It's UMD Groups!
Groups are niche forums run by UMD members. They allow for customized rules, relaxed time limits, and more flexibility.
We will slowly add groups over time, based on clarity of subject and availability of hosts (moderators). Groups are not for topics that overlap too much or can be sufficiently covered in the main forums. At this time, will not be adding groups based on specific substances, gender, or clothing preferences. If you would like to open a group, check our faq and contact us.
There's no current requirement to use these groups instead of the forums for any particular subject. Cross-posting the same message between groups or forums is not allowed. Any new groups will be set up on a temporarily basis for 3 months. If we deem that it hasn't gotten sufficient traction, we will remove it and move its threads to a main forum. Hosts not active in the group for 3 months may be automatically rotated out of hosting duties. Except for specific adjustments as noted, normal forum rules still apply. See our group faq.
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