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"Great value; great pleasure; great result"
By madmalc  9/13/17

Delighted with the result! Big thanks to Rev for following through request with minimum fuss but maximum enthusiasm and understanding. Honour May and Liz were the willing victims and I was very pleased with result. Would thoroughly recommend and very reasonably priced.

"Quite simply the best in the business!"
By PieP  9/13/17

Amazing, Outstanding, Brilliant customer service, Awesome, Terrific, Makes Dreams come true--these words don't really do Charlotte justice as she is all them and more. You really could not be in better hands--Charlotte pays attention to every little detail which in turn ensures her custom shoots are executed to perfection. And she will keep you updated every step of the way. The best complement I can give Charlotte is that she just 'gets it'. And then has fun with it!

"Quite simply the best in the business!"
By PieP  9/9/17

Amazing, awesome, hard working, incredible, friendly, making dreams come true--these words do not do Charlotte and her team justice as in fact there simply are enough superlatives to describe how brilliant she is at her job of custom producer. She goes out of her way to ensure she produces the perfect custom for you and leaves nothing to chance. She also keeps you bang up to date in terms of how things are progressing, how the shoot went (which is more than other producers I know have done) and the end results are delivered in an extremely timely manner. The fact she has so many happy customers speaks volumes. If you are thinking of having a custom with Charlotte, do not hestitate as you will not be dissapointed. And best of all, she has fun while doing it! A Star, 10/10! One of the best compliments I can give Charlotte is that she quite simply 'gets it'!

"So much promise, but overall a disappointment."
By Happydude  9/8/17

Nice outfits, pretty models and good locations. Well shot material. However NO downloads. 15 Videos, only 3 of which are full screen and 21 photosets and no way of downloading either the videos or photosets. So once your subscription is over that's it.

"Fan-driven quality production at an unbeatable price."
By thedude18  8/19/17

I've been thinking about how best to describe Mad Lovers Cosplay's site on Patreon and I think I've got it. They're the local bookstore to the umd's Barnes and Noble. The latter has everything you'll ever want or need, provides excellent service, and serves as a great place for people of all tastes to gather and mingle. Mad Lovers is much more niche and caters to a specific crowd, but the experience is personal and interactive and it's enjoyable enough that even people who aren't necessarily into Cosplay (like me) will enjoy it. And they do their thing really really well, too. Very creative skits, very well executed (trained actors), and always produced with input from the fans. They respond to questions, they chat in the forum threads, and are just nice people. And they do personalized videos for certain memberships. Just a fun place. And oh yeah, they happen to produce some excellent WAM material with beautiful, down-to-earth actresses and big mess. Hard to beat the pricing options. You can get some material for as little as $1/month, or everything for as little as $10/month. Most membership sites go for $25-$30 so this is just about unbeatable (for G rated WAM, which I happen to dig still). Can't recommend them enough. If you're on the fence, give them a shot.

"A great pic n mix of fetish bits."
By Jonny  7/22/17

Unlike the knob head below, I feel inclined to leave a review on Dollys Clip Site. You will find all sorts here for every kinky bend that you may have. Have a look--you might find another kinky chink in the armour! However as she has failed to turn up outside my Latvian headquarters wearing white jeans, a wristwatch, swimcap n crocs, drenched in genuine1980's gunge from Stu Francis' Crush a Grape with a cheque for a million pounds made payable to me, despite my incredibly generous offer of 26p, a Freddo and fluff from the side of the sofa

(Keep up the good work, and fth)

"A highlight each day."
By tiswas20  7/22/17

I have been a subscriber for a few months and check the site most days. It's brilliant. My tastes are well dressed tights-wearing women getting gunged or pied, so I am treated most days. The girls are very attractive and in good spirits. The outfits and make up are often fantastic. My only hope is for a more diverse tights color than black (nude, bronze, navy, silver etc), for more jeans or trousers with tights underneath and a greater variety of participants.

This is genius. Thanks so much!

