
Contact Messmaster to get on the list.

To stay on this List:
You must not have a lot of reported issues, unfilled orders, or complaints of bad business practices.
All inbox messages from customs customers must be replied to within 7 days.
All forum complaints about your customs service must be replied to within 14 days.
Do not use Paypal or any service that specifically does not allow adult/fetish transactions.
You must adhere to our TOS on customs.

Free contract templates:
Modify to suit your needs. Provided for general guidance only and not intended to constitute legal advice.
Model release form:   TXT   PDF
Video production contract:   TXT   PDF

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