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"great and amazing"
By stan1953, 04/13/14:

Most amazing boots fetish video I've ever seen. Great for wet boots sex and solo game! Nanalou gave us a great performance in the pool.

"A girl that feel the erotic of wetlook in a authentic way"
By bennka, 03/07/14:

Hi to every wetlook fan!

First i want to thank the owner of for this platform. I must say that i think i have a real wetlook fetish. It reches from wetlook clothes (not wet but look like) over wet clothes, as you can see, the perfect for me must be wet, wetlook clothes. And it is. I have collected near by 2 TB of wetlook content over the years, some content are ok, some nice and sometimes i find perfect stuff. For example the producer "tainster" meets the goal sometimes, very nice but not perfect. In 2013 i found Anna x Videos and i can say it is one of the best all over the internet for me. What i think is very special about her: the videos shows a sweet girl that love the feeling of wet material on her womans body. It is not the so often seen cheme of getting wet or messy, take of clothes and do what thousends other actors do... It is real wetlook erotic!

Now i asked her for a custom video with a dress we agreed from a webshop. A shiny, tight "wetlook-dress." What i got was maybe the best video i habve ever seen. I know it depends on individual taste, but for me i could be the beginning of 100% perfect erotic. Depending on her activity and the time she will do this productions in the future, my investments found the perfect partner. Thank you Anna X, a new fan :-)

PS: sorry for my bad english, but i needed to say that anyway.

"Great fun"
By rctowsu, 01/11/14:

Love the site. Great video work and the girls really do look like they are having fun doing it.

"Natural, gorgeous and fresh!"
By wammzv, 01/14/13:

Very natural, gorgeous and fresh Lady. I love how she does and likes WAM.

"A great video, with two great models."
By VegasWam, 12/24/12:

I recently downloaded "Sunni's Five Favorite Ways To Pie Someone." with Sunni and Mackenzie.
I have to say it was a great video. Both girls have an amazing chemistry with each other and are very natural and comfortable on camera.
You can tell these gals loved every second of pieing and sliming each other.
The video quality was also impressive. An all around great download that I am very happy with.

"FUN, Wet, and worth checking out."
By wetbrent, 11/25/12:

Love this Site! And if you get a chance and near Philadelphia PA area, well worth it. Usually about two dunk sessions a week. Free to watch, cheap to plan, and a chat room where you can talk to all the wet fans during the dunkings.

"Dunk me once, shame on you. Dunk me twice."
By WAMCUB, 10/31/12:

This site is great! I got kidnapped and put in the dunk tank last Saturday. The site is fun for both the dunkers and the dunkees. If you have ever had fantasies about guys getting all wet for you, this is the place to make it happen.

"A banquet of the best WAM you'll ever find!"
By wamwright, 10/30/12:

WAMBABES photo sets are always the highest quality. The sessions are creative, with a wide variety of models, substances and settings. And the photo quality is first rate. The models are all smokin' hot, especially Ariel, of course, and the delightful sisters Jilly and Jayce. The current cast of models is stronger than it's ever been. The recent trend seems to be towards more videos and few new photo sets. That's not a bad thing, because the new HD videos are a vast improvement over the ones from a couple of years ago. The photo sets have always been top quality, and there's a huge back catalogue to enjoy. The payment options are quite flexible. Recurring payments are kind of a deal breaker for me, and I was pleased to get a fixed-price membership using a pre-paid VISA. I am one happy-as-a-clam member!

"Highly enjoyable and great value for money"
I have had the pleasure of going to sploshagirl twice.

The first time I was very nervous, however Miss T is an excellent host and quickly assuaged my anxiety. Within no time at all, I was being gunged.

Miss T catered to my exact requirements, everything from the colour of the gunge to the thickness was spot on. Most tastes can be catered for, so if you want to be locked in the stocks she is the person to see. Miss T has an excellent eye for detail.

The service provided from Miss T is top drawer. From start to finish, the session is handled in a professional manner and you really get value for money.

I would certainly recommend sploshagirl.

