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A Bathing Suit and a Sexual Experience
Story by MrWetShirt
yesterday     35 views
A Bathing Suit and a Sexual Experience After her three boy wetting, Fiona met up with Tony as arranged, and everything carried on between them as though nothing had happened. But she had exchanged phone numbers with number two, and so she received the first a number of...
Water, Mud, And Socks-uality... Or, How I Got Here
Story by SocksInTheBubbleBath
9 days ago     62 views    image included
The sight of a girl getting her socks wet or messy or muddy is a wonderful sight, probably the most beautiful sight imaginable for as far back as I can remember. I can't recall a time when it didn't carry me to a better world or fill me with a sweet cinnamon-sugar rush...
The Wetgalfan Chronicles: Chapter 1
Story by wetgalfan
9 days ago     1098 views    image included
The Wetgalfan Chronicles: Chapter 1 A Wild Night at Dietz Lake Hello. Everyone and welcome to the first chapter in my series based on real events in WAM that I've experienced. Most of these revolve around wetlook,...
Messy game show game 3
Story by sewersyd
10 days ago     90 views
The host and the 2 assistants walk back out on stage infront of the curtain. They all have white bathrobes on and the girls have their hair tied back in a pony tail. They are greeted by a chorus of applause and cheers from the audience. Host: I hope you have all recove...
Sauna Time
Story by AnnaLee
11 days ago     212 views    4 comments
I opened the sauna door, stepped in, set the thermostat, and took off my towel and set it on the bench and closed the door. I sat on the towel I placed on the bench, and rested my head against the wall. Completely naked, I breathed deeply as the heat started to rise...
The Gypsy's Curse
Story by simp99
12 days ago     137 views    3 comments
The Gypsy's Curse Ever reliable, the fair came to town again. Home from college for the summer, Julia and her tomboyish friend Stephanie drove out to the fairgrounds on a Saturday night to see the local boys they'd gone to high school with, to eat cotton candy, and t...
Hooray for Hollywood
Story by Tar_n_Feathers
20 days ago     140 views
Chapter 1 Sent in Error My day job is writing, I am a copywriter which sounds like fun, and with the opportunity to work from home and control my own hours is pretty good, however it can be a lonely life writing rather tedious copy for websites and search engines, the...
My wifes messy secret
Story by greatone90
22 days ago     261 views
It was valentines day of 2016, it was also our wedding anniversary of 5 years so we thought we wluld make this one special by booking a special weekend away it the city. Me and the wife arrived at the hotel, checked in and done the usal go to the room to put our bags do...
The Stunt Woman
Story by Tar_n_Feathers
22 days ago     105 views
I stepped off the edge of the building, the sounds of screams echoing in my ears. I could hear the intake of breath, the panic scream and the rushing of air as I fell ten stories towards certain death. The wind buffeted me, screaming past my head as I watched the ground...
messt gameshow game 2 part 2
Story by sewersyd
23 days ago     117 views
Hayley and Caitlyn waste no time and promptly grab the next pies. They know this pie isn't going to be so nice so they both gently push it into each of the contestants face and let go of it so it slides down over their faces dripping down onto their dresses. These pies...
Katie And The Hilton Hotel That Wasn't
Story by SocksInTheBubbleBath
25 days ago     167 views    image included
In the spring of '78 my girlfriend and I got an apartment together in Seattle, in a small hill-like neighborhood just east of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The building frenzy that has engulfed Seattle in the third millennium had already begun in earnest even...
Messy game show game 2 part 1
Story by sewersyd
1/26/17     151 views
The curtain raises ready for the next game. The host is stood in the middle of the stage with the 2 assistants either side of him with their hands on his shoulders. Both girls are wearing the same black body stockings, with the extra material to protect their modesty. H...
The University Christmas Dinner and Party
Story by adidas
1/25/17     316 views    image included
Story - The University Christmas Dinner & Party This is an account of the Christmas Dinner and the after party which was held at my university last year. I have elaborated and enhanced some of the details just to make it read better. Names have been changed to pro...
