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"Used to be the best wam site now its old and boring"
This used to be the best wam site to see beautiful scantilly clad women getting gunged. I loved the custard coner segment of the site where gorgeous woman had carton aftef carton poured over their head and boobs. Theirs to much old recycled material on the site now.
Messy marshy 11/21/16
"Site needs some fresh new ideas"
The "latest" video is of Sammie & Lucy Zara, however this video is old. i bought this ages ago. on the website it says updated 2 to 3 times a month with "new" material, however this latest video is very old.

Sorry guys, use to be a great site. Still an awesome vid though.
bigdan2009 9/11/16
"A once classic site In dire need of CPR."
This used to be THE best WAm site on the net. Fantastic models, really pro camera work and you used to see a little more skin than you do now. I can't say I'm a fan of the short videos, the custard corner thing was awful and you don't see as much of the girls as you used to. The only saving grace at the moment is they sometimes put up some of the old stuff.

If you really want to see this site in all it's former glory check out the reloaded site or the video store. Prices are pretty good if there is an offer on.

Bring back the old days!
whateveri 2/8/15
"Simply the best WAM site EVER!!!"
I've been a member of this site for a number of years & it's quite simply the best WAM site ever. It's run by an excellent producer who listens to his clients, responds promptly to emails & fixes problems quickly, and the girls are just fantastic - they're all beautiful, sexy and glamorous and look even better when slimed. There's some tasteful nudity, but nothing gratuitous or vulgar, and the girls always seem like "real" people not just vapid personality-devoid dummies.
There's a number of staples like "Strip or Slime" and "On Your Head", but also a whole load of other innovative one-offs which is what makes me say that if I could only afford to subscribe to one site, then it'd be this one for both sheer quality & value for money (and I've actually been a subscriber to a number of other sites as well as this).
Simon_Templar 2/13/10
"Was Great, Still Okay"
A real pioneer, but sadly now not what it was. Too much recycled material and repeat models and ideas.