"Not very well-researched"
By sirfil, 12/08/11:

This article seems more like a placeholder for the fetish, without being particularly well-researched. Leaving aside the tone (of the site in general), which seems to treat any fetish as some sort of mental disease, the article makes many assumptions that the WAM fetish must somehow translate directly to a representation of the bodily fluids secreted during regular sexual activity.

To my mind this utterly misses the point, as while many messy substances may look or feel like natural emissions, that's an entirely different fetish, which I'd guess most wammers would find quite unpleasant.

Actually having sex underwater or when messy gives a tactile enhancement, which the writer seems to ignore.

Enjoying watching people wamming can be for a multitude of reasons--see-through/clinging clothes, or seeing pretty models "brought down to earth" can be triggers. Either way, it doesn't strike me as something that's wrong or needs to be "cured." Accepting what you like and perhaps sharing that excitement with willing partners seems to me a far more "healthy" lifestyle.

"Mary is the personification of beauty."
By marysPet, 11/17/11:

The site's structure is pretty well developed and easily accessible. It is not perfect though and at times it may be a little hard to navigate within it. None of this matters however, since the beauty of Mary, who is featured on the site, is such that you would forgive any flaw on the site. The content is of great quality, as Mary is breath taking. Although it is a non-nude site on which only boobs may be seen, it is absolutely worth it. Mary is incredibly beautiful and hot.

"Awesome lycra gunge!"
By Gungedpants, 05/31/11:

Sigunge's vids are some of the best male gunge vids around! He sure knows how to get messy, what to do with the gunge and you can tell he is enjoying it ;o)

Its also nice to see a guy getting his lycra gear messy in imaginative ways (such as the Slimy Water Bombs vid) and with natrasol and custard (two of my faves).

Awesome stuff and looking forward to seeing more!

"What a mess!"
By FETISH JADE, 01/12/11:

Great site! Very creative, sexy and messy!

By PiDi, 07/08/10:

Many good wet pictures.

"A great way to spend an afternoon!"
By the_dunker, 04/18/10: is a service provider where you can arrange to visit them and get messy with one of the girls listed on the site.

I've visited them a few times and every session has been a blast. You do get very messy as Miss T. makes sure there's plenty of substances ready to be used.

Different girls will do different things, some will go nude, some won't and it's worth looking at the text of their profiles, not just the pictures to understand what they do. They all have their own boundaries, stay within them and you'll have a great time.

Do bear in mind that while the sessions are private Miss T is always in the room with you.

I've met Scarlett, Honey B. and Shay and they are all great fun.

Sessions generally run for around an hour before you get cleaned up, but no one is watching the clock.

"Had a ripping good time."
By bi0530, 04/18/10:

Good HD video quality, also good previews that help you decide which video to buy. Download speed is ok and the online payment, while not instant, is handled reliably.

"Great site"
By wamwolf, 04/01/10:

Great photography and fantastic models who enjoy getting messy. A must wam site for your wam collector. Kym is a delight to watch as she is not shy about getting messy.

"WSM Productions is one of the best WAM site available on the net!"
By Smix, 03/26/10:

I've been a member of WSM Productions' website for more then 2 years and I have to say its one of the best WAM site available on the net. You can see Wet and Messy like it was in the old times, but they never keep to bring new stuff to impress me.

Keep up the great work you do WSM Productions!

"Please add more ruined socks or stocking video!"
By ruined_wsocks, 03/17/10:

I love the ruined Japanese schoolgirl baggy white socks, and stocking! Please add more ruined socks or stocking video!I love it!

"Best in wetlook for me!"
By wambert, 03/11/10:

If you - like me - sometimes just think how that cute girl on the other side of the street would look like totally soaked, this site will be the perfect place for you to find just that.

Eric to me is one of the best producers out there and i've been enjoying his work for many years now. Not only that he manages to find "the girl next door" for his shoots, you also see that they have fun during those shoots.

To me everyday clothing is simply the best outfit for Wet and messy shoots and that's what you'll find there. And there's something for everyone. From wet hair to wet denim, girls getting wet slowly and girls just jumping into a pool for a swim.

And there's lots of value for your money. The site is being updated frequently, you will find a never ending variety of models and the quality of the photos and movies is very good. Usability is also great you can either browse the photosets online or download them as a zip archive.

Nough said, go and get there!


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