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"Absolute Perfection"
I have been luck enough to sponsor a couple of scenes, just add in some delightful ripping and cutting to ensure the ladies outfit is well and truly destroyed. Skirts, shoes, bras and knickers have all ended up in the bin.

It is an absolute pleasure to communicate with Rev, he is open and suggestive to make sure the buyers get what they ask for and never fails to disappoint.

If you have some spare case, the Rev can and does make dreams come true. 16parkvilla, Wednesday
"Superb custom, Imbo is so fun and bubbly"
Imbo created a wonderful custom, with clear communication, and nothing being too much trouble. She's a star on camera and such a bubbly personality. Many thanks for the fulfilment of my odd request for a custom, very well executed, professionally edited and sent over very quickly. muddyhunterwelly, Tuesday
"Very happy with the finished product!"
I just recently work with Rev on a custom shoot with Liz. Let me just say that together they absolutely nailed it! Rev is a true professional, and I intend to work with him again in the near future if he'll have me. Thank you so much Rev, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of working with you. Luvthawam, Monday
"Classic wetlook that still sets the standard!"
I had a stack of Oasis videos on VHS tapes the first time around. Oasis was the first producer that really satisfied the craving for glamour wetlook that I had had for 20 years. Having just bought a set of videos, I find that they're as good as I remembered, but I can't figure out why I didn't get the Rene and Cricket videos back then! Completely Wet Scene 3 has become one of my favorites. I keep watching it over and over again, I enjoy it so much. Bugg Zapper, 6 days ago
I had a scene done by Reverend Slymsford, it was pretty much everything I requested honour may did an amazing job with the detail, what really amazed me was the lenght of the video... 40mins long! Really worth the build up and money would love to do another atbsome point! Wiggout1, 6/14/19
"16 customs to date all delivered to a high standard"
I haven't had one custom from Charlotte and the team--I've had 16 so far! (there are a few not up yet but there has been 10 Numerically Challengeds, Emily Loves Pink Gunge and Sky's Sexy Twerk Dance uploaded to the stores plus a few that are due to appear in the next few weeks) That probably tells you enough there!

The Mostwam productions are known for their professionalism and it is the same with customs, there's lots of little touches that are only noticeable if you go looking for them. The biggest issue I've had with a custom from Charlotte was with Emily Loves Pink Gunge, and that was because I'd used symbols to differentiate the directorial remarks from the script, but when I sent it to Charlotte, the forum cut out everything after the first symbol, so all Charlotte received was "Emily loves pink gunge..".. When commissioning a scene, be as specific as you can, if you want certain clothing, send a link to it--we've done quite a few costumed NCs now and every time, I've given a selection of outfit links and asked Charlotte to let the girls choose their outfit and I've asked not to be told which ones they went for. When I'm not specific on outfits, it's deliberately vague--the Christmas NC is "party frocks" for example. Charlotte will ask anything that isn't clear, so things like tights are queried, indeed for the Easter NC, she checked I was happy with the vision of Lucy in heels alongside Jem in slippers making their height different more apparent. Gunge colour is always discussed, there was only one choice for Emily loves pink gunge--although there are multiple shades involved in the scene including a very subtle variation in the tank, little details like that take lots of effort but look so good. Most of the time I leave the choice to Charlotte with "anything but black" the usual spec. That in turn has led to a few fun trials--peach gunge and silver in the tank were both suggested and used for Emily v Charlotte NC. The sexy twerk scene also features silver in the tank--it looks so good, and the eagle eyed will notice the pink and purple used for the game are deeper than usual. There are also lots of little touches in the scenes, Cassie spent ages on her hair for the St Tinian's NC and Lisa has made a huge effort on the outfit front as the host--I've only specified an outfit for her once (coming soon). If you have specific camera angles and shots in mind, make sure you put them down, the sexy twerk scene has some unconventional focal points, there's a scene coming soon that unintentionally gave Al some challenges to shoot (I don't want to say more, but I believe it is going up in a few days) Delivery of scenes is normally within a day or two of the shoot and there's usually a message from Charlotte after shooting as well. A lovely touch is that my date specific scenes have all received a multi-platform release at an appropriate time--it's normal practice for customs to debut here on the UMD store before a later release on the customwam streaming site, but Halloween, Christmas and Easter scenes all went up on time, the latter as part of the customwam Iain-ecgunge takeover as a couple of scenes had to jump the queue to stay in the correct order. It's really impressive that they do this, as it might hit the sales, but also a Christmas scene going live in May, or Easter in August, or Halloween in January just wouldn't be the same! I think we've used all of the useful date specific themes now though so other than revisiting them (there's lots of fun Halloween outfits and Christmas NC is probably a staple now) there's probably no more to come.

