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"Wet and messy body art of Angel Rose in Sexy slapstick videos"
By mixxxtura1  1/28/16

I have to begin with my sadness that I didn't find my favorite Angel Rose photo here to enter that for the Picture of the day.

I like Sexy slapstick videos coz the scenes are funny though they are erotic as well. One of my favorite video from their earlier works is Nikki Jewels as a golden sculpture.

As you can see from the first sentence recently I love Angel Rose whom I consider one of the hottest wam sex model.

Otherwise I'm a fan of body arts and cosplay and I think that wet and messy sex genre is an extreme and stunning kind of body painting. I've found this experience in the films of Sexy slapstick videos.

"Can't be beat!"
By   12/20/15

Have had a few customs from them.

They are great. I highly recommend them for customs.

Only not sure if they are still doing them now or not.

"Excellent videos"
By nhjnhj1  10/19/15

Excellent site, manwam gets totally trashed in all videos. Looks like lots of fun in every scene. Lets hope for more to come:) Definitely worth the watch.

"Fantastic job!"
By chris007  9/29/15

Wamerica was outstanding! They delivered what I wanted and added some funny story telling, with a beautiful model to bring it all together.

"Money for old and very dated rope."
By whateveri  8/8/15

On the outside this site really appealed to me. The models look great, clothes look great with plenty of movement and action. The low resolution preview also backed this up. So, why the low rating?

Unfortunately all of the content on this site was shot a while ago on digital. According to the linked profile on here it's been running since 2005 and last updated in 2008. Since that time it seems the main site has been re-posting a rotation of what is in the archive site and calling it a update!

The images are 900x600 to 1800x1200 hardly hi-res by today's standards, however you are informed of this. What you DON'T get a told about is the quality of the videos. Some of us buy for the pics, some of us buy for the vids, some buy for both. I love video personally. The videos are tiny by today's standards running for only a few minutes each and at a resolution of no bigger than 320 x 240... half the old standard definition. So, to say you can't see very much is an understatement.

I'm sure most of us would have paid top dollar for this about 10 years ago, but now it's just obsolete and actually really disappointing. You only really find out once you've paid the £15 per month for the member site or the whopping £65 for 7 days access to the archive. It's pretty obvious the owner is just letting it run and failing to inform those of us who expect a certain quality or resolution of video to find out the hard way. You can get a lot more at a higher quality these days for you £15 per month. It's a rip-off. A passive one, but still a rip-off.

"A wonderful site and for getting customs done!"
By yeahuno  7/25/15

Ariel did a custom video for me, and she did a wonderful job at it! It was well worth it, and she is very professional. I would recommend it to others who wants a custom done, Ariel is the best in the business! I'll get some more customs done in the future.

By Snowsuit  7/4/15

Absolute Katastrophe!

Die Mitgliedschaftsverwaltung funktioniert nicht, eine Kündigung des Abonnements ist nur sehr schwer möglich.

"Great Model, Great Communication, 100% recommended!"
By Whatever61  4/26/15

I would 100% approve getting a customer from Kitten!

After messaging, we quickly sorted out what i wanted to see, and how long it would take, etc.

Great communication, always responded quickly, and made sure that everything I wanted was covered.

Having received the custom, it was clear to see how much Kitten enjoyed it, and she made sure it was exactly the video I wanted!

"A Purrfect Custom!"
By BigC040287  4/23/15

The Start of the custom

Kitten is an outstanding model. She is very detail oriented. The communication between Kitten and you is outstanding. The video:

The audio and video quality are outstanding. Kitten flows the script very closely. The wait Kitten comes across in the video is amazing. Kitten is super sexy and playful. She makes you feel like you are right there in the room with her. She has a way of drawing you into the scene. The thing I love about Kitten is she pays really close attention to detail and tries super hard to make every aspect of your fantasy come to life.

The wrap up:

You video is delivered quickly and on time. If you're looking for a fun loving down to earth girl to do an outstanding custom at a fair price, then you need to message Kitten with your ideas.

"Great communication, amazing models, LOTS of mess"
By Opeth  3/12/15

When I came to WAMerica with my custom, I knew that it was going to be good. Basing it on their previous body of work, their penchant to often create gags that I look for in WAM clips and their overall communication and attitude towards the script that I presented them with, I knew I was in for a treat. And, boy, what a treat it was! Their videos are second to none if you're into the humiliation aspect of WAM and their models are always top-notch, not just in regards to looks, but also their acting and their reactions.

Basically, WAMerica goes above and beyond to cater for its clients and churns out videos of amazing quality and (creamy) substance. I couldn't recommend going through them to get a custom enough!

"Sensual, teasing and arousing!"
By Beanscustard  2/28/15

Review: jessie and Sophia's messy kissing lesson. Lovely messy video with two beautiful girls. It starts with jessie giving the gorgeous Sophia a taste of her own medicine...spaghetti on her breasts, beans over her head and my favourite...custard in her knickers! Sophia squeals throughout Jessie's punishment, before turning the tables and messing jessie and her expensive suit, very sexy! The two then strip and get even messier, culminating in porridge kisses and coverage, very arousing messy intimacy. The scene finishes with leftover coverage, a real treat seeing jessie shake her savoury covered boobs! A really sexy scene!

