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Welcome to my messy place! I am Bagheera

I have been producing WAM videos for my customers for more than 10 years!

I love to play with my crazy friends and completely ruin them with my recipes for Pies in the Face, Sticky Slime, Chocolate and everything I can think of that can completely humiliate them!

Especially when they are wearing expensive outfits or when they are ready to go out on an important date!

I also enjoyed in my personal paradise testing new mess recipes that I make in my laboratory on myself before using them in one of my pranks or in my funny show "Get it Right"

Now I open my new UMD store Wambagheerastudio and every week I premiere different scenes, each one crazier and messier than the last! I hope you enjoy all of them!

I also love custom videos, I love making my clients' fantasies come true. You just have to write me a message with all the details and sooner than you imagine your idea will become a reality!

Happy messing everyone! I love you guys!
WAM War Has Begun Catch The Accomplice Trailer
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This Means War: A Chocolate Lover's Delight
6,742 plays
Mhabel the Brainiac Humiliated Chocolate
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Mhabel and the Delicious Fruit Pies
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Trailer: Mess Pool Season 1 Bagheera
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Bagheera Enjoying the Post Disaster!
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Sexy Taina Angry Pastry Chef.Part I
10 days ago
Taina Faces Bagheera's Impossible Challenges Part1
14 days ago
Bagheera's Messy Wrestling Debut
21 days ago
Get It Right Show Trow The Dice ; Bagheera Vs Biannca
22 days ago
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vols4everus  15 days ago
Go to Forums and click on Wam Games. Look for my new game "A Chocoholic's Messy Delight" It's very simple. Most of the Wam Games are about guys getting messy. Very few have women in it. This one is a challenge to my female friends only. Of course, I do have to take a chance on getting messy, too. When six people have signed up (and I will always have to be one of them, so nobody can accuse me of cheating. HA!), then I will roll a six sided dice. Whoever has the losing number must get messy and post the picture of them getting messy on the forum thread. Plus they must put that picture as their...Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  15 days ago
Oh Bobby you know that I'm not afraid of challenges, you know it more than anyone, I can't refuse when someone challenges me in a game WAM! So tell me what your new "A Chocoholic's Messy Delight" is about? You sure have something up your cheater sleeve, last time your assistant beat me up! Report
vols4everus  15 days ago
Well, Bagheera, you were saying you were going to get me back. I made up a new Wam Game called "New Game (A Chocoholic's Messy Delight)" And I challenged you. Let's see if you really want to take a chance. HA!Report
messybadger  15 days ago
Thanks for all the love yesterday!! Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  16 days ago
Thank you very much my dear Rev and ready2wam for the nice words, they really encourage me to do better every day! Let's celebrate, I'm very excited! Rev, what a beautiful white suit, you were quite risky to come dressed in that expensive white suit. You know that sometimes I can't control my disordered instincts and although I saved you a "safe" place at the party I don't promise anything, today it's going to be really uncontrolled here... Report
Ready2Wam Studio  16 days ago
Congratulations again for such an excellent work, you are an inspiration for all the wam community!! Stay messy!! Report
RevSlymsford  16 days ago
Hearty Congratulations on WOTD. I am a huge fan, as you know. Long may you continue to make fantastic wam scenes of real creativity . I hope you have a fantastic day, and I hope this party is a great celebration that you can enjoy exactly as you like. I have come in my expensive white suit, so as usual I'd appreciate it if you'd show me to the clean viewing area.Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  17 days ago
Thank you dear Bob!! I hope you enjoy my scenes!! Let's celebrate! Report
bob1987564  17 days ago
Congrats on WOTD!!!! You deserve it as a celebration of the pit scenes returning to your store! Enjoy your day and we will enjoy those scenes!Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  17 days ago
And I'm very happy because my scenes in the pit returned to my store, many more and more incredible ones are coming! Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  17 days ago
Thank you very much my dear LeRex for your support and love! Thank you to all of you who give me so much love every day, that means a lot to me! I love you and I hope you enjoy all the content I make for you with a lot of love too! Report
LeRex  17 days ago
Huge congratulations on WOTD Bagheera, absolutely fantastic. Much deserved. 1 year here but you're smashing it, let's get the party started, enjoy your day Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  21 days ago
Hey check my new scene! I hope you like wrestling in chocolate! It was really delicious! Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  24 days ago
What beautiful words my dear Rev, you have had a lot to do with that evolution, I have learned a lot from you and many excellent producers here during this magnificent year! I'm really honored to continue getting your love for so long, it motivates me to keep going with much more WAM!!! My love for you is just as great! Now, let the massive destruction begin, let's celebrate!!! Report
