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"Once a Terrific Site with Fond Memories!"
Back in 2004 when I was young, I had a thing for girls getting gunged, and I came across this website and it has been the reason why I am a massive wam lover ever since.

I use to love the older website as you got to see little previews of their work. Which girls in bikinis getting gunged, what more could I ask for.

Forever even the greats seem to fall from grace, as the years went by the website started to suffer from a case of YouTube syndrome, it changed the best parts that didn't need changing. It changed so much that it wasn't the same site I fell in love with all those years ago. From the bland main page to the hard to find content, the site ends being messier than the girls themselves.

If you could update the site to be easier to find content and make it show off your girls a little more than I could consider coming back.

nemesisgunger123 10/20/20
"Used to be the best wam site now its old and boring"
This used to be the best wam site to see beautiful scantilly clad women getting gunged. I loved the custard coner segment of the site where gorgeous woman had carton aftef carton poured over their head and boobs. Theirs to much old recycled material on the site now.

SAD 11/21/16
"Site needs some fresh new ideas"
The "latest" video is of Sammie & Lucy Zara, however this video is old. i bought this ages ago. on the website it says updated 2 to 3 times a month with "new" material, however this latest video is very old.

Sorry guys, use to be a great site. Still an awesome vid though.

bigdan2009 9/11/16
"A once classic site In dire need of CPR."
This used to be THE best WAm site on the net. Fantastic models, really pro camera work and you used to see a little more skin than you do now. I can't say I'm a fan of the short videos, the custard corner thing was awful and you don't see as much of the girls as you used to. The only saving grace at the moment is they sometimes put up some of the old stuff.

If you really want to see this site in all it's former glory check out the reloaded site or the video store. Prices are pretty good if there is an offer on.

Bring back the old days!

GungeMonkey79 2/8/15
"Simply the best WAM site EVER!!!"
I've been a member of this site for a number of years & it's quite simply the best WAM site ever. It's run by an excellent producer who listens to his clients, responds promptly to emails & fixes problems quickly, and the girls are just fantastic - they're all beautiful, sexy and glamorous and look even better when slimed. There's some tasteful nudity, but nothing gratuitous or vulgar, and the girls always seem like "real" people not just vapid personality-devoid dummies.
There's a number of staples like "Strip or Slime" and "On Your Head", but also a whole load of other innovative one-offs which is what makes me say that if I could only afford to subscribe to one site, then it'd be this one for both sheer quality & value for money (and I've actually been a subscriber to a number of other sites as well as this).

Simon_Templar 2/13/10
"Was Great, Still Okay"
A real pioneer, but sadly now not what it was. Too much recycled material and repeat models and ideas.

One of the first, showing its age, despite technology

Tashiuk 4/17/09
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