"A Custom That Was Absolute PERFECTION!"
By Luvthawam  2/12/15

Simply put, Ariel's last custom she did for me was by far the best I've ever seen. She followed the script perfectly, had true enthusiasm, the outfit was perfect, and the mess was downright beautiful! If you're looking for that perfect custom shoot, look no further than Ariel!

"Great value video packs"
By whateveri  2/8/15

Only a few video packs in here, but great value when you look at what you're getting. Really high quality videos from Gunge girls golden days. Much better than buying a membership to their main site!

"A once classic site In dire need of CPR."
By whateveri  2/8/15

This used to be THE best WAm site on the net. Fantastic models, really pro camera work and you used to see a little more skin than you do now. I can't say I'm a fan of the short videos, the custard corner thing was awful and you don't see as much of the girls as you used to. The only saving grace at the moment is they sometimes put up some of the old stuff.

If you really want to see this site in all it's former glory check out the reloaded site or the video store. Prices are pretty good if there is an offer on.

Bring back the old days!

"Ariel aims to please! She is honest and loves her work!"
By piefan2  1/12/15

I have wanted to have Ariel do a custom for me for years and after bemoaning the scams I had been victimized by on the forum, she messaged me and offered her services. The wait was well worth it, because she is an absolute pro! Followed my instructions and looked amazing! And she even volunteered something extra without me asking her!

There have been many "producers" who have show for a few months and are gone, sometimes with people's money and no product. You need not worry with Ariel--she has been around for over 15 years and it looks like she has no intention of slowing down. If you do only 1 custom in your life, this is the place to do it!

"Works hard to deliver what you want"
By SploshD  1/2/15

Jayce and Jilly's House of Mess is a site with hot girls who truly enjoy getting messy with fantastic quality mess and videos as we all know. But, they will really go the extra mile as well.

I ordered a custom from Jayce/Jilly, and unfortunately the UMD forums were having issues at the time. Unfortunately, one of my messages to Jilly containing my "script" never was sent through UMD resulting in Jilly not making the custom I wanted.

HOWEVER Jilly offered to reshoot the video free of charge to make me exactly what I wanted and in the end it was absolutely fantastic.

"Unique, Fun, Custard and Treacle Galore, Lane's English Desserts"
By PieQueen  12/29/14

HotWamHD is a wonderfully unique and fantastic site. The models are lovely and look like they are truly having a great time. If you love treacle and custard, then this is definitely the site for you because none do it better than HotWamHD. I most recently acquired Lane's English Desserts, and Lane is incredible as usual. The variety of mess includes a whipped cream pie, honey, yogurt, and gallons and gallons of custard and treacle. Lane wears the mess well and truly has fun with the mess. The setup is quite entertaining as well. Definitely recommend!

"Infinite thumbs up!"
By wamwright  11/19/14

Getting a custom from Jilly was a blast! I was nervous about my long and detailed script with all kinds of dialogue, but Jilly embraced it and put me at ease. Going over the script and refining little details was a whole lot of fun. It was like working with a best buddy, even though I had barely talked to her before. Jilly nailed every scene, every line and every prop. She even sent her man-servant to the hardware store three times to get the right tape. I couldn't be happier with the final product. My face hurt from smiling so much :D

"Sexy Hot Vid Made to Order!"
By Creampi  11/10/14

I have been a fan of Ariel for quite some time and when I saw that she was going to work with Candle Boxxx, this was a must have for a custom. I worked out with Ariel their do's and don'ts and worked out a sexy, nude and naughty scenario. Let's just say that it was mind blowing with what they were able to do with my script. I have always liked some of the more naughty if not extreme end of WAM and finding two ladies willing to do some messy anal masturbation was what I wanted and Ariel delivered. I wrote and sponsored the Pussy Pie Company script where Candle starts off masturbating on break at their erotic pie shop and has a squirt cum finale, ans that's just to start. Ariel interrupts Candle's "break" to recieve a pie to the pussy for her snippyness. Candle gets forced to "Assume the position" and spread her ass and bend over to receive a pie to the ass as punishment, but Ariel gets her face pied instead. Candle laughs and Ariel pies her in the face. The make up by kissing and pieing the hell out of each other. Then when the pies are gone but they are still horny they begin to masturbate, in the naughtiest way, anally. A Super hot vid to my specs and worth every penny and at a resonable cost!

"Best. Customs. Ever."
By Bardiel0192  11/3/14

I have gotten quite a few customs from Ariel and they're all amazing. The quality is always top notch and no matter how oddly specific or ridiculous your ideas may be, she will try to accommodate.You will never be disappointed with anything Ariel does. More importantly, she's always incredibly friendly. As awkward as something like ordering a custom could be, it's never difficult. I will definitely get more customs from Ariel in the future with no regrets :)

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