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See my sites for private sessions and wam dares!
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Connect with customers and just keep to myself and enjoy the scene
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applesauce, foam, lather, pastries, batter, food, lotion, peanut butter, beans, fruit, lube, pies, butter, fruit filling, marshmallow, pudding, cake, gel, messy, quicksand
About Me:
Hello everyone! New studio is now up and running near Ludlow, Shropshire

for messtival info see here!

It's been purpose built with a non slip floor, studio lights, gunge tank, deep pool, bathroom, and more!

I'm a model/producer and wam crazy lady mainly producing these days. I do splosh sessions and wam instructions - see for sessions and for wam instructions, dares, and video instructions and wam-along video!

Get yourself kitted out with everything you need for the best possible self wam

Please follow me on twitter... @candycustard for the latest news, insight etc, I tend to update there first and put pics on there sometimes not seen on umd. Also it's the first place that Mypierogative and I update during mariafest!

Please follow my profile here so that you don't miss any free updates or new downloads

Like free videos? See my youtube channel, candywam

Then, if you like the sound of private messy sploshing sessions or customs, including solo and duo sessions with Louise, Kacie, Kayla, Roxy, Molly,and more visit my website for more info (clickable link in the sites list above)

I have lots of space, clay mud pool, gunge tank, other pools, pillory, miles of plastic and a purpose built wam studio full of gunge and mess ready to be prepped! It is best to contact me via the website though as I check my email more than I do UMD. Cheers xx

Also made it to the Killer Kurves tumblr, woop!


So about me: I'm a life long custard, sweet mess and mud fan... and probably most gunged bbw ever and I like a bit of everything!

What am I into? I love nylon, tights, feet, shoes, zentai, cd/tv's, glam clothed wam and wetlook (or at least starting clothed!) clothing that gets very heavy when gunged is also a fave, like rainwear, PVC and knitwear.

If you like pic gazing there are over 1000 wam pics from shoots and personal wam experiences in the albums on this profile, plus additional session pics in my 'sessions' gallery on here (scroll down for albums) which are from private sessions.

All relevant info is now available on my website so do give it a click if you want to know more (link above)

Edit - thanks for the limerick Bosunbob!

"There was a young lady called Candy,
Who was incredibly randy,
She like sploshing with custard and occasionally mustard,
And anything else she found handy"

photo credits:

...go to me and various sploshy visitors for the sessions pics... the amazing dirtydids for the Custard bed, treacle and porridge dress, and gunge tights and boobs shoots, the legendary Bill Shipton for the Candy Can Do It, Queen of Tarts and Battle of the Boobs HenryWilcox for the custard and trifle pics, and most of the pics on my website! the arty wam, the classy & wet, the day at dunktankbabes hq, and more.

...and to MikeNomic for the severn mud pictures

Warning to all sploshers about Mark Lomas - he is an age old pathetic troll who will threaten to kill you and all kinds of bullshit. Soon as you stop giving him enough atention. Block him, ignore and don't engage with him and please report to mods if he trolls you under his umd name of jkl see if he can finally get banned

this is from 2007 and he's still up to the same old shit
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Whitestar  3/15/19
Thanks for the latest loves on my photos    Edit  Report
Richard Trouso  2/5/19
Thanks for the hearts, Candy xx   Edit  Report
Potatoman-J  1/26/19
You are awesome and amazing, and cool, and all that other stuff too!    Edit  Report
Whitestar  1/14/19
Thanks for the loves on my photos    Edit  Report
MessyCleo  12/13/18
congrats on being WOTD!!   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  12/13/18
thank you for wotd!   Edit  Report
moreslime  9/18/18
That is a beautifully erotic profile pic    Edit  Report
CandyCustard  8/13/18
Thank you for wotd! xx   Edit  Report
MrMrsVampAngel  8/10/18
Hi, do you let newbies visit ? were only up the road   Edit  Report
Richard Trouso  7/29/18
Candy and Henners! Thank you so much for having me this weekend - for your wonderful hospitality, kindness and for showing me around your beautiful home and fab new WAM-proof studio. Richard xx   Edit  Report
Scottish_Wam  2/18/18
Just noticed how serene your profile picture is. Love it.   Edit  Report
GingerDubberdee  1/7/18
Thanks for making me so welcome!    Edit  Report
MyPieRogative  12/31/17
Congrats in WOTD candy!   Edit  Report
Whitestar  12/25/17
Thanks for the loves and/or comments on the MyPieRogative Christmas posts    Edit  Report
CandyCustard  12/23/17
New status: code gungeyknickers = 20% off on my candygirls store   Edit  Report
Potatoman-J  12/20/17
Love your profile pic with all my !   Edit  Report
clownsnap  12/18/17
Congratulations on WOTD candy,absolutely superb x   Edit  Report
mrsbee  12/16/17
Congrats on WOTD, Candy! xx   Edit  Report
RevSlymsford  10/7/17
Hearty Congrats for W.O.T.D . Richly deserved    Edit  Report
CandyCustard  5/6/17
New status: feckin head shaving troll is back   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  1/5/17
New status: warning: Matty69 is 'Challenge' w new name   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  12/12/16
New status: new vip coupon code xmas16   Edit  Report
Insomnipie  11/30/16
Congrats on the WOTD Candy! Well deserved!   Edit  Report
MyPieRogative  11/30/16
Congrats on WOTTED Candy! Haha   Edit  Report
mr_nbs  10/24/16
Congratulations on Wammer of the Day! XX   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  10/17/16
New status: vip members use viptits for 15% off   Edit  Report
MyPieRogative  8/19/16
P.s. Thanks! Lol   Edit  Report
MyPieRogative  8/19/16
I'll get you back pimptress!!! How dare you get me muddy!!!   Edit  Report
MyPieRogative  8/1/16
Congrats again on Wotted Pimptress!!   Edit  Report
messyjods  8/1/16
Massive congratulations on WOTD    Edit  Report
CandyCustard  7/29/16
New status: join me in the messy chat hangout   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  7/18/16
New status: 5% off store with code mariafest2016   Edit  Report
MyPieRogative  7/5/16
I just came back to look again. I can't get enough of this profile pic! So so funny! Your expression is priceless!   Edit  Report
MyPieRogative  7/5/16
Holy shit! I love this photo! How have I not seen this?!?!?   Edit  Report
mrsbee  6/17/16
I've always loved that photo (and set)! If I ever get to leave the corporate world, I totally want to trash my desk and computer like that!!! What fun! xx   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  6/17/16
@ reverendsl haha thanks - yeah it's from candy's lost document which unfortunately is just a pic set. I had the urge to destroy things!   Edit  Report
RevSlymsford  6/17/16
Loving the it from a scene???   Edit  Report
Messy Mike2k16  5/11/16
Ty for the add,how r u hunny.   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  4/4/16
New status: Thanks for WotD!! xx   Edit  Report
gd1983  4/4/16
Congrats on WOTD, have a pie to celebrate!   Edit  Report
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