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"You won't regret getting a custom from this producer."
By frey007  12/6/16

Ariel and Jayce recently provided me with an awesome custom. I couldn't be happier with my experience of dealing with the two of them. The video was for a very niche fetish, but Ariel and Jayce were still able to provide me with exactly what I described. Email communication was prompt, and the filming of my custom was also done very quickly. I couldn't recommend ordering a custom from the two of them more.

"Great Producer..Innovative"
By BillythePieKid  12/4/16

Been dealing with Richie for years. His vids are top notch, hysterical, and he never lacks for hot babes. He always is open for feedback, and I enjoy his conversations. When he discovered Bre for his cast, he Hit pay dirt! As sexy a Latina as you'll find. Keep up the great work Richie! Check him out..

"Hot female clown!"
By ShavinCreamGuy  12/2/16

One of the hottest chick clowns I've ever seen does a lot of awesome clown stuff including pies slime shaving cream and all sorts of awesome slapstick! she even has a full clown suit topped off with some pretty impressive clown shoes! not somethign you see very often. Definitely check this site out.

"Best bar none. Order one and see for yourself!"
By Buff  12/1/16

Words don't really do justice to Kacie's customs. I've had nine or ten, & not once has she failed to deliver on what i've asked for. I'm the first to admit i sometimes ask a lot of her yet she amazes me by not just doing them, but doing them so wonderfully well. She loves trying different things & puts real effort & enthusiasm into every custom she makes, pushing to make the best scene that she can. I would happily go back to her again & again, nothing i suggest seems to faze her & she's done wet & messy things for me that i never dreamed i would ever see, certainly not as specifically as i like. Can't praise her highly enough, one of the best & most beautiful Wam models out there :-)

"Fantastic and awesome customs, Kacie is very helpful and amazing!"
By danigunge  11/21/16

I've had 4 customs from Kacie so far both messy and glamour and they're truly amazing. Kacie is very helpful with the messes, outfits, and the outline you would like in the video. She is great with adding little things and ideas that you may not have thought of which add fantastically to the video. I would highly recommend a custom from Kacie they're fantastic, awesome and the best and I look forward to Kacie doing more customs in the future.

"Used to be the best wam site now its old and boring"
By Marshy  11/21/16

This used to be the best wam site to see beautiful scantilly clad women getting gunged. I loved the custard coner segment of the site where gorgeous woman had carton aftef carton poured over their head and boobs. Theirs to much old recycled material on the site now.

"Just Brilliant!"
By jamies  11/12/16

I've just had a scene done by the 'Reverend' with a new model, the lovely Rascal. I've always wanted to see a scene in a very particular format, and my have they both delivered. Rascal is very cute and Mr Rev is very good with his camera; they followed my idea exactly and gave me exactly what I wanted! I can fully recommend this guy to bring your fantasies to life. Also, even though these sort of films take alot of organising he kept me informed throughout, so he's a nice bloke to boot!

"Wonderful experience with Ariel and Lux Lane!"
By pi_indaface2  9/18/16

I recently had a chance to order a custom through Ariel and she was absolutely wonderful. She worked through all of the details with me and listened very carefully to what I was looking for. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and she was not able to complete the custom in time, but she was able to transfer the money I paid to a Skype session with the lovely Lux Lane! It was SO much fun. She was so fun to talk to and seemed to have a great time instructing me on how to get messy. Ariel did a wonderful job adapting to a tough situation and I'm grateful to both of them for making this happen.

"Site needs some fresh new ideas"
By bigdan2009  9/11/16

The "latest" video is of Sammie & Lucy Zara, however this video is old. i bought this ages ago. on the website it says updated 2 to 3 times a month with "new" material, however this latest video is very old.

Sorry guys, use to be a great site. Still an awesome vid though.

By Phill49  7/30/16

Site appears to be a scam or at least broken, I brought a clip but never received a download link and all my attempts to contact the site have been unanswered.

It's a shames because they have great content, there just doesn't seem to be anyway to get it.

"Hot Hot Hot"
By NastiBoiLV  7/12/16

Hottest vids on here... I love buying these vides... the best. So where is Splatter Island? What city?

"Great custom service 100% recommend"
By andyj73  4/10/16

I recently commissioned a custom shoot with the amazing Honour May and delectable Faye Taylor via Reverend Slymsford. The service was first class with great communication and the final scene hitting my brief 100%. A really professional service which I fully recommend.