One of the first, showing its age, despite technology
Tashiuk 4/17/09
Update history
Legendary UK model Abigail Toyne takes her place in the chair for an episode of Strip Or Slime to try and win a weekend away in Paris.
Milf, model, actor and dancer Loula ends up flashing her big natural boobs, and getting very messy, whilst playing a round of "clothes or custard."
When Sunni's friend didn't show up to play a game, she stepped up to take everything on the table--16 cream pies and two buckets of cake batter.
This month we welcome into Custard Corner, Rock Chick and popular Instagram Glamour Model: Lola Bones!
When two fresh and lovely ladies showed up to the studio wanting to do something different, we had custard and trifle to offer.
When Naomi asked for a job, we made sure we vetted her thoroughly so we knew she could take anything we throw at her. Including slime.
Lucy Zara slips into something pink, and slips on something very messy.
Hot dancer, Emma, plays clothes or custard. Will she leave with her dignity intact? Or lose all her clothes and end up naked, covered in custard?
When Jaime told us she wanted to show off her body, she showed up to the studio in a tiny bikini, and we showed up with cartons of custard!
Wendy blindfolded Donna and then tied her hands so she could have her wicked way with her.
Petra So plays the gameshow where a wrong answer can cost and item of clothing or a complete loss of dignity.
Anna returns to Custard Corner again this month, but brings with her friend Lilly to play clothes or custard.
One of our most popular photosets features Alexander and Naomi K gunging each other with custard and yoghurt.
We pulled a deep dive into the back catalogue and pulled out this gem of Lucy Zara at play.
Glamour Model Jen Bailey returns to Custard Corner, but will she win the cash, lose all her clothes, or get covered in custard?
When Sabrina came to the studios for a light bondage shoot, we had a little fun at her expense by switching rooms and bringing the girl to the slime.
Glamour Model Jen Bailey returns to Custard Corner, but will she win the cash, lose all her clothes, or get covered in custard?
Kiera gets slimed and has quite the wardrobe malfunction.
We treated Amber to cold baked beans and warm spaghetti over her head.
When we wanted an introduction video for the site, Amber stepped up and ended covered in custard. When the intro was finished, we didn't stop pouring.
There are many ways to pie someone, so once in a while we list our favorites, and invite a pretty lady to help us demonstrate.
Scarlet is cute. She become even cuter in her gingham summer dress. But under that cute exterior, there's a some attitude.
Offer Sammie a pretty girl and some fun colored cake batter to pour over her, and she's signing up for the job.
Fi Stevens slimes herself in nothing but her underwear. She finally goes topless to take a full bucket of slime.
Meet the lovely Laula! She's a busty dancer and actress. More recently she appeared in Custard Corner and ended up covered in yellow goo.
In this episode of The Vote, it's a very close result but only one girls gets slimed, and Cate got to see Fi Stevens covered in goo!
We found a super cute blond from Finland called Tiina and tipped a bucket of lumpy cold custard over her head... because we could.
Three classic videos in one hit are now available of adorable Vanessa slimed and taking pies to her pretty face.
Three classic videos in one hit are now available of adorable Vanessa slimed and taking big custard pies in her pretty face.
Naomi wants to see Petra slimed. Petra wants to see Naomi slimed. That can only mean a vote followed by one of the girls being slimed by the other.
Naomi has been hosting our game shows for sometime. Much as she loves pouring slime over girls, she was bugging us for a crack at winning a prize.
We had never made cake batter slime before, so we found ourselves a willing victim and made ourselves a cake batter slimed girl.
Fi and Charlie went up against each other in The Vote, the result was a girl slimed in her bikini.
In this edition of The Slime Vote Naomi went up against Lisa. You voted and one of the girls got slimed!
Meet Leylani and enjoy her playing the The Lighter Game With Pies.
Naomi K joins us for an episode of the GameShow with a chance to win a weekend break... but a wrong answer to a question will make a mess!
This month in Custard Corner we welcome back Opal, who brought her friend Ashley with her to play a head-to-head version of Clothes or Custard.
This month in Custard Corner we welcome back Opal, who brought her pal Ashley with her to play a head to head version of "Clothes or Custard."
This month in Custard Corner we welcome new girl Opal! We welcome here, of course, with loads of custard.
We adore Sammie. We always make sure she stops by--sometimes for coffee… sometimes we pour thick green slime over her and her lovely thick long hair.
Beautiful Anita put on her T-Shirt and wore some of our finest green slime.
Gorgeous smile, lovely big boobs... why wouldn't you pour custard over her?
For Gerties amazing curly red hair, we had to break out the green gunge... we quickly discovered she is a shrieker!
Strip or Slime is the game show where a wrong answer means a forfeit--the girl either loses an item of clothing or takes the slime!
We kick off 2017 with a quick reminder as to how Custard Corner is back with a busty lady called Ivy. She's in the corner and... covered in custard!
We already now how adorable young Minnie is, but after a drenching in white slime, she looks downright hot, and she knows it!
Blond, boobs and custard. Just how we like it.
We invited blond bombshell Danielle Maye over for an an evening of glamour and fun… she brought the glamour... and we brought the fun.
We already now how adorable young Minnie is, but after a drenching in white slime, she looks downright hot, and she knows it!
We handed Sunni three buckets of white and yellow cake batter slime, plus a pretty California blond called Layla.
We invited blond bombshell Danielle Maye over for an an evening of glamour and fun… and slime. Lots and lots of slime.
How do you make Kiera happy? Sit Jess wearing a cute dress in a chair and give Kiera a bunch of colorful slime to dump over her!
What better to welcome back Ellie than a nice thick and bright green slime poured all over?
In this episode of On Your Head we figured blond Nikki would look gorgeous in a bikini and covered in slime, so we set about talking her into it.
The Vote: Lauren Vs. Cate: Someone had to be slimed.
We invited Lizzie over to the studio, and somehow Lizzie talked us into doing one there and then. Which was a bit odd.
We met Ellie in a coffee shop near the studio. One thing lead to another, and she ended up covered in slime.
We invited Ellie to come over and see her friend Kiera get slimed. You have a question? Why... of course we did.
With her black hair and dressed in her chucks, a tiny dress and her designer glasses, Lynn gets Nailed.
One well dressed blond girl with big boobs, two different colors of thick slime... what could possibly go wrong?
We put two smoking hot girls up to the vote to see who gets the slime.
Amber is a super cute redhead... that we covered in slime!
We gave our favorite redhead Fi Stevens a shock, and unleashed Fifi on her with possibly our finest batch of green slime yet!
Kiera plays our favourite game show "Strip Or Slime."
We slimed a nurse.
Fi's victim of choice this week was one classy lady--blond-haired and blue eyed Cate.
Kate wowed us by turning up in her favorite summer outfit. We wowed her by dumping buckets of green and white slime over her!

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