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4 years
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Creatively generating messes from my mind and GPU!
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Chat with friends, roleplay with others, find others interested in meeting up, and connect with customers
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Male, mid 30's, tall, single. I work on a computer all day.

I want to make WAM fantasies come true.

I mostly watch WAM solo and do not have experiences. I have only ever used lotion in my experiences. I am looking to meet someone although I don't have any expectations that I will. I have fun interacting with people on this site.

If you are curious about my signature or profile picture, check out my posts on the AI WAM group. My profile picture is generated.


* Clay mud, sweats, creams, slimes, sticky, pies, and gunge.
* Nudity but not being able to see privates because thick substance covers it.
* Enjoyment, pleasure, happiness, giggles, smiles, and fun reactions.
* Slow, sensational, and sexual scenes between two women.
* Seeing substance slowly slide down the body and especially the privates.
* Scenes where the privates become messy first and the face becomes messy last.
* Viewing photography. Sounds of Wam. Colorful Wam.
* Some bdsm concepts but not pain.


* Savory, beans, ketchup, strawberry syrup, cherry pie, red paint, ice cream, quicksand, swamp or dirt mud.
* Humiliation, screaming, pain, suffering, and any discomfort. Discomfort in the eyes.
* When the camera man puts himself in the scene unless it is his style and expected.
* Scenes with a music soundtrack that plays for the entire time.

Currently I come here to:

* Buy scenes.
* Enjoy the photos posted by people and on the forum.
* Love and comment on photos.
* Reply to messages, I love receiving them.
* Add and accept friends to show appreciation.
* Ordering scenes.

Currently I am considering:

* Writing reviews.
* Chatting.
* Meeting in person.
* Disclosing personal details.
* Submitting photos of myself.

Currently I am not here to:

* Bugging anyone with requests.
* Asking for personal details.

My profile picture is generated using stable diffusion.
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