So, I think it's safe to say I'm quite a fan of the Mostwam Charlotte custom experience! iain-ecgunge, 6/12/19
"Very High Quality Scenes"
Given the volume of glowing reviews here, I'm not sure I have very much to add... However, I am impressed and appreciative to such a degree that I feel compelled to try.

I've now used these guys for 3 different customs, and each one has turned out excellently. From complicated games where little details matter a lot, to straight-forward scenes where everything rides on a fun and energetic atmosphere, they have delivered every time. From start to finish, they really put in the time and effort to do a hugely professional job. I could not recommend them more highly. GherdG, 6/10/19
"Always spot on customs"
I've had MG bring several of my customs to life over the last few years. Each one of them always blew my expectations out of the water. I appreciated the professional but friendly communication and the prompt responses and on time delivery. What was especially nice was the fact that I had a rough idea of what I wanted and a few very specific details but overall not enough to provide a whole scene, which MG took my request and crafted a whole scene with a detailed script, costumes, and even picked some of the more creative pie hits I had left up to them. Im sure if i had a super specific script they would have no problems executing it but it was a really great surprise that they created so much I loved from such little input. I look forward to workimg with them in the near future with new ideas and new models! KakeKid, 5/28/19
"Poor experiences"
I commissioned two scenes with them, and both fell well short of expectations. Both times, MG and/or Mr. MG were very communicative until I sent payment; then it was essentially radio silence. For the first scene, I had specifically asked for no bondage or humiliation. When I tried to get an update on how the shoot went, I was sent several pictures of Vika tied up and gagged. Turns out, they had shot the wrong script and I would have to wait about four months for a re-shoot. When it came time to re-shoot, all of the bulk items I had asked for were replaced by smaller cans of mess, with no communication or adjustment of the price quote. However, Vika was so good that I let it slide.

On the second scene, I tried to go for something identical to what they had shot previously: a messy slumber party scene, but with Amy and Katy. I had been communicating separately with Katy, who did numerous scenes with another producer for me that I absolutely loved, so I felt like there would be less of an assumption gap, having run my ideas by her. Turns out, my script was essentially disregarded. Only about half of the messy items I had requested were in the scene, and very little of the other details were covered. Again, only thanks to a fantastic performance by both models was the scene salvageable to me. When I voiced my unhappiness via email, I was offered to pick out a few scenes from their store for free to make up the difference in cost. Even then, only two of the five scenes they sent were ones I had requested. The whole experience made me feel like I was just subsidizing what they would produce for themselves, and not like I was getting what I wanted as a custom scene. Pie_Cook, 5/26/19
"I'll be back for more"
Jayce did such an amazing job with my custom video. She worked with another performer Jenna and they really acted out my custom scenario perfectly. Even the process of getting the video made was honestly enjoyable. Jayce is open to ideas, patient with my questions and answered them quickly, and her pricing is very reasonable. I enjoyed the everything so much I literally immediately commissioned another custom video from Jayce. I will definitely be requesting more. sumo7296, 5/26/19
"Wonderful custom experiences!"
I've commissioned three customs with Custom Fetish Videos, and I'm always extremely happy with the end results. Violet is great at managing expectations and helping select a model that will be good with WAM: a necessary step since some of the models have never done a messy shoot before. The cost is higher than many of the producers on this site, but you absolutely get what you pay for, from first-rate production values to a roster of models that features some of the best mainstream adult actresses and experienced fetish models in the business. Thumbs up! Pie_Cook, 5/26/19
"Great stuff, definatly worth the money"
delivers solid content pretty consistently, Jacey is always great while the growing number of videos featuring other people are a treat. some videos are a bit pricy, but in the end very high very value. jman1130, 5/15/19
"It was next to impossible to stop the monthly charges."
I had to cancel my credit card in order to stop being billed. Management is lacking in this area. Be aware of this before becoming a member. muddyfeet, 5/14/19
"Well worth is the Tiswas girl is awesome!"
Ordered a custom with the Tiswas Girl, it is called a half hour smoking / shaving cream challenge.

