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I'm a married mid 40's straight guy. I'm into pretty much anything messy and preferably clothed. I enjoy seeing women getting their just desserts so to speak. I love women in boots and I enjoy wearing boots for any session, they just hold more stuff. My wife isn't keen on wam but I'm slowly trying to encourage her participation.

PS - Visit in the Chat room before sending a friend request. Thankyou
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smittybill53  4/24/18
Help me select a Combo to splosh "bump"   Edit  Report
smittybill53  4/22/18
Help me select an Combo to splosh   Edit  Report
smittybill53  4/17/18
home alone for 10 days, let the suggestions commence!   Edit  Report
smittybill53  3/15/18
I had an enjoyable Pie Day with my wife    Edit  Report
smittybill53  4/19/17
New status: Finally published a new vid walking in the mud.   Edit  Report
smittybill53  3/25/16
New status: hmm, will see, loser has to...mk4   Edit  Report
smittybill53  1/20/16
New status: Hmm will see. Loser has 3   Edit  Report
smittybill53  11/6/15
New status: site one 6in of water on top site two looks good.   Edit  Report
smittybill53  11/6/15
New status: Off to check status of the mud. Session to follow.   Edit  Report
smittybill53  7/14/15
New status: same mud hole as spring ,new boots and more time.   Edit  Report
smittybill53  4/28/15
New status: mud hun was cold but successful. fun wallow.   Edit  Report
smittybill53  4/27/15
New status: hunting for some mud. destroyed one pair of boots.   Edit  Report
wet-andie  4/20/14
great work keep going on filling your boots !!!    Edit  Report
CandyCustard  3/31/13
Thanks Bill xx   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  12/29/12
woohoo Bill WotD again! xx   Edit  Report
adidas_chik  11/10/12
Hi   Edit  Report
Messy Martin  6/29/12
congrats on wotd! You got there!   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  6/29/12
Hey bill congrats on wotd! xxx   Edit  Report
wet-andie  5/22/12
thank you very much bill nice work too! keep on messy   Edit  Report
Thanks for the FR Bill x   Edit  Report
jurning  3/27/12
Thanks for the FR!!!   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  3/15/12
Love your mud pics!!! xxx   Edit  Report
jurning  3/15/12
Great pics of your mud scouting !!!    Edit  Report
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