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I Love getting wet with my clothes on anyway i can in the bath, shower, in the sea even in the rain.
And i love too see women do the same thing wearing knee high boots. Stilettos, jeans and skirts anything really, as long as they look very sexy.
Washing the Mud Away
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wetmart2240  11/4/23
On my way to find a nice muddy farmer's fieldReport
CathyRendon  10/8/23
No problem! Report
lovingmessy4you  2/3/23
Thaaaaaaaaannnksssss for the add!!! HUGS!Report
messy-andie  4/4/22
Thanx for so much loveReport
wetmart2240  11/4/19
Something amazing is happeningReport
wetmart2240  4/1/19
Ahh about time.Report
wetmart2240  3/18/19
Just waiting.....Report
wetmart2240  12/31/18
happy new year all.Report
wetmart2240  11/5/18
2 weeks away home now time to get very wet !!!Report
wetmart2240  1/7/18
New status: Having a WAM Session in Bognor anyone want to join me ???Report
squelchyman  6/12/17
Love wet squelching fasion boots and denim or leather skirt..soaking wet !Report
wetmart2240  5/15/17
New status: Just off for a quick paddle down the beach.Report
AnnieBody  1/30/17
Thanks for the FR, happy Messing Report
wetmana  1/29/17
congrats on wotdReport
Whackit  11/30/16
You asked if my wife has any boots - just posted some pictures of her in them, hope you enjoy themReport
wetmart2240  10/25/16
New status: Just off for a muddy walk anyone wants some pics ?Report
wetmart2240  10/4/16
New status: Thank you all for making me warmer of the dayReport
wetmart2240  9/25/16
New status: Big WAM session tonight brand new jeans and shoesReport
wetmart2240  2/20/16
New status: Time for a good gunge session.Report
wetmart2240  2/13/16
New status: Going to Gunge myself for the 1st time tonightReport
wetmart2240  1/24/16
And I did knee deep mud then a quick reinse in the sea.Report
wetmart2240  1/24/16
New status: Off to find MUD 😄😄😄Report
wetmart2240  1/11/16
New status: Warm and Wet !!!Report
wetmart2240  11/26/15
New status: FOUND MUDReport
wetmart2240  11/14/15
New status: I'm off in search of MUDReport
wetmart2240  7/14/15
New status: 1 x WAM Session coming up !!!Report
SloppyBoots99  6/21/15
Great pictures So many boots and so little timeReport
wetmart2240  5/28/15
New status: Getting Very Wet & Muddy Tonight Lovely !!!!!Report
wetmart2240  5/28/15
Getting Very Wet & Muddy Tonight Lovely !!!!!!Report
wetmart2240  3/28/15
New status: Up for a good WAM session tonightReport
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