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"Custom video story changed and not honored. Deflections to ensue."
My fellow wamers. I'm sorry to have to write this. Leah is a great person I'm sure. But how she handled my custom video in the end was disastrous. The entire experience was an up and down roller coaster ride. Although she was very accommodating with me in regards to the models and costumes, more bad things started floating in. Our communication went from good to horrible to good to horrible again. I literally was hoping my next email would be responded to. I told her a couple different times that I didn't want any nudity for this custom scenario. She agreed both times via email and ended up doing it anyway. Worst of all, the original storyline I wrote was not honored. She told me after she shot it what she did. So pretty much it was too late. I was skeptical but hopeful it was good. By in large, the custom turned out ok. But I'm disappointed with not being kept in the loop until it was too late. The response of the custom was received well once she put it up on her store which I was unaware of at the time. This should have been mentioned at the beginning of communication. At least I will have the option to pay more and make the video exclusive only to me or not go with the deal if it's too expensive. Viewers praised her for the concept which I wrote. She only mentions the idea was not hers when I pressed her via email to please mention it. At this point, she offers to reshoot it and says she has to buy more slime (meaning I have to pay more if I want this reshot). No way. My suspicion is that she did all this because it benefits her business but not me (the customer). She probably thought my original storyline was no good and wanted it changed. Why not tell me then? So fast forward to today, she continues to deny that she did all this after she informed me about the storyline. I repeatedly tell her to go back to her emails and see the proof which she kept deflecting. Finally she decides to offer me a full refund which I appreciate. But nonetheless, this experience could have been a lot better. Communication is key. So if you decide to go with her, please be aware that you have to keep emailing to make sure things are not changed without your consent and if mistakes happen, they will be denied. I'm very sad since this will end my 10+ years of patronage. I wish her well. But I think it's very important to at least put my experience out there and let everyone decide for themselves.

MudMudMoreMud 1/5/21
"Always spot on customs"
I've had MG bring several of my customs to life over the last few years. Each one of them always blew my expectations out of the water. I appreciated the professional but friendly communication and the prompt responses and on time delivery. What was especially nice was the fact that I had a rough idea of what I wanted and a few very specific details but overall not enough to provide a whole scene, which MG took my request and crafted a whole scene with a detailed script, costumes, and even picked some of the more creative pie hits I had left up to them. Im sure if i had a super specific script they would have no problems executing it but it was a really great surprise that they created so much I loved from such little input. I look forward to workimg with them in the near future with new ideas and new models!

KakeKid 5/28/19
"My custom video did not disappoint"
I had a custom video made by Messygirl's Video Vault and I was absolutely pleased and satisfied. The video was great quality and they followed my requests very closely. The actresses' performances outstanding. I definitely plan on having more custom videos made!

SumoluvsWAM 1/23/19
"Dive in for some creamy fun with beautiful ladies."
Great site. Lots of pretty women in various states of dress and then undress. Pies, chocolate, and many other varied substances. I highly recommend this site if your taste runs to this kind of fun. You won't be disappointed.

SamWhiskey 12/11/17
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