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"Wish that I am on the receiving end of all the gunge"
By ramrods1  Saturday

This excellent site is the best I have seen, being fondly reminded of the enjoyment etc I got in my WAM days, before ill health overtook me! Keep up the superb standards you have set!

"Charlotte delivered exactly what I wanted."
By flank  10 days ago

This was the first time I've commissioned a custom, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but Charlotte guided me through the process and clarified all the details in advance. That included things that I hadn't thought to mention, e.g. what colour did I want the gunge to be in the tank. She also kept me informed every step of the way, e.g. telling me when she'd confirmed that the models were available and which date they would be filming.

When it comes to payment, they use a fairly innocuous company name. (Think of "Fred's sofas" rather than "fetish videos R us.") So, it won't look incriminating if you need to show your bank statements to anyone! The prices are also very reasonable: more expensive than just buying a video from the download store (as you'd expect), but cheaper than I'd expected.

After they finished filming, I downloaded the video the same day, which is an amazingly quick turnaround! I don't know whether they'd always be able to achieve that, but you won't be waiting for weeks and weeks. I assume that it will show up in the download store (for everyone else) at some point, but I don't know how long that will take; it may depend on how many other videos are in the queue ahead of it.

The video had everything that I'd hoped for, and Charlotte took the initiative to improve my ideas in a couple of ways. I think that's the benefit of working with someone who's so experienced, rather than a first timer who's still figuring it out for themselves. Similarly, I really felt that everyone had enjoyed making it, i.e. they'd had fun playing the games rather than just enduring it for the money. That made it more fun for me to watch.

Since it was a game, I didn't know in advance who was going to win or lose, and Charlotte didn't tell me. I'm sure she would have done if I'd asked, but I was happy to avoid spoilers and find out by watching the video.

The video quality is also excellent: it's full HD (1920x1080, aka 1080p).

All in all, highly recommended.

"One of the very best sites for pies and slime"
By Dr.JekyllMr.Pyde  19 days ago

Definitely one of the best WAM sites online. While I'm more partial to Ken's older stuff (Volumes 50-90) he still cranks out the good stuff. I wish the pies were more gooey like they used to be in the mid-2000's. But one thing I'll never complain about is Ken's slime. Bar none Anglefan has the best slimings I've seen on any site. Ken also has a talent for finding incredible-looking models as well. I'd love to see a crossover with SlapstickStuff or Messygirl at some point. Keep up the good work dude!

"I'm a fan of ultra high cut outfits models!"
By sonablade  2/10/18

It's better if there is a studio about three girls wearing golden swimsuit, lurex swimsuit and see-through swimsuit with long sleeves walking outdoors and lying on the ground with legs spreading.

I'll purchase immediately if it's available on store!

"Sexy, messy and excellent material"
By Dr.JekyllMr.Pyde  2/8/18

I wish there were more sites like this. These videos have everything. Although I'm sure some models aren't willing to go this far into the mature territory I really hope this site develops a catalogue as extensive as MessyGirl's other sites. One thing I'd like to see more is storylines as some of the videos just go straight to the action without much plot. I feel like if there's a buildup and the models have a character its a more satisfying experience when they get messy and get to the sexy stuff. There's tons of slapstick models I'd love to see in a MG Blowjobs video. One model I'd love to see in a video is Darla Crane (who I believe does fetish work but hasn't done WAM yet). Excellent stuff overall and worth whatever the price is. Some of MessyGirl's best work.

"One of the very best and a genuinely laugh-out-loud funny site"
By Dr.JekyllMr.Pyde  2/8/18

One of the very best sites in terms of overall value. Rich really pours his heart and soul into these and it shows. I still go back and watch some older volumes because they're genuinely funny and well-written. Any of Rich's characters with the wig are awesome. I'm a bit nostalgic for the older skits like the Maid, the Slapstick Battalion and It's Not Fair. I really wish the Channel 4 Anchorman parody would make a comeback. I also would like to see more skits with the models in elaborate costumes rather than bikinis (I like when the models' clothes get dirty too). But overall these are just my nitpicks. The creativity, writing, music, editing and pies are exceptional. I'd love to see some kind of crossover with another WAM heavyweight like Anglefan or Messygirl at some point. It could be like the WAM version of wwf vs. wcw in the late 90's. Keep up the great work Rich!

"True elegance, with a perfectly messy twist!"
By Luvthawam  1/22/18

I've done a few customs with her, and they were always spot on. I would highly recommend her for a custom, she does a fantastic job!

