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Navy  12 days ago
Where is that place want to dive in there with my uniform on   Edit  Report
edu mud lover  1/25/19
welcome back Chantelle I wil see all of your videos, thank you, because I discovered my fetish with your videos :3 I dream to get muddy with you   Edit  Report
Billsinkers  11/28/18
Hi Chantelle. I remember you starting out with a photo set in all white; boots lingerie and elbow gloves. I'd love to see you start in black rubber riding boots, red fishnet stockings and suspenders, black bra and panties. You walk slowly into the clay, sinking slowly until stuck. Struggling to get free you submerge completely in the mud before you drag yourself to firm ground. Show yourself full...   Edit  Report
tutu2018  10/30/18
Hi Wamchantelle great photos but would love to see you in a long sleeved leotard pink ballet tights slippers and tutu getting leotard filled and covered in custard or a custard bath. Love to see you also in a long sleeved leotard in quicksand wanting to see me messy go to umd messy website and watch free video called custard leotard please comment on my profile .Thanks x   Edit  Report
amick614  6/25/18
Yay,,,on the comeback!!!!   Edit  Report
yamtree  5/1/18
You still are and always will be the best   Edit  Report
Jayce  11/10/17
oh my goodness! some of your pics have made me try my first times in the mud!! they inspired me to go for it!!! thank you for your contribution to the wam community and just for being you!! you will be missed!!   Edit  Report
wetmana  11/10/17
well always a shame to say good bye to a wammer youalaways had good fun shooting your stuff,i hope one you do return to our community and I'm sure you will be doing the odd thing yourself good luck and thank you x   Edit  Report
anymess  11/10/17
I so very much enjoyed your pics over the years. (Where has the time gone?) I feel much the same way - as you describe in your profile. But I have lots of photos and vids of myself and friends and great memories.   Edit  Report
MudRunner  9/2/17
Congrats on WOTD    Edit  Report
wet_dress  7/19/17
so fantastic. Also your age. You are a sexy woman xo xo   Edit  Report
Wammdabb  11/14/16
Thanks for accepting my add!    Edit  Report
bremse  11/13/15
YAY! You´re back in Business, Honey?   Edit  Report
gopher1  11/13/15
I agree. glad to see you back...   Edit  Report
amick614  11/12/15
Nice to see you back on   Edit  Report
syrupsmefav  10/26/15
Love it   Edit  Report
JRwet  1/5/15
Thanks for accepting my friend request.   Edit  Report
NormanMabeld  4/27/14
Congrats on WOTD!   Edit  Report
Messy Custard  4/27/14
Congrats on WOTD. Seen your lovely photos from the Splosh days. Love 'em.   Edit  Report
NormanMabeld  3/23/14
Congrats on WOTD! Those are fabulous pics!   Edit  Report
wetmana  3/28/13
congrats on wammer of the day , great stuff x   Edit  Report
wamnovice  2/4/13
thanks for accepting my friend request   Edit  Report
thegasman  12/2/12
Thanks for accepting my friend request. I am a great fan of your work and would love to have a photoshoot with you   Edit  Report
Sploshman  11/20/12
Hey Chants and hope your well xx   Edit  Report
Candleboxxx  4/24/12
Thank you for the friend request cutie!   Edit  Report
deny157  4/19/12
Your photos are amazing   Edit  Report
Wamchantelle  4/10/12
Thanks Candy xxx   Edit  Report
Congrats on WotD XXX   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  4/10/12
Congrats on WotD gorgeous! xxxxx   Edit  Report
Thanks for the FR X   Edit  Report
yamtree  2/28/12
Chantelle your pictures a amazing but why onlypost them in your profile why not post some them in the forum where all themembers can show their love of your work   Edit  Report
Fantastic pictures Chantelle )   Edit  Report
Vossibaer  9/27/11
greatful pictures! nice headdunkings! more can i not say   Edit  Report
muddoug  7/25/11
You're such a sweetie, Chantelle. Thank you, for the flattering comment. :x   Edit  Report
vettepier  7/8/11
love your pics. need more gals like you on here (not the site, Earth ; )   Edit  Report
Swiss Kiss from your swiss Admirer )   Edit  Report
NastyGunge  7/2/11
I do like those old food pics   Edit  Report
Always loved your clips on utube and your photo. Love to see some new stuff!   Edit  Report
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