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What....there's no shampoo left??
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About Nina Dunklin, Nina, Neenypoos [insert nickname here]

I love gunge, my hair loves gunge, my clothes love gunge, and the rest of my body loves gunge....and if i'm feeling greedy i'll treat myself to a sloppy pie sandwich

My ideal wam session - being on national tv in a gunge tank, gunged for all the world to see with multi coloured slime and have guests from the audience give me a nice slimy shampooing, with pictures of me in the papers the next day dripping with gunge

My likely wam session - being sat in a tiny bath in a smelly bathroom pouring gunge over my head with my hair smelling of custard the next day - no complaints though

I love chatting to people on messages either sharing interests or a bit of virtual roleplay, so get in touch to let me know what you like, what you like about my profile. x
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tarnia  3/21/24
i love so much the picture of your profile^^Report
NastyGunge  7/19/23
Thinking about the ketchup and mustard again now?Report
lovingmessy4you  3/21/22
thanks for the likes on my pics!!! XOXO Report
Navy  11/5/21
Love your profile babe you like everything that I like ,I'd love you to fill my uniform with jugs of custard inside and out covering it all or cover my shirt large knotted tie and shawlneck jumper love the feeling of custard cream syrup and even mud all over them inside and out love to meet up with you and have a messy playReport
Daisydoughnuts  5/20/21
Great profile Report
dunktankVanessa  1/10/20
Up on the dunktank seat now!Report
foampie77  9/29/18
Nina head dunked under a tub full of sinful suds!Report
getemdown  12/29/17
Love your profile difference between fantasy and reality. Made me chuckleReport
CustardFan01  3/4/17
Love your profile and the idea of you pouring custard over your head and smelling of it the next day! Sexy!Report
drippingskirt  2/9/17
Nina, I love your profile, it made me smile.Report
pieme55  2/23/15
Thanx for accepting my friend request! I feel very lucky to befriend such a passionate lady!Report
ShampooKing  2/12/15
i am a huge shampooing fan to message me if u wanna chat?Report
NormanMabeld  11/24/14
I LOVE your new profile pic, Nina!Report
Edward73  4/8/14
Thanks for adding me !Report
wamnovice  2/2/13
thanks for adding me ps we've got loads of shampoo in london, come and visit, and I will let you borrow someReport
Messy Stu  4/26/12
Hello stranger, hows you xReport
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