Emergence of cakegirl part 3
Story by Madelyne
1/23/17     145 views
Helen invited me to be aguest at a hen party . A slightly unnusual party as both partners would be there both hens. I dressed to impress a silver ruched midi dress with a plunging cleavage, my best silk panties and tan tights with mylight pink heels.Wearrived and it was...
Mrs Benndi Visits the Costume Shop, a Calamity?
Story by drax
1/23/17     185 views    3 comments    image included
The Occasional Adventures of Mrs Benndi A series (possibly) of adventures of a business woman who visits a mysterious costume shop and enters fantasy adventures where she gets wet and messy. It was quiet on Festive Road, where Mrs Benndi lived. She lived alone in a n...
Messy game show game 1
Story by sewersyd
1/20/17     213 views    2 comments
Host: We have met our contestants let's see what we have in store for them. It's time to get on with the first game. The curtains raise and reveals the girls sat on stools each behind a large pane of glass about 4 feet x 4 feet. The pane has a thick frame around it and...
Messy and sometimes sexual gameshow intorduction
Story by sewersyd
1/16/17     267 views    2 comments
After several years of role playing with other members of this site I thought it was time I tried writing a story. Its going to be a messy and sometimes sexual game show focusing on 2 female contestants. They will compete against each other in a series of messy games, t...
Story by Timmons
The following is an idea for a messy session
The emergence of cake girl part 2
Story by Madelyne
1/15/17     153 views
I didn't see Helen for a week then I bumped into her in the town center and she invited me back for a coffee. I had thought of little else but cakes and Helen so I tried to hide my pleasure when she made the invitation. She just needed to go to Iceland the frozen food...
Fancy Dress at the Pool
Story by MrWetShirt
1/13/17     153 views
Fancy Dress Day at the Pool. Winter passed by, and both couples, to begin with, became firmly established in their relationships. Tony had a couple of temporary jobs after Christmas, working in a warehouse and doing deliveries. These were long hours, poorly paid and the...
Short Story 1 by Nicole
Story by nXdressr0816
1/11/17     152 views    1 comment
Blake is a practical man and he was engaged to an impractical woman. Oddly enough their dear friend Charles knew them both. Charles a man standing 6.4 and weighing in at 125kg the gentle giant was known for his kindness, cool headedness and intellect. Despite his pompou...
Wet Tiger
Story by PaintedDeer
1/10/17     184 views    6 comments
So! I had a great dream the other night. Here is a story based on the dream. This is one of my first attempts at writing in the second-person, so I apologize if it sounds funny. The story brings together a bunch of things that I find kinky, but I understand if it isn't...
The Second Circus Job
Story by PieWriter
1/7/17     345 views
"Hey, hanging around clowns and cream pies is risky business!", Ally said to Petra, miming tossing a pie in the face. Petra laughed, "I know! I had no idea I was going to get so freaking pied! Now I know!" she said, referring to the previous week's show, in which Petra...
Messy sex with Jenna Louise Coleman
Story by Desamo
1/7/17     289 views    image included
This is my fantasy story about ME and Jenna Louise Coleman. Jenna is very beautiful woman and she played Clara a companion of BBC Doctor Who scifi show wich I love. I hope you enjoy this and feedback would be very appreciated =). If anyone wants more please comment. It...
Stooge, Pt V--The Finale
Story by musclepie
1/6/17     200 views    image included
It was well after sunset when Jake got the word from the bakery truck. A man in a white side-buttoned shirt and neckerchief leaned out of the truck with arms spread wide in a sorrowful expression. They were finally out of pies. Sorry to say this, folks, but it looks lik...
The emergence of Cake girl
Story by Madelyne
1/5/17     257 views    3 comments
The Emergence of Cake Girl At school they called me Cake Girl. Not a name of a superhero but a way of teasing a plump girl who enjoyed a cake now and again. But now I have it for a new reason. When I was 30 my best friend from school threw a party for me. A surprise p...
