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Jul 21
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Love sploshing but don't get the chance that often, you will find me more on Fetlife under the same user name.

Thanks to al those that have loved/commented on my photos, I really appreciate it.

Bisexual male, 45, I have a serious job so sploshing and bdsm is my form of fun as I am not really a big drinker or into sports.

As well as getting messy myself, you will see from my photos, I am a bit of an amateur photographer and enjoy taking them as well.

If you send a friends request, can you introduce yourself with a mail as well thanks. Happy to chat to anyone who sends a decent introductory message. A one line that is just what you want to do is unlikely to pique my interest.

Whitestar 14 January 2019
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plasticviking  3/20/19
Thanks for sharing some great pictures    Edit  Report
messyjods  3/12/19
Congratulations on wotd    Edit  Report
miakwallace  3/12/19
Congratulations Mr WotD well and truly deserved    Edit  Report
Dastardly Mike  3/11/19
Superb pics of Mia again, thanks for posting them.   Edit  Report
MessyCleo  1/28/19
Congrats on being wotd!!   Edit  Report
Potatoman-J  1/18/19
You're welcome as always. Nice to see you post some new things!   Edit  Report
TheWetBrothers  1/13/19
Nice pics    Edit  Report
blueslimed26  12/27/17
You're very welcome! All of it was amazing! Lucky you she sat on your lap at the end, lol! Hope you had a Merry Messy Christmas!    Edit  Report
HenryWilcox  12/26/17
You're very welcome for the 'loves' - great work!   Edit  Report
blueslimed26  11/29/17
Dats ok, I do love the photos though! Amazing work!    Edit  Report
HenryWilcox  11/29/17
No worries, great work as always!   Edit  Report
blueslimed26  11/28/17
You're very welcome! They're amazing! So you just do photos but no videos right? I'd love a vid of that gungy Maria one, amazing everything with that shoot!    Edit  Report
Richard Trouso  8/7/17
You're welcome. The way you unveiled that shoot was really well played!   Edit  Report
JellynCustard  8/5/17
Thank you for the photos! What an amazing shoot and incredible concept! Maria is just the best!!   Edit  Report
HenryWilcox  8/3/17
You're very welcome - the pics are awesome!   Edit  Report
wetmana  4/30/17
congrats of wotd   Edit  Report
custard.fireman  4/19/17
No worries. Keep putting up the great photos and the will keep coming.   Edit  Report
Piethro2  4/17/17
Congrats on WOTD !! Great pics you've been posting !   Edit  Report
Whitestar  4/17/17
New status: Woke up to find I'm 'Wammer of the Day' Thank y   Edit  Report
messyjods  4/17/17
Congratulations on WOTD   Edit  Report
Whitestar  4/17/17
Woke up to find I'm 'Wammer of the Day' Thank you to everyone who has made this possible, it's an awesome accolade    Edit  Report
kevin57  4/16/17
Love your photos   Edit  Report
Muckyade01  3/16/17
You're welcome   Edit  Report
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