"Truly knows how to get messy, and has fun doing it!"
By Luvthawam  1/22/18

I always love my customs with Marie, she's an absolute pro! She has no problem catering to my true fetish, seeing a beautiful woman getting messy in incredibly sexy tights!

"Fantastic professional work!"
By surgif  12/28/17

All in this thing was a perfect and professional work! They checked my ideas, gave a detailed quote and asked some questions about the handling. The production time was fixed and the clip was just in time produced.

And the clip as itself?! Perfect! Charlotte did such a perfect job as a Hollywood actress! They filled my ideas by 150%.

This will not be last customized order... ;-)

"Unfortunately not user-friendly"
By wetrod  12/15/17

Great content, but I agree with UMD member snowsuit, member management is terrible. It wasn't possible to me, to cancel my membership at the end of month, so I had to pay for another month. I'd need an handwrote mail to cancel successful!

"Dive in for some creamy fun with beautiful ladies."
By SamWhiskey  12/11/17

Great site. Lots of pretty women in various states of dress and then undress. Pies, chocolate, and many other varied substances. I highly recommend this site if your taste runs to this kind of fun. You won't be disappointed.

"Professional, Quality And Messy Enough Said. :)"
By mikey25  12/10/17

There is not much to say about this site really when you think about it much, for one good reason and that's that the quality of the sites pictures and videos is already on show for all to see and that this shows you more than anything, how great the content is and trying to tell you in words won't be as good but I will try.

As mentioned before the quality of this sites is up to and consistently on the level of professional photographer, with both the pictures and videos been in high definition and along with this the sound quality is up to the same level, coming together to create a great overall product.

Then there is the roster of jaw droppingly beautiful and gorgeous models the site brings in for both wetlook and messy shoots, combining this level of wonderful models with great locations and types of mess as well as the amount of mess used creates some of the best quality and amazing messy sets ever in WAM. Adding to that is also the types of outfits featured in on this site are a variety most welcomed and can't be faulted and along with this too are brilliant things like the sets done in the slime bathtub which I can't recommend enough.

One of the great consistent, quality and professional WAM websites out there and always look forward to a new release.

"The name says it all, it's hot, it's WAM and it's in HD :)"
By mikey25  12/8/17

This site is one of the greats of the WAM fetish, it never fails to have beautiful and sexy women been covered in all manner of slop from just sweet stuff or just savory stuff to a whole mix of the two and in very large quantities too at times. Or for just gunge/slime fans this site has you covered, also along with great mess this site is always consistent in that it always has a high level of sound and resolution quality for all of it's videos and is only getting better and better with time, been one of the only few WAM sites where you can get 4k videos of gorgeous women in sexy outfits getting gunged. Simply put one of the best WAM sites around and is defiantly in my top 5 and has been ever since I found it and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

"Nice, good pictures, adorable, 100% satisfied, 10/10"
By Beholder1964  12/7/17

I look at this clip and can say that I am a happy man. If some of the specifications of my complex script have a little deviations, I can nevertheless say that about 95% of what I wanted to see is absolutely maintained, and to me the two magnificent models (little actresses) that we can see in this clip did their best to get more enjoyable things to watch, after all. I will tell you things to contemplate...

On the technical side, I must say that with a HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), the result is crystal clear. The color balance is well done, the quality of the vid is good, a good drawing, beautiful colors, the cameraman did a good job with beautiful views, thank you very much dear good guy, you are an artist, and also Lisamoomin for the post-production quality. The two models are as beautiful as goddesses. They have a little Angel face and I wanted the camera most of the time to stay on them. The fashion game is fine, full of pleasure, laughter, and some other aspects that I will let you discover. If these aspects did not detail on my script, taken, all the team of Mostwam had the intelligence to bring them back the life, the critic goes Charlotte, Sky (and to the cameraman). They both made a kind of masterpiece with the finish all the art of washing a shirt. When I think that all this started with a small green spot on the chest!

If you want to discover the satisfaction of having your own personalized clip I will give you the advice to trust your fashion for inspiration, to bring you the beautiful things that the poes, the spectators, the lovers of the finiternelle and beautiful things in life, look and look... Time will tell if this clip will become one of the masterpieces in the catalog Mostwam.

I thank the entire team for its work, one of the best in the world of wetlook and messy producers.


J'ai regardmon clip personnaliset je peux dire que je suis un homme heureux. Si certaines des ids de mon script complexe ont un peu dareills, je peux dire que, nnmoins, environ 95 % de ce que je voulais voir est absolument maintenu, et me les deux magnifiques modes (un peu actrices) que nous pouvons voir dans ce clip ont fait de leur mieux pour obtenir de plus agrbles choses regarder, apr tout. Je dirai me des choses contempler...