Flush a Freshman
Story by tim1
1/5/17     204 views    1 comment    image included
FLUSH A FRESHMAN It was a sight I'll never forget: a sea of giddy, swimsuit-clad Emory students gathering around a super sized white toilet in the middle of the grassy, sun-drenched expanse of McDonough Field. Onlookers, lured to the lawn by loud rock music throbbing...
The Circus Job
Story by PieWriter
1/4/17     605 views    2 comments
Petra needed money. She was almost broke again after paying this month's acting-class, rent, and groceries, and if she didn't get some cash soon, she'd have to go back to retail. After acting class, she asked a co-student for any good tips. "Ally, I'm almost broke, yo...
Stooge, Pt IV
Story by musclepie
1/4/17     140 views    image included
Jake was now going to work every day with one of his insulting T-shirts on under his clothes. He no longer wore underwear. He felt exposed and humiliated. He had grown to hate that word. His sales figures were up, his focus and achievement at work had improved, manageme...
Stooge, Pt III (by Purplebootsgywr copyright 2009)
Story by musclepie
1/4/17     119 views    image included
The next morning, Christian awoke still sprawled on the plastic sheeting, the stink of ripe banana cream thick in his nostrils. He was naked, save for the T-shirt plastered to his upper body, now growing crusty in odd places after having been left on him all night. He s...
My First CD Mess
Story by nXdressr0816
1/4/17     135 views    1 comment
A year after my incident with the teacher I became aware of my love for dressing as a woman, months later one of my friends came out to me as bi and I witnessed there WAM fetish. I gave it a go and it felt good. The same sensation I felt back when I was covered in mud,...
Excerpt, by The Woman With A Pie In Her Face [fiction]
Story by PieWriter
1/3/17     297 views
...Now, in my life, this is very important. It took a while to get to this place. Getting a fuck is easy. Having fun and being satisfied isn't so easy. Growing up watching TV, I'd get a real thrill and tingle when I would see someone fall into a cake or take a pie in...
Stooge, Pt II (by Purplebootsgywr copyright 2009)
Story by musclepie
1/3/17     230 views    image included
The following morning, Christian awoke with a sense of purpose and a feeling of exhilaration. He'd had no fantastical wet dreams during the night, but given that he'd spent the evening dressed only in degrading T-shirts and jockey shorts as he was pounded with pies by h...
30 Minute The Payback (Part 3)
Story by smittybill53
12/28/16     166 views
Here's the last part in the Series for the time being Written by Food, Gunge, M/F sexual situations 30 Minute The Payback I awoke first thing Saturday morning. After last nights sex with Dan I was unable to get a truly sound nights sleep....
30 Minute The Planning (Part 2)
Story by smittybill53
12/28/16     115 views
Part two moved over here. Hope you enjoy. Story Written by Gunge, M/F Sexual Situations. The continuing saga of Dan and Helen 30 Minute The Planning Dan awoke the following morning to the alarm. Remembering what Helen had said before fal...
The Dessert Date
Story by PieWriter
12/26/16     869 views    2 comments
"Are you ready for dessert?", she asked me. The dinner at her place was excellent, and we'd spent the entire time in conversation mixed with flirting banter. "I am", I nodded, "A romantic dessert sounds fantastic." She smirked, "Romantic wasn't the word I'd use, but...
30 Minute Mess (part 1)
Story by smittybill53
12/20/16     233 views
I am porting over my prose from other sites to leave all in a single location. I do hope ya'll enjoy these. Smittybill53 This is a story I've been mulling over for several months to get the right plot line. I hope you enjoy it. I was having a bad nights sleep so I...
