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Darla DeVour
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Find others interested in meeting up and connect with customers
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gunge, pie, pies, pudding, custard, clothes filling, mud, clay
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Hi y'all! I'm Darla [also known as The Messtress & The Slop Queen]. I am a full time artist, sex worker, producer and fetishist who's always looking to top my last mess. I absolutely love to experiment and try/feel new things. I take my playtime + self-exploration very seriously. I am a playful switch with a kink for challenge. My favorite mess involves pies, gunge, cake batter, custard, frosting & mayonnaise (preferably all mixed together).

Some of my turn ons include: sploshing, sensory deprivation, exhibitionism, humiliation, breath play, roughhousing, wrestling, tickling, wedgies, psychological domination & body worship. This list continues to grow as I learn more about myself and my desires everyday.

I also have a background in installation + woodworking and I absolutely love designing + building structures to incorporate into my shows/streams (such as my Wheel of Messy Fortune and my gunge tank). I am always looking for more ideas/projects to bring to life and would love to work together to make that happen if you have an idea you'd like to share!

In my relationships, I aim to share in and experience substantial interactions. I believe in honest, mindful and intentional communication & connection, as well as making space for people to be their authentic selves. I thrive in spaces in which I may do the same. If you're interested in building a relationship with me, we will work together to foster a healthy, happy relationship from a genuine, open and judgment-free place.

If you'd like to get to know me on a personal, one-on-one level, I'm available for phone calls, video calls, private shows and more. I love talking, connecting and getting messy, so let's get together and make some magic happen. Don't hesitate to reach out, I would love to get to know you. I stay stocked up on all things sweet, savory and slimy and am always ready to take on new messy challenges. You can find me on Twitter & Instagram @darladevoursyou to keep up with my more detailed live stream/live show/travel schedule.

I am also on the look out for a service sub, as The Mess Factory produces a ton of mess and your Messtress could sure use some help around the house/studio. If you're looking to serve, please feel free to reach out.

For those of you interested in my professional art life, I've attached my official bio/artist statement below:

Darla DeVour is a sex worker artist and professional mess [& experimental film] maker. In her work, she explores desire and power relations that dance between pleasure and labor. She both received her Mfa and founded her business, The Mess Factory, in 2019. Darla specializes in the art of sploshing and believes in the fragmented self as creating performative possibilities and alternative explorations for being in the world. Her work supposes that regimes of art and porn overlap through a strategy for survival; she survives by building and contributing to resilient + authentic community, as well as continually customizing and transforming her work while remaining concerned with the ways in which bodies are rendered powerful and powerless by the institutions and economies through which they move.

There are many places where you can find my work & support my art/work.
darlasmessfactory.com will take you to a list of all of those places.

The best way to reach me is through email at darlasmessfactory @gmail .com
I can't wait to get to know you and bring your wildest fantasies to life <3

Thank you all for your continuing support. Because of you, my dream of living as a full time sw/artist has been sustained in this wild and unpredictable world. And somehow, it still feels like the beginning I cannot wait to see what the future brings.


Messy D.
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Schoolgirls Goop and Darla Play Pie Trivia
29 days ago
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Keep Calm and Let Me Have It
96 min
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Darla's Wet and Messy Diaper Prom
Hot For Lipstick
Bob's Mess Factory Initiation
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Potatoman-J  6/11/23
Happy birthday Darla! I hope you have wonderful day! It was awesome meeting you!Report
vols4everus  6/11/23
Happy Birthday, Darla! And just for your special day, I added something special! LOL! Report
Professor Bob  6/1/23
Darla DeVour  6/1/23
Vegas was a dream come true <3 thank you Bob, VegasWAM and all of the other amazing souls I spent time with while there. Y'all rock my world so hard.Report
Professor Bob  5/5/23
Darla My custom with you and Daisy' was great hanging out with you this week at UMD Vegas was a blast, over the 1 year that I known you you have become a good friend and getting messy with you has become secondary to all the messy things we have done.....professor BobReport
VegasWAM  5/5/23
I had an amazing afternoon with Darla while she was in Vegas. She was very welcoming and made me feel like we were old friends. O, and the mess was outstanding. Thank you Messtress.Report
brian7575  4/3/23
Would love to see more water dunking soon with hair over face and hair flipping from underwater.Report
Darla DeVour  12/21/21
Hi love !! Absolutely yes yes YES I couldn't agree more. I will e-mail you now. Let me know of that's the best way to get ahold of you!Report
Jayce  12/17/21
HEY. we need to do a couple of days of sessions and vids for my sttore! aftter christmas? lets talk it up! i think we are on the same page, ya know? with what we are cool witth!Report
Navy  12/1/21
Love your profile pick would love to be inbetween you wearing my navy uniformReport
Darla DeVour  11/27/21
Haha I am slowly catching up to keeping up with all the facets of UMD Report
wam.fan  11/21/21
Holy delayed response Batman lolReport
Darla DeVour  11/21/21
Sending love and mess to you all <3Report
Navy  3/10/21
Lovley pull me in by my tie and cover my whole uniform inside and outReport
deadpool  2/26/21
Thanks for accepting me.Report
wam.fan  12/27/20
JUST saw you on Chaturbate....just saying hello!Report
wamman2018  6/13/20
Happy birthdayReport
Aceman37  6/13/20
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS D Hope you have wonderful Day Keep Being you Kind Friendly and Most Importantly a Friend.Report
MudRunner  6/13/20
Happy Birthday MessyDarla, have a great day, all the best for more messy years Report
Darla DeVour  5/8/20
Whitestar -- and I love being watched and directed by you. YOU are awesome my dear !!Report
Darla DeVour  5/8/20
Thank you JKL <3 so glad you enjoyed it !!Report
Whitestar  4/17/20
Loved watching and directing you. You were awesome Report
JKL989  1/29/20
As a savory fan I loved your new video, keep up the great work!Report
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