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I am a High Class Dominatrix also providing private 1-2-1 splosh and WAM sessions and also by sexy phonechat. The splosh and WAM are my fav. to get completely trashed but I am very happy to include that as either part of a role play, or separately. Getting sploshed is the ultimate humiliation, especially if you're also being feminised at the same time. Breathplay while being sploshed is another speciality of mine. Wetlook is a defo fav of mine. For me its like being stripped to show everything without taking anything off!. I also have a slutty slave who also loves getting messy and will do just about anything I tell him to do. He gets so horny when I tell him I want my knickers filled up with all sorts of food until they just fall down around my ankles. Guess who ends up wearing them on their head?
I offer a fully hands on experience where you can join in as well, because I absolutely love getting wet and messy and cant wait to meet you all. Dont be shy, I love meeting you guys and girls for fun. If you cant get to me for whatever reason, I also offer splosh sessions by phonechat where you get trashed as I talk you through it by phone. Please message me for details? Its gotta be better than sitting there on your own getting messed up.

I am based in the UK, in the county of Wiltshire, half way between Bristol and Swindon and have superb facilities for splosh and wetlook incl. about 130sq ft of space, not just a small paddling pool or bath tub! I am also available 7 days a week. If you would like to meet then please e mail me for more info. I cant wait to hear from you all.

I am now able to offer 2 girl splosh sessions with my girlfriend Rachael. Photos from the first session are now in my albums. Enjoy!

I have now uploaded loads of photos from recent splosh sessions. Some are the messiest I have been photographed doing. Some I dont get messy at all, thats your choice as the client.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Luv Isabella
My personal website is
I also have reports about recent splosh sessions on punternet and adultwork. Please message me if you would like details?
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Navy  5/19/22
Yum yum sounds like a planReport
edubya  8/12/20
Thanks for accepting my friend request, great pics and websiteReport
MudRunner  1/5/18
Thank you Isabella for accepting my friends requestReport
piesub  3/18/14
Thanks for friending Isabella. Would love you to humiliate me with huge shaving cream clown pies, you dressed in a (even skimpier) schoolgirl outfit. I'm saving up as fast as I can! Take care. B-)Report
lalaland  10/18/13
Looking awsome in the latex, might have to come for a session when im brave enough Report
messychef86  6/24/13
wow great profile ands pics seen you on fetlife Report
Messy Stu  5/18/12
I'd love to fill up your new PVC catsuit xReport
sigunge  5/13/12
Filling up your PVC catsuit! Now that sounds like fun!!!Report
Mudforit  4/19/12
Great to see the messy PVC shots, Issy. You look fab and deserve to be WOTD for sure! What will you wear in the mud next time, I wonder?! xxReport
wetnylons  3/19/12
hope your feeling beter issy xxReport
farmboy  3/12/12
Looking forward to seeing sploshed secretary outfit. Glad your feeling betterReport
Kurlybear  1/1/12
Waiting for an answer to my call?Report
jurning  11/18/11
I made my suggestion...lolReport
jurning  11/14/11
If you need help, I vollenteer!!!...lolReport
richard210  6/12/11
hi im richard.would u do getting drowned.not real but make out.expecially in deep mud.thanksReport
knickerfiller  10/2/10
Damn! wish i lived in the UK! Do you take t down the knickers?Report
Awesome Custard and Cream album! hope we see more ...Report
Welcome. Great profile picture!Report
OMG, why can't we life in the UK? Report
Messyflyboy  8/25/10
welcome aboardReport
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