Oatmeal Fantasy
Story by MyPieRogative
12/17/16     747 views    3 comments    image included
It was late on Friday night and I was laying on my sisters sofa watching the movie Elf in a tiny village in the North of England, when I heard a knock at the window. I've been texting you nonstop for three days and am shocked to see your face, giggling and motioning for...
My ideal session.
Story by curiousvixen84
12/17/16     346 views    4 comments
To be kidnapped and placed in a room full of plastic and pies...being told the only way out is to win a pie fight with the other person in the room...looking across and seeing the handsome man with a clean face knowing I am about to embark on an amazingly fun time. I wa...
Banana Split Bikini Challenge
Story by tim1
12/5/16     623 views
It happened on a warm Saturday in early June. I had just finished tenth grade and my parents thought it was time to start investigating colleges. I was a total science geek, so we decided to go to Seattle to check out the University of Washington- one of the country's t...
Just me and PD (and a couple deer)
Story by bashfulpie
11/27/16     155 views
Me: What are you wearing? PaintedDeer: I'm wearing a gray t shirt with a pocket, a blue and white fleece pullover, blue jeans, boxer shorts, wool socks, and Nike Air Trainer sneakers. You? Me: Hold on. Let me reach inside your pullover and put an egg in the pocket of...
Gunge Sluts
Story by 123gunge
11/14/16     407 views
All writing is copyright of Mr Andrew Wilcock and cannot be reproduced without prior consent of the author. Nor can the work be re-sold without prior agreement. All rights reserved. All characters in this story are a suspension of belief and do not portray anybody in th...
My wam story
Story by RainbowStarr
11/5/16     336 views    image included
After getting into many food fights with many of my friends growing up. Always enjoy them but want to try more or something different with food and getting messy. So finally got the chance with ex boyfriend when I was 17. I so happy to find someone to get messy with....
MM comes over part 2 (joined by GH)
Story by bashfulpie
11/1/16     120 views
Me: So, where were we? I think I was going to show you my back yard, MM. Muddymudder: oh yep I was waiting a longg time to see it Me: *Putting arm around your shoulder and guiding you to the back door. Me: *As I lean down to turn the knob, my arm slides down. As I c...
Roleplay--mm comes over (Part 1)
Story by bashfulpie
10/30/16     135 views
Me: Hey, MM, thanks for coming over. Can I get you anything to drink?(6:00pm) Muddymudder: hi, yep(6:01pm) Muddymudder: what you suggest?(6:01pm) Me: I have some water, milk, ice tea, cheap beer.(6:02pm) Me: Also, I knew you were coming, so I baked a cake *pointing...
Roleplay--Fraternity Semi-Formal Dinner
Story by bashfulpie
10/27/16     238 views
Me: He, PD, you are late! They are expecting food in just a few minutes. What did you remember to bring?(10:13pm) Me: And you aren't dressed right. You're not supposed to wear pants.(10:16pm) PaintedDeer: Hey! Sorry I'm late. The kitchen was running a little slow tod...
A Muddy Adventure (pseudo-sequel to The Kitchen Surprise)
Story by messykate
10/22/16     216 views
Author's note: So this is using the same characters as The Kitchen Surprise, but you don't need to read TKS to follow this one really. Time for our trio to explore the wonders of mud! (Small note: you may notice that their "roles" are a sometimes different to those in T...
A Hot Sexy Slouch Socks Steamy Shower.
Story by emoney
10/10/16     181 views
She was craving the feeling of hot water on her cold body. But the water wasn't heating up enough. She was still standing on the cold tile in only her sexy slutty school uniform. The clothes were definitely too small for her, but since it was her senior year, she hadn't...
Story by Madelyne
10/9/16     64 views    image included
sub gets cold feet 2
Story by Madelyne
10/9/16     121 views    image included
My cock was getting harder but mistress said it wasn't needed yet and shrunk t by filling the front of mmmmy knickers with ice cream. As it dripped down my thighs my socked feet stood in a plate with the melting ice cream soaking my socks oozing between my toes
Sub gets cold feet
Story by Madelyne
10/9/16     140 views    image included
Its a hot day and my mistress hands me the clothes to put on and watches as itie the bikini top and pull on the blouse. I step into the turquoise lacey knickers and pull them up. Finally i pull on he knee-high socks.. My mistress beckons me to sit and find an ice cold...
