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lather, pastries, batter, food, lotion, peanut butter, lube, pies, butter, pudding, cake, messy, quicksand, shaving cream, chocolate, milk, slime, clay, gunge, molasses
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I love to use cake mixes and chocolate syrup mud getting wet and messy i love to wear satin clothes and wetlook outfits and vinyl and pleather outfits and tight clothes to get messy and wet in and ripping my outfits to... .......
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From horslvr  4/20/18
awsome profile fellow texan id love to cover you in pies n stuff
From irishtime  2/18/18
Get your vinyl pants covered in chocolate
From a101066  2/17/18
He also wears veiled stockings
From untguy  2/17/18
Hmm, I suggest some red silky lingerie, something very small. Fill the panties with chocolate brownie batter and cover the top with bottles of syrup.
From sexywomen  2/17/18
That sounds really nice and how do you want me to mess up the lingerie and what kind of lingerie do you want me to wear
From untguy  2/16/18
Fill some shiny leggings and mess up some lingerie
From sexywomen  2/16/18
Okay I'm thinking about getting really messy this weekend and I need some ideas on what to wear remember I only like Satin vinyl tight shiny leggings and super sexy outfits that are shiny
From horslvr  11/21/16
Omg your profile is awsome and another Texas person awsome
From Mr Pigg  11/3/16
Thanks for the friend request! Sexy pics! X
From kevin57  10/25/16
Love your latest pics
From sexywomen  10/25/16
New status: i love getting messy with chocolate and rubbing my
From NormanMabeld  10/24/16
Very hot pics in your album! Great messes!
From muckyduck  10/4/16
Hi, thanks for the Fr, loving the images your are sharing keep up the good work. Great tits by the way :_
From sexywomen  9/27/16
New status: Thinking about getting soaking wet in the hot tub
From sexywomen  9/27/16
Ok great now that i got pulled into the pool... What outfit was i wearing....
From sexywomen  9/26/16
Thank you.... Ok that's what i will wear to get messy in....
From JRwet  9/26/16
anything on you wet looks great i bet......
From sexywomen  9/26/16
Ok what about a pair of really tight shiny leggings and a tight satin shirt....
From JRwet  9/26/16
Hi. Would love to pour slime all over you and inside your tight jeans and inside your White T.
From JRwet  9/25/16
Hi sexywomen and velcome here on UMD. Hope you will have fun here and make some nice wet/messy pic for us.
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