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"One of the best"
By Taylor  2/13/10

What can i say, one of the VERY BEST Sites I've come across.

"Simply the best WAM site EVER!!!"
By Simon_Templar  2/13/10

I've been a member of this site for a number of years & it's quite simply the best WAM site ever. It's run by an excellent producer who listens to his clients, responds promptly to emails & fixes problems quickly, and the girls are just fantastic - they're all beautiful, sexy and glamorous and look even better when slimed. There's some tasteful nudity, but nothing gratuitous or vulgar, and the girls always seem like "real" people not just vapid personality-devoid dummies.
There's a number of staples like "Strip or Slime" and "On Your Head", but also a whole load of other innovative one-offs which is what makes me say that if I could only afford to subscribe to one site, then it'd be this one for both sheer quality & value for money (and I've actually been a subscriber to a number of other sites as well as this).

"Really good site"
By scrum  7/7/09

Really good site, I like that they give all their content in videos over pictures, so it's like subscribing to a download store. Nearly all of the updates are things that I like so I will probably remain a member so long as they don't stop updating/switch to male wam or something.

"Simply the best, the oldest WAM producer"
By slipstickfan  6/12/09

My oppion is that WSM is the oldest WAM producer available now on the net. The old photos they have on the website have been in old fetish magazins in the 80`s. Its just great to see them now digitaly.
The new movies and photos they produce now are also on top of my preferences.


"Love it."
By bryce  6/1/09

The videos are a lot of fun. Ambient sound, real conversation and high quality photos and video. It's also great to watch Flaviu in action as he does his convincing.
I prefer this style much more than modeling wetlook. If you like winter clothing the winter clothing videos can be addictive. I can't wait to see what next winter brings.

"Muddy good stuff!"
By bogjumper  5/24/09

If you like pretty girls in mud, this is a great site. No nudity, but the girls generally end up in their underwear - and under all that mud, you can't tell the difference! Full coverage including facial is definitely "the norm".

"Big bang for your buck...well done"
By EdwinR  5/16/09

Superb photography a wee bit oversharpened..but it works for what they are want to capture...beautiful women and outfits are very hip..

Well worth your $$ they earned it..!!

"Quality photos, models and locations."
By styx  5/8/09

Regular updates and lots of varied sets available. Really good quality photos, classy girls and excellent locations too.

"A 'must have seen' site for mud lovers"
By WAM Bobo  4/26/09

Great site with various models and great pics and vids, but unfortunately just 14days updates (in time! every second friday) - the pics and vids should be a little higher resolution but quality is very good

"Have not found any better."
By tdsfan  4/18/09

Every week like clockwork there is a new update. The girls are hot and it is a great mix of new and returning ladies. The mess is always above average and the girls get plastered. The pie hits are fantastic. The best part...the girls almost always come back for more. I prefer the food oriented mess (though I would like to see some other types of food such as cheese, beans, etc) but there are the occasional mud or paint sets for fans of that. While not my personal favorite they are always well done and the girls still look great. For me personally I applaud the move toward more adult themed sets. Not every set is nude however and real ADULT material is on another of Messygirl's sites. If you are looking for PG rated material where the girls always keep their clothes on you should look elsewhere but if hot girls who go topless or nude is for you you will not do better than this site.

"This is one of the best sites around."
By soreen  4/18/09

This is one of the best sites around. All in one place - the membership is giving you everything you need at top prices.
The Quality - HDV! The girls - beautifull ... is just what you need!
Great job guys ... keep it up!

"Was Great, Still Okay"
By Tashiuk  4/17/09

A real pioneer, but sadly now not what it was. Too much recycled material and repeat models and ideas.

One of the first, showing its age, despite technology

"A great site for your wam collection."
By wamwolf  4/15/09

One of the first wam sites on the internet so its a great value for your money.. Huge collection, gorgeous models and fantastic wam material. I have joined this site several times over the years and have always been satisfied with the content.

"A must see site for wammers."
By wamwolf  4/10/09

Lots of material with a variety of wam. Beautiful women in great outfits. Should satisfy most wammers. Only draw back is its a little pricey but I have joined it twice and well worth the expense to build your collection of wam material.

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