Hot and Steamy Shower With Slouch Socks On.
Story by emoney
10/1/16     171 views
As the full-time whistle went, the team walked over to shake hands with the opposition. Looking over, Erica saw Erick take off his helmet and lay it on the floor. The sweat dripped from his forehead. He reached down behind the goal and picked up his water bottle. The co...
StepSister's Sweaty Slouch Socks Two.
Story by emoney
9/25/16     164 views
"You heard me Car.. I've always wondered what that banging body looked like naked.. especially when its sweaty. All of my friends used to joke about fucking you, I felt like I was missing out.." "What is it with you and sweat, Erick? You keep mentioning me being sweaty,...
Morning taking sub for a walk in early morning
Story by Madelyne
9/25/16     140 views    image included
Sub needed some exercise so took him for walk wearing a skirt early in the morning barefoot as sub has not earned right to shoes. So walking barefoot in skirt while sub anxious about bumping in to anyone
Fantasy part 3
Story by Madelyne
9/23/16     198 views
You are lead to an inflatable paddling pool but it doesnt contain water. I offer you one guessget it wrong and you will carry out a sexual favour for me. Get it right and you can ask one of me. You can feel the slimeyness but you are overed in food and can't smell the s...
fantasy part two
Story by Madelyne
9/23/16     137 views
You put your wet and muddy feet back in the boots and we walk though the park and into the supermarket on the over side I stop to get some provisions and when I come out we go around the back to a qiet corner where I tellyou to hold the neck of your top outward and i em...
fantasy part 1
Story by Madelyne
9/23/16     176 views
Lily You visit me for the weekend anI have told you what to wear for our first day together. You put on the bra and the knickersand the tights and athen a long dfloery skirt and a frilly white blouse.You finish off by putting on the white ankle bootsI provided. I tidy u...
Birthday surprise part 3
Story by Madelyne
9/22/16     127 views
The hands withdraw but several couples return to their tables they comeback bearing candles.The candles are lit and the and the wax hits your skin and stings and makes you yelp .You calm your breathing wincing as the cover your torso including your sensitive breasts mo...
Birthday Surprise part 2
Story by Madelyne
9/20/16     181 views
Strong hands grab your elbows and stand you up as two jugs of warm custard are poured down your clevage over flowing as well as lding down your as the two waitress massage it in to your breasts.They cut the dress openand then remove it from you. A waiter removes your br...
Pie play, once again.
Story by PieWriter
9/14/16     641 views    1 comment
We'd been talking about being naked, which was one of our favorites states to be in when we were together. She loved to get me out of my clothes just as much as I loved to get her out of hers. "I love a good wardrobe malfunction!", she said. "I have this fantasy where...
Birthday surprise
Story by Madelyne
9/11/16     288 views
I have decided to treat you and am taking you to a small restaurent I know. You have more to look forward to than just the food.You look stunning in a little black dress, stockings, high heels but no knickers. It makes us bothl horny to know that you can feel the draugh...
My Life w/ Stacey--Ch. 22 The Return of Katie
Story by ChuckSM
9/9/16     384 views    1 comment
Katie came down at the end of May to get her wedding dress. It was the Friday before the weekend and Katie came by S.M.I.T.U.S.A to try on her dress. I was in Stacey's office when Amanda came in and brought Katie back there. I said, "Lucy, Ethel's here!" Stacey laug...
From a note to a friend.
Story by PieWriter
9/8/16     308 views    2 comments
I lead you to a chair sitting in the middle of the room. Wordlessly, I remove your clothes while you ask "Oh, what are you doing?!", leaving you in your heels and nothing else. Once you're seated, I tie your ankles to the chair legs, and I tie your wrists together in f...
