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!!!!!!check out MY forum thread for march 2017 USA tour info!!!!!!

traveling wammer! PM me if you'd like a session. Doesn't matter where you are. I want to pie the world!

travel schedule This can be played with so please contact me if you are interested with your location. (Anyone traveling to New Orleans let me know, I will be in and out of the area A lot!)

dec 16 Return to USA

January 17-31 Belize -will be offline in a jungle

March 3-10 Seattle

March 10-16 Chicago

March 16-27 North east (will be driving)

And back to New Orleans.

June and July 2017 UK everywhere

Travel depends on what areas have the most interest.

*check out links for videos OF ME IN other producers stores!*

hey all!

Im being asked a lot about what brought me here... please feel free to read my blog entitled "my first pie". It will answer the question fully unlike i can do in every message! I hope you enjoy! Now someone smash a pie in my face! Xoxo

Feel free to message for a chat or with any ideas of mess I need to try!
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From MyPieRogative  14 days ago
New status: Ticket booked! June 6th UK arrival
From MyPieRogative  3/24/17
New status: Don't send FR without message please!
From messystuff123  3/23/17
It was my polite Canadian way of saying hello
From route11  3/17/17
Congratulations to WOTD.
From messyjods  3/17/17
Congratulations on WOTD
From rynashe  3/17/17
Congratulations! Wooohooooo!
From MyPieRogative  3/17/17
New status: Thanks for WOTD everyone!
From MyPieRogative  3/14/17
New status: Happy Pi Day!!
From MyPieRogative  3/13/17
New status: Sessions in USA are $300
From sewersyd  3/10/17
Shame there isn't a squash mypierogatives nose against a window option!
From reverendsl  3/8/17
Congrats on being W.O.T.D
From quietman  2/16/17
once someone driving through the northeast???
From Piethro2  2/16/17
Congrats on a well deserved WOTD !!!!
From jurning  2/16/17
Congrats being WOTD !!!
From plzpieme  2/14/17
Keep up the great work. I hope you love being a pied clown as much as I do.
From NormanMabeld  2/13/17
Congrats on being Wam Party Favorite, Maria!
From NormanMabeld  2/2/17
I hope that you enjoy the cake, Sweetie! Just a preview of next week!
From Jason_K416  1/15/17
One last pie before your vacation ^_^ Have fun, stay safe!
From Jason_K416  1/13/17
Really salty that I can't get in on that Kentucky/Indiana action...
From MyPieRogative  12/31/16
New status: Happy NEW YEARS umd!!!
From MyPieRogative  12/24/16
New status: Happy Holidays umd family!!
From MyPieRogative  12/16/16
New status: En route to NYC! Woohoo
From jurning  12/13/16
Congratulations being WOTD !!!
From GungeMasterUK  12/13/16
Congrats on WOTD! X
From deadpool  12/13/16
happy belated birthday ^___^
From reverendsl  12/13/16
Hearty Congrats on w.o.t.d!!
From Piethro2  12/13/16
Congrats on WOTD !!!!
From curiousvixen84  12/12/16
Thank u for the pieing...maybe one day I can get one from you in person
From Scarlot-Rose  12/3/16
Haha I can't believe you didn't know either well here I am <3 x
From MyPieRogative  11/27/16
New status: Happy Birthday to me!!
From MessyWeeb  11/27/16
Thanks for accepting my friend request!! And I'll gladly accept that pie in the face
From NormanMabeld  11/25/16
Mmm! Mmm! I LOVE being pied by you!
From NormanMabeld  11/24/16
Happy Thanksgiving, Maria!
From 123gunge  11/11/16
Whats this I hear that you have slaves, that don't do as you tell them? Only you could do this.... Ha ha ha.. Hope you're enjoying Scotland... The farm misses you, especially in the cold!
From hhound  11/7/16
Congrats on being WOTD again Maria.
From NormanMabeld  11/7/16
Congrats on WOTD, again, Maria! GREAT job!
From NormanMabeld  11/4/16
Congrats on WOTD! AND WAM Party Favorite!
From MyPieRogative  11/3/16
New status: Thanks so much!!!! 🎈🎉❤ʊ
From route11  11/3/16
Congratulations Maria.
From JellynCustard  11/3/16
Congrats on WOTD!!

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