"A gold standard for custom videos. Strongly recommended!"
By jesuskungfu  7/17/17

This site is where I made my first request for a custom. I don't think I could have asked for someone better to make that happen than the fine folks of Mostwam Charlotte. My experience with requesting a custom through Mostwam Charlotte was nothing short of terrific! I acquired the clothes, wrote the script for the request, and I found that the crew of Mostwam Charlotte will follow the script down to the comma, so long as it is safe to execute. I was more than happy with the work they put in, along with the site administrator's great communication. I strongly recommend going to Mostwam Charlotte for a custom. You will not be disappointed!

"Good old fashioned messy slaptick and clowning escapism"
By Trouso  7/14/17

If you're looking for good old messy slapstick fun and comic book escapism involving mainly female characters at the business end of the joke, then this is definitely the place for you.

You will not find sexual content here--or nudity. To give you a fair idea, the closest kin in style to this operation would be SlapstickStuff--(particularly the early SS ones) as there is a very great emphasis on comedy skits and sketches. The big difference here is that (no disrespect to Rich)--this being LA--most of the actors are either pros, or otherwise in the entertainment biz and the performances are consistently superb (so not many jokes about models' bad acting!). Genevieve ("Mrs mlc!") plays many of the principle parts (Harley Quinn) and takes the majority of the pies and slime, but she is regularly joined by other female actors too--not just Puddin' himself ("Mr mlc"--who you'll often see in character as The Joker). There are lots of free previews around if you want to get a taste by visiting their Youtube channel and DeviantArt pages!

This is a must for Cosplay fans: the costumes are faithful and the producers are genuine comic book fans and they really know what they're doing. I'm pretty sure there is no other dedicated site devoted in such a way. Even if there were, I doubt it would have the quality and integrity of this one. There's a lot of clowning (literally) too and clown shoes and costumes but you will now also (because they listen to their fans!) find spoofs and sketches with the performers dressed in 'street clothes' as well--one recent update being a 3 girl tit-for-tat pie-fight version of 'Friends'

I'd been aware of these guys for some time, but, following some recent and very appealing updates, I took the plunge and subscribed to their Patreon page with a modest donation of $10 per month via PayPal (Note: Being a GB resident PP added $2 vat (UK goods tax) to the transaction--but this is nothing to do with Patreon or madloverscosplay).

a warm welcome is assured upon subscription, and (with the $10 or over donations) you can (currently) immediately see all of the posts and videos ever previously posted. So even though there is a promise you will receive x number of updates per month (which they always endeavour to oblige), there will often be more than promised (and you still have all the other historical content to catch up on!) Initially, used to plain subscription and membership sites, I'm aware some early subscribers found the Patreon user layout somewhat confusing. The truth is, it's just a bit different--and a more post based delivery system like a traditional blog. Puddin' and Genevieve are pretty attentive and really care about making it work--These early issues have now been redressed and there's even an instructional video provided in order to guide you through (they think of everything!). I've been visiting the site on an iphone so far (browser not app. although Patreon have one)--through which I've had no problem finding and accessing everything.

A nominal donation gets you a really great entertainment package from mlc with loads of pictures and fully lit 4K movie clips--and you really feel a part of what's going on (you'll hear something from them every day or so if you switch on your notifications). Messages are answered promptly and comments on posts are always at least acknowledged in some way. You may increase your donation, from time to time (tips), if you wish, and you can also adjust your donation for (more or less reward). Obviously, the more patrons donate (or the more patrons there are), the better able the producer is to provide new content. There is even a 'sponsor' donation option for those who would like to see more personalised scenes (within the scope of the producer's ethos and on the terms they set out, of course) and this is around $150.

I would say, if you've been watching their updates--teetering on the brink of joining--and you can afford at least $10 a month--just go for it. You won't be disappointed. I'm certainly sticking around.

"Amazing experience throughout!"
By messy_mac  7/12/17

I've had 2 customs from Jessie now, both times she's delivered an amazing video exactly as requested, and both times she's far exceeded my expectations.

Brilliant communication and the scenes were filmed and delivered remarkably quickly! More than happy--Thanks Jessie!

"Great vids, wonderful person!"
By mlt.foot.gunge  6/17/17

Anything Messy Jessie does is top notch. She is a true professional who enjoys what she does and enjoys making her customers happy. There is more to her professionalism and the quality of her work; Jessie is an absolutely wonderful human being--friendly, kind and understanding. A true gem.

