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Want to be a gunge master
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foam, lather, food, lotion, peanut butter, beans, lube, marshmallow
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Desperate for a dam good deep gunging in my clothes
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Profile Wall
Wam Bagheera Studio  6/1/23
Thank you so much for purchase! Enjoy them!! Report
Alex Giron Sanchez  10/20/22
Very nice pictures. And I love the Naval uniform.Report
Navy  4/12/22
Who would like to fill my uniform with mess until it overfloReport
Navy  3/2/22
Custard filled sailorReport
Navy  2/28/22
Now this is ready for a wet and messy session or a deep mudReport
Navy  11/28/21
Need to slide forwards in slimey mud wearing this uniformReport
wetnmuddytx  11/14/21
We need to go sneaker shipping together, get some nice white expensive pair!Report
Navy  11/6/21
My uniform needs a good filling and gunging all over whos arReport
Navy  11/5/21
Put it on and get in that mud babe id love to soo that xxReport
Filthy Girl  10/7/21
I do have a sailor style school uniformReport
Navy  6/11/20
Navy  11/26/19
Shame xReport
wetuniform  11/22/19
No the neckerchief size has never changed. Some individuals, like an old mate, used to alter them so they were much slimmer and ironed flat rather than rolled. They were still the same length.Report
Navy  11/22/19
The tie was bigger in them days also I believeReport
wetuniform  11/22/19
I have a very old US sailors white uniform that is made of cotton and not polyester which feels awesome when wet. I LOVE their Dress Blues with those 13 button pants and have enjoyed this wet in bath and shower and also in mudReport
Navy  11/22/19
A can full of shaving cream inside and out all over the uniform feels awsome to then in the shower or bath to wash offReport
Navy  11/22/19
Nice always liked the us navy uniform I put 2 ties together to create the large knot and love getting it wet and messy sand love getting the wide blue collar wet and messy alsoReport
wetuniform  11/21/19
My US sailors uniforms have the neckerchief tied like yoursReport
wetuniform  11/21/19
A sailors uniform is a great turn on and when its wet or muddy feels AWESOMEReport
sally  9/11/19
enjoy wam games in uniformReport
Navy  5/23/19
Want to sink in deep mud slowly with this uniform onReport
MessyCleo  4/19/18
Thank you for your comment!Report
Navy  3/7/18
Now this uniform is going to get a dam good gunging tonightReport
Navy  2/15/18
Nothing like a soaking wet muddy sailor uniformReport
Navy  2/13/18
This jumper and large firm knotted tie should be sprayed witReport
Navy  1/25/18
Suggest what i shold pour all over this jumper and tieReport
Navy  12/5/17
New status: Gunge time he heReport
Navy  11/30/17
New status: My what a stunning tie knot and jumper defo needs a dam gooReport
Navy  10/30/17
New status: Id like to gunge this knot inside and outReport
Navy  10/30/17
New status: Id like to gunge this knot inside and outReport
Navy  10/25/17
New status: Gunge or not ???Report
Navy  10/25/17
New status: Tie scarf and uniform deep gunging neededReport
Navy  9/13/17
New status: Want to enjoy deep gunge or mud think my clothes deserve itReport
Navy  9/13/17
Where can i get a dam good gunging or roll in mud ???Report
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