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AI WamFollowersThreads PostsLast
Images and discussion about computer-generated content28272645326 hours ago
AMA RequestsFollowersThreads PostsLast
Ask the wam pioneers about their untold history of experiences.293104/2/22
Custom ScenesFollowersThreads PostsLast
Find a producer for your script, get advice for ordering or producing. 7336181Thursday
FaceplantsFollowersThreads PostsLast
Faceplants, pratfalls, head dunks, submerges, and villains humiliated1388657812 days ago
MeetupsFollowersThreads PostsLast
The place to organize get-togethers or to find like-minded people to hang out with.4023461251Friday
Messy MindsFollowersThreads PostsLast
Give and get support from fellow sploshers on things like living with this fetish, having relationships, and general mental, physical, and social issues.218120147410 hours ago
Wam ClownsFollowersThreads PostsLast
A place for grease paint, big baggy pants, and honking red nose lovers to meet and share their passion for good old slapstick clowning tricks and mess!36610Friday
Official EventsFollowersThreads PostsLast
For the planning of gatherings under the UMD.NET banner344393/6/24
Vintage WamFollowersThreads PostsLast
A celebration of favorite old movie and TV scenes from at least 20 years ago, as well as our own experiences from back in the day. 163157633Tuesday
Wam FashionFollowersThreads PostsLast
Celebrate the role of outfits in wam: formal, casual, athletic, and otherwise.1115932424 days ago
Wam FeetFollowersThreads PostsLast
For those who are attracted to wet/muddy/messy feet and toes.1261876147 days ago
Wam GamesFollowersThreads PostsLast
Play tit-for-tat with fellow visitors in thread-based games.322236460281 hour ago
WAM HairFollowersThreads PostsLast
For lovers of a person's crowning glory getting soaked, slicked, matted, and shampooed.232215865Tuesday
WammastersFollowersThreads PostsLast
The lounge for webmasters, producers, and models.591315093/11/24
UMD DevFollowersThreads PostsLast
Announcements and discussion about the ongoing development of site features and policy. 661305159 days ago
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