RevSlymsford  25 days ago
I hope I haven't missed out on watching all the fun. Another honour for Bagheera...and definitely deserved as always. Please enjoy your special day. I think it's maybe one year since you joined UMD and what an amazing impact you have had. Congratulations.Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  25 days ago
Thank you very much dear LeRex Matheus and Bob, thank you for your nice words and thank you to everyone who cheers me on and encourages me to continue doing what I like and everyone here likes it; a lot of mess!!! Today we will have a very messy party, I hope you all and bring lots of desserts!!! Report
bob1987564  25 days ago
Congrats again on WOTD!!! With all the amazing content it is no wonder you keep getting it!!! Keep up the great work and enjoy your day!Report
MatheusBH29  25 days ago
Opinion of someone who is not a producer. I read a sentence from someone here a long time ago and this sentence makes perfect sense to me, "WAM it's not just fun, it's not just a fetish, it's a lifestyle". Whatever the preferred substance, type of content (in my case pies). Maybe AI can create good content but it will never be the same as the real thing. the sensations, the pleasure, the excitement, the fun... AI can't beat it. I never saw a full video from you but I can say about the trailers, AI can never do what you do, you and your models, the way your deliver the pies, the big creamy pies...Report
LeRex  25 days ago
Another massive congratulations on WOTD and party animal Bagheera, absolutely amazing and much deserved. Superb scenes, let's get this messy party started Enjoy your day Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  26 days ago
Thank you baby!! Don't miss my new scene tonight! Report
Pieman Si  26 days ago
Congrats on WOTD!!!Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  27 days ago
Thanks so much honey! I hope you liked all that mess on me yesterday! Report
WamNV  27 days ago
WOTD AGAIN!! Keep killing it Bagheera Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  27 days ago
Wow, thank you all so much for your support and lots of love! All that chocolate on me was so delicious, now I want everyone, well, almost everyone to feel like I felt, like a big giant chocolate bar, enjoy it! let's celebrate!!! Report
RevSlymsford  27 days ago
Hearty Congratulations, my wonderful friend Bagheera. Some amazing scenes lately. I have arrived to see the festivities, and am wearing what you suggested. Looking forward to watching.Report
Jayce  27 days ago
Congrats! I loooove the new chocolate scene! What are those other colored pies made of? Whatever it is? It blends beautifully! Awesome!Report
LeRex  27 days ago
An absolutely massive congratulations on WOTD Bagheera, yours scenes are always superb, very much deserved. Have a great day and get mega messy to celebrate Report
bob1987564  27 days ago
Congrats on WOTD again!!!! It must have been that awesome chocolate video!!! Enjoy some more chocolate to celebrate!Report
Alex Giron Sanchez  27 days ago
Congratulations on WOTD.Report
vols4everus  29 days ago
Oh wow. You must tell me about your trip to the mountains. LOL! Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  29 days ago
Thank you very much my dear Bobby, I just returned from my trip in the mountains! I love interpreting your fun and chocolatey stories, but this last one was definitely the most epic and messy of all! Report
vols4everus  4/22/24
WoW! Cannot describe my feelings right now, Bagheera. WOW! I just got done watching A Very Sensual Kitten and it was awesome. Awesome beyond belief. And yet, it only came in second best of the videos I watched tonight. Second best I say, because I had already previewed the amazing scene you made from my blog story. That was beyond comparison. I thought you had done an absolutely amazing job with my first custom scene. Then you managed to top it with the story you asked me to write for you, our second custom one. But this time, you far outshone anything you had added to your store before. This...Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  4/20/24
Thanks so much my dear friends Rev Bob Messygirl and WamNV for coming to my WOTD party! I really appreciate the support from all my followers and subscribers! Without you none of this could be possible! Let the fun continue! How about a little color for those pale outfits? Don't make that face dear Rev, I know you don't want to get dirty so come and help me with these dessert carts, we have a lot of mass destruction ahead of us!! Report
WamNV  4/20/24
Bagheera! Congrats on another WOTD. Very well deserved and love your stuff!Report
Messygirl  4/20/24
Congratulations on WOTD!Report
bob1987564  4/20/24
Congrats on WOTD! With all your great content you very much deserve this. Enjoy your day with some mess!Report
RevSlymsford  4/20/24
Huge Congratulations on being WOTD Bagheera. You deserve all the love. Your content is amazing. Keep up the great work, and meanwhile please do enjoy the dayReport
LeRex  4/20/24
De nada. Cosas interesantes en la tienda entonces Bagheera. No sť sobre Pay, pero pedmuchos pasteles Report
Wam Bagheera Studio  4/20/24
Thank you my dear LeRex!! And thanks to everyone who gave me a lot of love yesterday, I love you and I love that you enjoy my crazy messy things! I promise you that a lot of incredible scenes will premiere this week so stay tuned and remember to follow me so you don't miss it! Por cierto alguien ordeno Pays? Report
LeRex  4/20/24
A hugely massive congratulations on WOTD Bagheera, absolutely fantastic and very much deserved, celebration pie is incoming. Enjoy your day Report
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