"Nobody better than Jessie at getting messy as you want it"
By Jezzapeepshow  5/12/17

Having lurked on UMD for a long time and been a customer of the Queen Of Wam herself Messy Jessie I finally plucked up courage to contact her for a custom film.

I actually misunderstood and thought she was closing down her site for good so thought this was my last chance.

However I'm relieved she was merely moving her store to the UMD and not giving up.

Still it prompted me to act and get the custom I always dreamt of.

Jessie and Mike responded really quickly and made it much easier by stating up front the costs and why they charged what they charge.

I had no idea about how much work a producer does to get the room ready and the time it takes Jessie to get ready,clean all the mess off etc

Obvious really but I never thought of it.

I saw the Messy Supplies film Jessie made and went for a combination of different coloured gunges but for my film Jessie is acting out having a quiz with me and everytime she gets a wrong answer she is gunged or pied.

She acted it out leaving gaps so that I can watch the film as though I am talking to her.

She was word perfect and exceeded expectation.

High recommended.

"The Piemaster really goes the extra mile"
By noelelliv  4/21/17

I am writing this review as a token of appreciation and to let everyone know about the service the Piemaster provided and the length that he went to to make sure that everything was satisfactory. There were some technical terms regarding the video presentation which I don't think he understood initially, but I am assuming that he took the time to research and understand it which can be difficult if you're not a specialist in the topic or found someone who did. He uploaded several different amended versions of the video I purchased, each video being several hundred megabytes until all the problems were resolved.

I can say that his videos from now on should be correctly formatted and be of a good quality.

Which is great because the Piemaster produces great wam videos which is most important as this is the reason we're here, and they take a lot of effort to produce from the model getting messy, obtaining supplies and cleaning up.

"Charlotte and Lisa, the queens of Glam Wam!"
By mrangry  4/13/17

Charlottes custom shoot for me was received yesterday and it is just amazing. I bought her the outfit and shoes as I wanted her to play the sexy secretary role and she looked fantastic in it, the perfect vision of a prim office girl in her smart, slightly too tight suit and blouse and some 6 inch heels. I awaited the mess to start and what a mess! as an added bonus, Lisa was dishing it out and she had dressed similarly and also looked amazing. The scenario we did was where Charlotte had cocked up a pie order and Lisa, as the boss, decided to teach her a lesson by plastering her with the 15 pies. She took it brilliantly, then went into the custard bath, covering herself from head to foot. An even bigger bonus was the fact that Lisa then went into it as well. I liked the end scene too where both girls were hosed down, laughing about the fun time they had just had, their tight, soaking wet, clothes clinging to their lovely bodies. In short, a fantastic shoot, Charlotte and Lisa were brilliant. 10/10

"The best at what they do!"
By Nerblenerble  3/15/17

Brilliant, creative, silly, sexy all rolled into one!

Followed my script and added a bit of their own to it as all creative people should. Model was gorgeous and took the pies like a pro.

Hope to see many more videos from this gang in the future!

"Great experience, lots of fun to work with"
By mm7th2  2/22/17

My custom with Mypie was a great experience. She was fun to talk to about the ideas I had, she understood what I wanted and I was so happy when I saw it. Working with her was just fun. She is too damn cute too.

The video I received was of excellent quality visually and in terms of sound. I have only good things to say about her.

"Excellent Work!"
By slimeandpies2482  1/3/17

I absolutely love the work Mad Lovers Cosplay does! They are so funny and do such a great job of incorporating old school, Nickelodeon mess in all of their skits. My favorites are the ycdtotv green slime--they brought in some incredible talent who was willing to take the slime during their last fundraiser! Absolutely awesome work!

"Love the hilarious videos Mad Lovers Cosplay releases."
By Pieology  1/3/17

I love watching all the hilarious videos Mad Lovers Cosplay releases. I do wish Joker would be pied more, but hey it's all good.

"The best around"
By wamfan22  12/24/16

They some of the best video's out there! They always make sure to do what you ask and make you happy!

"Everything is awesome!"
By flyboy  12/20/16

Each video on this stil has something for everyone. From fully-clothed to nude and raw. From wet to the messy of messes it has everything. If you don't find it just ask and she will do everything in her power to get what you want.

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