"My dream custom"
By yeahuno  3/12/16

Ariel and Jayce did an excellent job on the custom that they did last week. They wore exactly what I wanted them to wear, shirts tucked in, braless, pie in the face, hair down, red shirts, white panties, and can't forget about those see-through white jeans!

"Ariel, a girl with a big heart, amazing style and pretty smile"
By CARLO GONZO  2/3/16

Ariel did me a video several days ago. Now, I finally found out how to post a review. First, for anyone who hasn't seen any of her work before, I suggest take a look. You will find her work to be above and beyond most of what others try to do for all the Wet and Messy people.

Secondly, you will see she is darn attractive! Yes. Another reason to see what she has and if you still aren't sure, spend a measly amount on a few videos and see for yourself why I tell you her work is absolutely top notch 100 percent!

Last, if you can't find what you like, I am sure you DO Have a wet and / or messy fetish fantasy that you can't find anywhere on the web, or not to your expectations. That's when I Really Insist... try her out! So, what I am saying here is that you have to look no further. Ariel is the master of all things perfect! I asked for a video of Ariel in a furry Northface jacket and Uggs and also to use shaving cream and put it on various areas of her jacket and also her ugg boots and for the price I paid, and what I requested... anyone who knows how much these cost know that it's Not cheap at all. Ariel didn't even hesitate. She said yes right away. When I seen her in the outfit, she completed the look of wowness and hotness by adding Nylons to the combination. My heart beat fast and she did what I asked and it was the best video production ever. Why? It is what I wanted! So, this is why I tell you all to look no further. You can't get better than this. Yes, I am going to keep going back to Ariel. Support your producers. They do this because they love to. Instead of just downloading free pictures and things. It is best, when you can, to give them what you can. They do it for us. They do it because they love to. Even contributing to them and support their site is a good thing, if a custom video is too much money. I am thankful, grateful, and you get to know the girls behind the videos.

"Wet and messy body art of Angel Rose in Sexy slapstick videos"
By mixxxtura1  1/28/16

I have to begin with my sadness that I didn't find my favorite Angel Rose photo here to enter that for the Picture of the day.

I like Sexy slapstick videos coz the scenes are funny though they are erotic as well. One of my favorite video from their earlier works is Nikki Jewels as a golden sculpture.

As you can see from the first sentence recently I love Angel Rose whom I consider one of the hottest wam sex model.

Otherwise I'm a fan of body arts and cosplay and I think that wet and messy sex genre is an extreme and stunning kind of body painting. I've found this experience in the films of Sexy slapstick videos.

"Can't be beat!"
By   12/20/15

Have had a few customs from them.

They are great. I highly recommend them for customs.

Only not sure if they are still doing them now or not.

"Excellent videos"
By nhjnhj1  10/19/15

Excellent site, manwam gets totally trashed in all videos. Looks like lots of fun in every scene. Lets hope for more to come:) Definitely worth the watch.

"Fantastic job!"
By chris007  9/29/15

Wamerica was outstanding! They delivered what I wanted and added some funny story telling, with a beautiful model to bring it all together.

"Money for old and very dated rope."
By whateveri  8/8/15

On the outside this site really appealed to me. The models look great, clothes look great with plenty of movement and action. The low resolution preview also backed this up. So, why the low rating?

Unfortunately all of the content on this site was shot a while ago on digital. According to the linked profile on here it's been running since 2005 and last updated in 2008. Since that time it seems the main site has been re-posting a rotation of what is in the archive site and calling it a update!

The images are 900x600 to 1800x1200 hardly hi-res by today's standards, however you are informed of this. What you DON'T get a told about is the quality of the videos. Some of us buy for the pics, some of us buy for the vids, some buy for both. I love video personally. The videos are tiny by today's standards running for only a few minutes each and at a resolution of no bigger than 320 x 240... half the old standard definition. So, to say you can't see very much is an understatement.

I'm sure most of us would have paid top dollar for this about 10 years ago, but now it's just obsolete and actually really disappointing. You only really find out once you've paid the 15 per month for the member site or the whopping 65 for 7 days access to the archive. It's pretty obvious the owner is just letting it run and failing to inform those of us who expect a certain quality or resolution of video to find out the hard way. You can get a lot more at a higher quality these days for you 15 per month. It's a rip-off. A passive one, but still a rip-off.

"A wonderful site and for getting customs done!"
By yeahuno  7/25/15

Ariel did a custom video for me, and she did a wonderful job at it! It was well worth it, and she is very professional. I would recommend it to others who wants a custom done, Ariel is the best in the business! I'll get some more customs done in the future.

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