"Sorry for inbox issues. Been working to speed it up!!"
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From Messmaster  Thursday
New status: Sorry for inbox issues. Been working to speed it up!!
From Messmaster  29 days ago
New status: Producers: Contact me to open your membership site!
From Messmaster  5/10/17
New status: UMD store memberships coming soon!
From hhound  4/27/17
I'm glad I found this site years ago MM, thank you.
From Messmaster  4/25/17
New status: UMD store owners: Your galleries are now open!
From Messmaster  4/20/17
New status: Happy 420!!
From Messmaster  3/30/17
New status: UMD fetish now open!
From Messmaster  3/3/17
New status: Working on speed improvements.... still.
From Messmaster  2/10/17
New status: Making UMD faster!
From Messmaster  1/28/17
New status: UMD Fetish coming soon!
From MyPieRogative  1/10/17
Revenge is best served cold!!
From Messmaster  11/5/16
New status: Site is a bit faster... for now
From Messmaster  10/14/16
New status: Now: Forum thread auto-close waits much longer!
From Messmaster  9/23/16
New status: Making site speed improvements
From Messmaster  9/7/16
New status: Catching up on messages
From Messmaster  8/22/16
New status: Making speed/efficiency improvements this week!
From Messmaster  7/28/16
From messyandi  5/21/16
u are awesome
From Messmaster  5/19/16
Thanks for the props Jaycee! You da man!
From MessyJC  5/15/16
MessMaster's UMD site is legendary, Given where i've come from, i feel as though i've finally found home, all the people here, are possibly the reason i'm still around. I am forever great full for that. Thank you to you all! Kindest regards
From Messmaster  5/15/16
So glad you came Jason. It's still surreal to me that the night actually happened. We should definitely do it again soon if you'll have me. You were all great.
From Jason_K416  5/15/16
Great meetin ya man, thanks for invitin us out
From Messmaster  3/24/16
New status: Ask me about VIP!
From deadpool  2/12/16
happy birthday! ^__^
From NormanMabeld  2/11/16
Happy Birthday, MM! Thanks for starting this refuge for us!
From Messmaster  2/4/16
New status: Now offering payouts via Dwolla!
From Messmaster  2/2/16
New status: Fixing UMD download search
From Messmaster  1/28/16
New status: Trying to speed up the UMD!
From Messmaster  12/5/15
New status: Holidays at UMD are crazy!
From Messmaster  6/9/15
New status: Store owners: Custom playlists now available!
From toledopieguy  7/17/14
thank you for making this site possible - esp the hangouts!
From UWETME1969  4/27/14
New to the site, I love it...
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