It is not easy I have a lot of details and she knocked it out of the park.

I loved all the dialog she put in and made the experience well worth it for my money.

I might add I gave them a budget and they came in well below what I thought it would be so I feel I got value for my money! stopgo, 5/1/19
"This swimsuit was made to have fun in."
Bought Imbo's tap eye view. Absolutely brilliant. She's a real cutie, her black swimsuit slips over her like a sexy, second, shiny skin. Thanks, Imbo. MrWetShirt, 4/27/19
"Lmbo is the queen of customs."
I emaild lmbo with an odd request for a custom. Which of course she agreed. Being wear a dress of my wifes graffiti it get it wet and rip it to pieces. Now what makes lmbo different from other people who customs is. Its all done naturally, not staged like most. The video as you will see is uncut. Which makes it more brilliant as it shows lmbo's bubbly personalty and generally having fun. I recomend to anyone wanted a custom done to contact lmbo. She is brilliant. I will be getting more weird customs done and i will not be looking for anyone else to do them for me. When you have the best why shop elsewhere. Thedancer, 4/26/19
"A great video, Mog always loves getting messy. A joy to watch"
Another great video by Mog. Always great to see her getting messy! Not many people pull off looking great covered in custard but she certainly does Mog always delivers. I would certainly recommend a custom from her. TheGungeZone, 4/24/19
"Video exceeded expectations"
Just received a custom video featuring James and non-other than Pete himself and it exceeded my expectations. Everyone involved took careful attention to hit every details I requested. Everyone should give it a try! plh, 4/6/19
"Simply Awesome"
So this has been my sixth custom and all have been amazing. Having used Charlotte twice, Amber, Emily and Janet I decided to go for a two girl shoot using Jem and Amie. As always the planning is meticulous with Charlotte and she wants all the details she can get to make sure your shoot is perfect. She seems to genuinely care it is right for you. Quickly a nod to the behind the camera team aswell. The video quality and speed of getting the custom ready for viewing is brilliant. Amie and Jem were great. Jem looked so sweet and nervous at the start but really grew into it. Amie seemed to just take it all in her stride! I will be doing another Custom with our doubt. Involving Jem probably as I fell in love with her a little bit! ilovetights2810, 4/4/19
"Seemless process from start to finish"
I recently had a custom done by Jayce which was the "Interactive Joi+orgasm! Play Messy Cards W/ Me!" The process of getting the custom done was amazing. Jayce and I went back and forth with ideas and planning over a week to two weeks spanning a little over 100 emails. She was quick with responses her creativity and experience with everything showed and made the video and the initial idea much better than if I hadn't of been open to suggestions. Once the idea was finalized payment happened she told me upfront when she was going to be able to film it and then when I would be able to get the download to the video. The video itself was fantastic it was everything that we discussed in the emails and she even added a few things we hadn't which was great and she was able to add things she knew/assumed I would like because she took the time to go back and forth with so many emails. The video was purely a game of chance and neither of us knew or expected the outcome prior to it and you could see the surprise on her face during the video as well as the annoyance of losing because she is so competitive. If you are ever thinking about getting a custom done with Jayce, talk with her about it and you will be able to get it done in a timely manner and she will go out of her way to give you everything you want to a T while also making it uniquely hers. HundredAcreWood, 3/28/19
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