Birth of a sub 2
Story by Madelyne
9/6/16     161 views    image included
The guard reaches around me from behind and as I sit I feel the cold wet custard poured down the inside of the front of the top sliding over my breats inside the bikini top absorbing though the top as i massage it in. Next she moves low taking my shoes off pouring custa...
Birth of a Sub
Story by Madelyne
9/6/16     197 views    image included
I had just ciome through the checkout at the supermarket when a female security guard stopped me and asked me to go to thee managers office. In the office a 40yearold blonde in a grey office dress and heels went through my bags and then turned holding the the black hold...
Adventure On The King's Highway
Story by piemyface2
9/6/16     169 views    1 comment
She was a pretty girl...walking down the KING's Highway! Martin-Luther-King-That-Is! When ALL of a sudden, it hit her! Right-In-The-Face-It-Did! It was a Giant, Gooey, Sticky, Messy, Chocolate Cream Pie! It was thrown by me, he-he! And it messed up her dress, I must con...
Story by sploshism
9/3/16     227 views
Just a little story about soul retrieval through conscious sploshing and humiliation :D She slaps my face, forcing the air from my lungs. Then slaps my other cheek, hard, this time making me gasp in shock and pain. She laughs at my distress; "Ah are you scared of me...
Meanwhile, somewhere nearby
Story by Gac Splatter
9/1/16     213 views    1 comment
A Playful Foursome, The doorbell rings, and Angel springs up to answer it. Her wild curly hair, sparkling costume bling and flowing summer dress make her look like a wood nymph gliding through the forest. Louie and Ryan continue pouring the creamy filling into a line...
StepSister's Sweaty Slouch Socks One.
Story by emoney
8/31/16     240 views
"Yessss she's gone!" Erick said out loud to himself, peeking out of the window and seeing his older stepsister Crystal pull out of the driveway as she was heading to the gym. He now had the house to himself, which meant partaking in one of his favorite past-times, sniff...
Vanilla sex doesn't cut it anymore
Story by ChuckSM
8/27/16     375 views    4 comments
Vanilla sex does not satisfy me anymore...this is what I would like to happen. I'd love to walk in the bedroom and find the whole place covered in plastic and pies lying everywhere. The girl is sitting there on the bed, topless and she's wearing a pair of tight bikini...
The Drop
Story by besidethesea
8/26/16     234 views
I wrote this some time back, around 2010, so it's not my finishes piece of writing but I hope it's fun to read. Late in 2009 a young lady and I had a falling out in circumstances like those described here. Her eye wandered while she was studying, miles away from me and...
ransom part 2
Story by Madelyne
8/25/16     147 views    image included
The next instruction was to make tuna mayonaise and rub it on my legs and feet
Cape Cod in January--Our new friends
Story by Blaze68
8/24/16     230 views
Cape Cod in January - Our new friends. We had been talking to the girls the night of the swim, and some of their history came up. The next morning the whole crew, both families showed up for breakfast around the same time as us, so we all ended up together. We all kin...
Ransom note
Story by Madelyne
8/24/16     186 views    image included
Where is that cat? It usually yowls at me i the morning. What the fuck? My shoes are filled with cream but next to them is a notethat says do as you are told or the pussy gets it. I am to check my mobile which says to put the shoes on and everytime I folow an instructio...
Magenta the sissy part 2
Story by Madelyne
8/19/16     149 views    image included
Magenta had been good so was allowed to wear one of Madelyne dresses but nothing else underwear must be earned. Magenta must get her self some bread and salad for lunch and the salad must be tossed.
Bath of beans
Story by Madelyne
8/19/16     247 views
It all started one i put the spoon to my mouth and a single baked bean sliped from my fork and landed just below my neck and slowly slid down into my cleavage leaving a shiney trail behind it.I noticed Mark looking at it intently.and as I lifted my hand to...
