South East
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4 years
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I like things messy, very messy.
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Chat with friends, roleplay with others, and find others interested in meeting up
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Hello and thank you for clicking and reading my profile.

Let me introduce you to my background and why I am here. The first time I was aware of my like for WAM was in my teenage years. Fantasies about rolling around in a muddy field or puddle with women and getting very dirty in every sense. In my early years, Tiswas was a must-see television programme, based around people being silly getting gunged or soaked with buckets of water or getting pied by the phantom flan flinger.
Another programme in the UK was Noel Edmunds House Party which most weeks had a celebrity gunging. Every week I was glued with fingers crossed that it was some female celebrity getting gunged. So that how my love for this fetish began.

Unfortunately, my partners have not been into Wam, which has been a shame, hence why I am on here and for the most part it has been a positive experience joining this community.

So my preferences are listed here on my profile page. I am happy to chat with anyone male or female, about most things about life, also happy to role play with other women.

Please feel free to hook up and befriend me, hopefully when life improves I will be looking to do a video to add to my profile and also meet up.

Naughty fantasy: I am out on one of my runs in the pouring rain in the countryside when I come across a female runner who slips over, I go over to help and she pulls me down into the mud and I think you know the rest......!

Dream job:- Oil Masseur, Shampoo technician, Naughty Wam photographer, or Wam actor.
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WildThang  3/27/21
Thanks for the love on my pictures!Report
messymassage  3/17/21
Respect people, have fun.Report
messymassage  3/16/21
Shampoo & SexReport
messymassage  3/15/21
Wam oscars (Golden Pie awards)Report
messymassage  3/14/21
Sweet or Savoury?Report
messymassage  2/18/21
Wet and soaked running in the rain.Report
messymassage  1/17/21
Feeling Horny this week.Report
messymassage  1/12/21
Do one Covid, I want to play.Report
messymassage  9/6/20
Anyone for sticky toffee puddingReport
messymassage  8/31/20
I'm in the mood for an wam orgy.Report
messymassage  8/19/20
Rain = Mud = FunReport
messymassage  8/14/20
Making love in a thunderstormReport
messymassage  7/30/20
Hey sexy, fancy getting dirtyReport
lovingmessy4you  7/18/20
thanks for likes and coments dear! messy hugs! Report
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