Sur l'aspect technique, je dois dire qu'avec un ran HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), le rultat est clair comme le cristal. La balance des couleurs est bien faite, la qualitde la vid est tr bonne, un bon lairage, de belles couleurs, le cameraman a fait un tr bon travail avec de belles vues, je vous remercie beaucoup cher bon gars, vous es un artiste, et aussi Lisamoomin pour l'ition en post-production. Nos deux modes sont belles comme des sires. Elles ont peu un visage d'Ange et je voulais que la cama la plupart du temps reste sur elles. Le jeu des modes est finin, plein de plaisir, de rires, et me certains autres aspects, que je vous laisserai douvrir. Si ces aspects n'aient pas daill sur mon script, prisent, toute l'uipe de Mostwam a eu l'intelligence de les ramener la vie, le crit va Charlotte, Sky (et au cameraman). Elles ont tous les deux fait une sorte de chef-d'uvre avec la finitet tout l'art du lavage d'une chemise. Quand je pense que tout cela a commenccause d'une petite tache verte sur la poitrine...!

Si vous souhaitez douvrir la satisfaction d'avoir votre propre clip personnalis je vais vous donner le conseil d'avoir confiance en votre mode pour l'inspiration, pour vous apporter les belles choses que les poes, les spectateurs, les amoureux de la finiternelle et de belles choses dans la vie, chissent de regarder et de contempler... Le temps nous dira si ce clip va devenir l'un des chefs-d'uvre dans le catalogue Mostwam.

Je remercie toute l'uipe pour son travail, l'une des meilleures dans le monde des producteurs wetlook et messy.

"Fantastic stories from a female wetlooker!"
By Wetnoise  11/27/17

At last, a look inside the mind of a female wet clothes lover! Hannah's stories of her wetlook exploits are fascinating and exciting without being explicit. I think I might be in love!

"Great value; great pleasure; great result"
By madmalc  9/13/17

Delighted with the result! Big thanks to Rev for following through request with minimum fuss but maximum enthusiasm and understanding. Honour May and Liz were the willing victims and I was very pleased with result. Would thoroughly recommend and very reasonably priced.

"Quite simply the best in the business!"
By Pie P  9/13/17

Amazing, Outstanding, Brilliant customer service, Awesome, Terrific, Makes Dreams come true--these words don't really do Charlotte justice as she is all them and more. You really could not be in better hands--Charlotte pays attention to every little detail which in turn ensures her custom shoots are executed to perfection. And she will keep you updated every step of the way. The best complement I can give Charlotte is that she just 'gets it'. And then has fun with it!

"So much promise, but overall a disappointment."
By Happydude  9/8/17

Nice outfits, pretty models and good locations. Well shot material. However NO downloads. 15 Videos, only 3 of which are full screen and 21 photosets and no way of downloading either the videos or photosets. So once your subscription is over that's it.

"Fan-driven quality production at an unbeatable price."
By thedude18  8/19/17

I've been thinking about how best to describe Mad Lovers Cosplay's site on Patreon and I think I've got it. They're the local bookstore to the umd's Barnes and Noble. The latter has everything you'll ever want or need, provides excellent service, and serves as a great place for people of all tastes to gather and mingle. Mad Lovers is much more niche and caters to a specific crowd, but the experience is personal and interactive and it's enjoyable enough that even people who aren't necessarily into Cosplay (like me) will enjoy it. And they do their thing really really well, too. Very creative skits, very well executed (trained actors), and always produced with input from the fans. They respond to questions, they chat in the forum threads, and are just nice people. And they do personalized videos for certain memberships. Just a fun place. And oh yeah, they happen to produce some excellent WAM material with beautiful, down-to-earth actresses and big mess. Hard to beat the pricing options. You can get some material for as little as $1/month, or everything for as little as $10/month. Most membership sites go for $25-$30 so this is just about unbeatable (for G rated WAM, which I happen to dig still). Can't recommend them enough. If you're on the fence, give them a shot.

"A highlight each day."
By tiswas20  7/22/17

I have been a subscriber for a few months and check the site most days. It's brilliant. My tastes are well dressed tights-wearing women getting gunged or pied, so I am treated most days. The girls are very attractive and in good spirits. The outfits and make up are often fantastic. My only hope is for a more diverse tights color than black (nude, bronze, navy, silver etc), for more jeans or trousers with tights underneath and a greater variety of participants.

This is genius. Thanks so much!

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