Magenta the sissy
Story by Madelyne
8/17/16     188 views    image included
Madelyne instructs Mgenta that a sissy must start at the bottom and ean priveleges. Magenta strips as told.If she is to have nice clothes to mess she must earn them. Madelyne hands her a bin bag to wear and then ties her firmly until needed. Unfortunately Magenta is imp...
My Life w/ Stacey--Ch. 21--Amy's Quest pt 2
Story by ChuckSM
8/14/16     340 views
Amy worked Thursday and Friday non-stop. She put the other night with Jason behind her. He was fleeting memory to her. Stacey came back to the studio on Thursday and told her and Catherine that she and Drew was going to the ranch on Friday through Sunday. She asked...
My first adult (ish) WAM fantasy
Story by besidethesea
8/8/16     255 views
This is my first wet and messy fantasy that I remember spending time working out for myself; sadly I didn't write it down at the time and I created it so long ago I nearly forgot about it. Then I remembered, while chatting to someone on here, so I decided to write it do...
My Life w/ Stacey--Ch. 20--Amy's Quest pt 1
Story by ChuckSM
8/7/16     345 views
The next day Stacey called Steve to have him come over to the house so she could ask him about his brother. Catherine came over with him and we grilled out but burgers weren't the only things being grilled. We sat down to eat and Stacey asked him, "So, what's your b...
Gary Splotter And The Mysterious Mystery part 7
Story by Nollvane
8/5/16     212 views
VII. FIGHTING DIRTY The morning sun streamed into Gary and Wrong's tower room; Gary's face eventually became so warm that he could no longer stand it and was forced to get up. He groaned with the effort and swung his feet off the bed, kicking several empty bottles of...
Pessimistic Pussy
Story by Madelyne
8/4/16     137 views
Not another optimistic penis Doesnt he know i come from Venis Before he can get in my pant Want to see a little Romance Yes he is big but he is no eyt pretty They all look funy but neverwitty Men and optimism between their legs Not attractive when they beg Need to wa...
Optimistic Penis
Story by Madelyne
8/4/16     133 views
Optimistic Penis My penis is an optimist Hopes to be loved and kissed Often stands proud and tall When no hope of sex at all Comes out of hibernation And wants to take a vacation Hints by putting up a trouser tent Such optimism you cant dent Through my penis's japse...
First job
Story by Madelyne
8/4/16     281 views
It was my first responsible job as an assistant to a legal secretary.and I dressed conservatively and formally in white top, black skirt, black tights and black heels.It was a good job with good extra benefits but one thing I didn't understand was a clause about a month...
WAM Revenge part2
Story by Madelyne
8/1/16     273 views
I heard the manager say"she has curdled the milk I think we should sweeten her a bit" Next waitress behind me pours syrup down inside the back of my dress as it glides over my skin and my dress becomes sticky. My dress was lifted and my panties pulled down a little and...
WAM Revenge
Story by Madelyne
7/30/16     325 views    2 comments
I had an exboyfriend deputymanager of a restaurent and he was lets face ir "a bit of a pussy" A couple of times I went there and just didn't pay.I was dressed for a hot date iwth a blue asymetricdress, blue heels, black stockings and my best silk underwear.My date had...
Cape Cod in January, the first night
Story by Blaze68
7/25/16     238 views
Unbelievable weekend away-but believe it, it happened. We were into the wet clothes thing for a while, but mostly at home. Sue was fun, I could talk her into taking a fully clothed bubble bath after a few glasses of wine and she looked forward to it. But rarely did w...
Mud fantasy part 2
Story by Madelyne
7/22/16     164 views
I reach for a shovel I hid in the hedge earlier and shovel mud over the front off her dress the weight of mud on her heaving breastssoaking though the now ruined lime coloured dress. I cover her neck and bare shoulders then each arm and hand. She smiles as I work down h...
