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Samantha's Messy Revenge On Her Solicitor Das
8 days ago
The Feet Tickling + Slime Boys Gameshow Ep 2!
9 days ago
The Pie Song With Mary, Yiyi, Lily and Genesis
10 days ago
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LeRex  Tuesday
Super new profile pic Rev. Lovely sticky honey. You had to make a bee line for that pic ha ha. Excellent Report
bsmessybakery  10 days ago
Love the new profile pic Rev. Essie & I absolutely trashed those wedding dresses hehe xReport
LeRex  11 days ago
Loving the new profile pic Rev : Essie getting a nice coating by Bri, super stuffReport
RevSlymsford  8/22/23
Thanks Gurph. Great profile pic is indeed the lovely Tefy from this scene which is on my new store 'Previously On UMD'. So glad you loved the picReport
Gurph Morlicks  8/22/23
Love your profile pic, Rev! That's gotta be Tefy under that slime and pie, and she looks completely amazing!!!Report
LeRex  7/10/23
Nice new profile pic, Rev. Very gooey slimey maybe its time I changed mine Report
TedTheMenace  7/2/23
Great work Rev as alwaysReport
LeRex  6/18/23
Loving your new profile pic Rev. You've got this whole WAM business licked Report
wetmart2240  12/17/22
Thanks for the friendshipReport
Potatoman-J  11/23/21
HA, made it...well in Eastern time anyways... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Report
Jayce  11/19/21
same!! im wishing you a bappy hirthday in case I forget to on tuesday! have a great weekend!Report
Potatoman-J  11/18/21
Wishing you Happy Birthday now, in case I'm not around Tuesday! Report
wetinwhite  5/14/21
Wtg on getting WOTD!Report
Terri lou  5/28/20
I need to make a come back to your clips! XxxReport
MadelineOasis  4/13/20
Thank you Rev, you are sweet! Report
RevSlymsford  3/2/20
Thanks for all your kind and thoughtful wammer of the day comments.Report
Gurph Morlicks  3/2/20
Congrats, Rev! And I have to say your new avatar photo looks terrific on the UMD's front page under the WOTD banner....Report
mrsbee  3/2/20
Congratulations, darlin'! Much deserved!Report
Cinqgirlracer  3/2/20
Congratulations Report
Jayce  3/2/20
Slimed Again  10/30/19
Congratulations on WOTD! Report
sally  9/27/19
lov your pics so much!! enjoy fully uniformed drenching sploshing humiliation or raggoing enjoy role play WPC giving ticket, chief air stewardess, scoutimistres, equesytrain mistress, syre, or arrogant female officer punished, pied , and humiliated in retaliationReport
Whitestar  7/29/19
Thank you for the loves on my photos Report
Ray_BLOODY_Purchase  7/6/19
Well done on wotd sir couldn't have went to a nicer chap!Report
Potatoman-J  7/6/19
Congrats on WoTD!!! You deserve it friend!Report
Potatoman-J  2/13/19
Also, I love the profile pic you're using right now! Report
Potatoman-J  2/13/19
Congrats on WoTD!Report
Whitestar  1/14/19
Thanks for the loves on my photos Report
RevSlymsford  12/3/18
Honour talks wam dirty & gives you jerk-off instructionsReport
HenryWilcox  9/13/18
Congrats on WOTD, well deserved as always!Report
moreslime  8/27/18
Loving that new profile pic of Belle Report
Gurph Morlicks  8/7/18
Thanks, Rev!Report
RagingTengu  7/26/18
Hello. Are you going to upload the video of Kaydens sitting in the giant green gummy bear? I'd love to buy it!Report
jurning  7/10/18
Congrats being WOTD !!! Report
MessyCleo  7/10/18
Congrats on being WOTD!!Report
GungeMasterUK  4/24/18
Thank you for all the photo likes! GungeMistressUK XReport
MessyCleo  4/6/18
Love your profile pic!Report
Kaydens  4/2/18
nice profile of my favorite messes of all time! i need to do that again asap!Report
Gurph Morlicks  2/15/18
great new avatar photo!Report
MrWetShirt  2/11/18
Please may I ask the Rev. how he manages to keep his professionalism and how on earth does he keep his mind on the job of photography and production, when Kacie is looking as good as she always does? i'd just melt and ask her to hold my hand.Report
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