Mud fantasy part 1
Story by Madelyne
7/22/16     225 views
On a warm summers night we walk home and as a joke i persuade you to take a shortcut down the lane via a farmyaredknowing that despte the dry day it will be very muddy.. As the lane reaches the bottom of the hill we start to meet puddles and before you realise they are...
Easter Egg for a transexual
Story by Madelyne
7/21/16     154 views
I get to meet you at an Easter swingers party and ask if I can give you an Easter Egg. You smile and nod but then are curious as i excitedly get naked and then ask you to do the same. A crowd is gathering and you don't quie know whats going on so you think"What the hell...
Lucy's Big Day...Ruined (?)
Story by ChuckSM
7/16/16     549 views    4 comments
Lucy was a 21 year old blonde haired, blue eyed girl who had been engaged to be married for six months. She met Tom through another friend and they started dating each other regularly. Finally one day he asked her marry to him and she said yes. Months of planning too...
My Life w/ Stacey--Ch. 19--Stacey's Birthday
Story by ChuckSM
7/16/16     368 views
Monday-Friday It was a regular work week. Stacey went back to the company for first time in over a month. I went to check on my restaurants from the pizzeria I co-owned to my other restaurants up north. The end of March was near and I wanted to start getting prepare...
Why aren't all fringe shows like this? ;)
Story by bsmithyst
7/16/16     391 views    1 comment
Alex and Henry were waiting in line to go into a fringe festival show when a stagehand came along the queue and pulled them aside. ''Guys, we'd like you to play one of the games'' the stagehand explained, as he led them past all the waiting audience and backstage. Ale...
Michelle Slouch Socks Four.
Story by emoney
7/5/16     238 views
I pulled my jacket a little closer to myself as I walked through the cold winter night on the way over to my girlfriend's house. The wind howled through the leafless branches on the trees above, and I could feel the chill cut through my clothes. "Damn, it's cold," I tho...
Wet Slouch Socks Gone Wrong.
Story by emoney
7/3/16     177 views
When I was in high school in the early 90's I was dating a girl that was well aware of my wet clothing fetish. On rare occasions she would treat me to wonderful, wet, clothed activities. I say they were rare because at that age it was hard for us to find time alone toge...
Ch 18. My Life w/ Stacey--Amy and Catherine
Story by ChuckSM
6/26/16     725 views    1 comment
Saturday The phone rang at 7 o'clock in the morning and Amy groggily answered it. "Hello?" "Amy, this is Catherine, todays the day! We lose our WAM virginity at Stacey and Drew's house!" Amy had been a little reluctant about this day but she heard the excitement in...
Flush a Freshman
Story by tim1
6/24/16     750 views    2 comments    image included
FLUSH A FRESHMAN It was a sight I'll never forget: a sea of giddy, swimsuit-clad Emory students gathering around a super sized white toilet in the middle of the grassy, sun-drenched expanse of McDonough Field. Onlookers, lured to the lawn by loud rock music throbbing f...
My Life w/ Stacey--Ch. 17. Getting Back to Normal
Story by ChuckSM
6/12/16     999 views
The next morning, I woke up hearing Stacey in the bathroom. She caught me waking up out of the corner of her eye. "Good morning, lover, did you sleep well?" "Uh-huh." "Coffee?" "Sure!" She poured me a cup and came over and handed it to me. "It's really, reall...
Ch 16. My Life w/ Stacey--The Texas Tour
Story by ChuckSM
5/20/16     435 views
The next morning, Sunday, we made sure that everything was cleaned up in the WAM room and we got rid of the trash. We packed and Stacey called her mom who had been experiencing some minor labor pains. After all, she was carrying twins. Her mom is a real MILP (Mother...
Ch 15. My Life w/ Stacey--Before the Tour
Story by ChuckSM
5/20/16     406 views
Stacey worked almost around the clock through the month of January getting everything ready for our tour around the state to promote her company at a nationally known retailer. She was totally excited about being able to go to each store in the state and as you know si...


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