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I'm so into the wam games I need an intervention!
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Chat with friends, roleplay with others, and find others interested in meeting up
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Older Bi guy I enjoy wet/messy fun actively seeking local guys or couples to meet with fun with water, pudding, syrups, eggs, condiments, usually fully clothed for wet messy play hopefully ending up in hot sex. I am mostly sub. I like wam games here or in private meet ups but I cannot host, can travel. Into giving head, getting spanked, paddled, dildos, strap ons, butt plugs & even just for local B&G. Totally serious here...
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Wet_stuff2m  1/1/24
On top of everything else I now have a nasty head cold that seems like the Creeping Crud! Report
Wet_stuff2m  12/31/23
Since I had my staples and catheter out maybe I'd been a bit too active because Friday night, yesterday and today I have not been feeling too good so I am lazing about taking it easy...Report
Wet_stuff2m  12/28/23
Today's the day my staples and catheter are to be removed. After that hopefully I can return to getting wet &/or messy! Report
Wet_stuff2m  12/19/23
Watching F/M wet clothes & dunk tank videos, missing seeing them live and then my times in dunk tanks! Report
Wet_stuff2m  12/15/23
Home from hospital Dec 12th, recovering from major surgery & I could be months away from any wam activities... More info laterReport
Wet_stuff2m  11/14/23
I accidently destroyed my phone tonight, Note to self; phones do NOT belong in your back pocket! Lesson learned Report
Wet_stuff2m  9/20/23
I'm forced to take a break from any games for awhile due to a possible ear infection & as of last evening a fall in a gravel parking lot left me with a nasty cut on my left palm & thumb area. My wrist is swollen as well.... Report
Wet_stuff2m  8/29/23
I deleted my game Female Chosen Loser; Don't need a brick wall to fall on me, I get it!Report
Wet_stuff2m  8/26/23
Went to a dunk tank event today & made a bet w/ a bar maid who could dunk the dunkee first and the loser of the bet sits in the tank next, Unfortunately I WON. Report
Wet_stuff2m  8/24/23
Power outage with internet provider today, back on nowReport
Wet_stuff2m  8/2/23
I like rock & roll music like anybody else but loud music in an apartment just pumps through the walls and I haven't been to sleep yet at 4:50 am.... So I gave up and I'm now drinking coffee Report
Wet_stuff2m  7/18/23
Came back to find no water in my apt. Report
Wet_stuff2m  7/16/23
I'm back online let the games continue! Report
Wet_stuff2m  7/16/23
Couldn't resist getting into a shower with my clothes on tonight I miss this site as I can only get in on my phone Report
Wet_stuff2m  7/15/23
I cannot do not pics right now as my internet is shut off & I am only here on my phone.Report
Wet_stuff2m  7/12/23
Got caught in a bit of rain coming home on my bike just now. A little damp but inside safe & sound.Report
Wet_stuff2m  7/5/23
85 degrees and Humid on it's way to 90+ could not say no to a good cold hose soaking after driving a woman around Report
Wet_stuff2m  6/29/23
Thanks to all who caught me in the Bucket Game, I'm looking forward to it! Report
Wet_stuff2m  6/26/23
I'm in the Bucket Game as of right now so mess up Good!Report
Wet_stuff2m  6/17/23
Sleep deprived today, doubtful for a long motorcycle ride. Report
Wet_stuff2m  6/13/23
Laundry day. I'm just gathering clothes in a basket to go next door to laundry room and my back is Already Killing Me!Report
Wet_stuff2m  6/10/23
Worked on my bike in the sunshine and then went to short putt, sitting here now sweating thinking I may hit a cold clothed shower just because. Report
Wet_stuff2m  6/8/23
Had a forfeit I was going to do tonight, chocolate milk in clothes fully dressed followed by a cold shower, 2 gas stations and a 711, Neither had ANY milk deliveries this whole week! Report
Wet_stuff2m  6/2/23
Did a small repair on a garage door for a lady friend but I was a bit bummed as she made no mention of wanting to soak me down with her hose again.Report
Wet_stuff2m  6/1/23
I'm going to see a lady friend this afternoon about a problem with her garage door and I'm sure that even in somewhat minor heat of 86 degrees I'll be sweating & I'm eager to see if she wants to soak me down with her garden hose again! Report
Wet_stuff2m  5/22/23
Just got out of a HOT clothed bath. my knees and feet were SORE! Report
Wet_stuff2m  4/27/23
And then Monday last, I had chest pains and had a buddy drive me to hospital. End result; I had a stent put in due to blockage. Have to be careful about my wrist where they entered because now I'm on blood thinners.Report
Wet_stuff2m  4/21/23
I've been dealing with 'dry eyes' for years now & my right eye had gotten painful. Diagnosis; I have a tear duct that's clogged up for whatever reason and I have to do eye drops and a cream on my lower eye lash for a week so I will be out of commission for anything other than wet forfeits. I'd wanted to do a pie sandwich but not a good idea. Report
Wet_stuff2m  4/3/23
I'm gonna be busy the next few moths completing all these messy forfeits I picked upReport
Wet_stuff2m  3/31/23
Cold & heavy rain today with temps in the 40's and no place to go.... Report
Wet_stuff2m  12/11/22
"If I'm here I probably want to play battleships or games for wet and maybe messy forfeits."Report
Wet_stuff2m  11/18/22
Looking for a local guy who'll paddle me with my acrylic paddle. Anybody local to me?Report
Wet_stuff2m  10/30/22
Looking for a local guy who'll paddle me with my acrylic paddle. Anybody local to me? I will do blow job(s) in exchange.... Report
Wet_stuff2m  10/26/22
Working on windshield for Sportster on a rainy dayReport
Wet_stuff2m  10/15/22
I'm not sure if I'm happy or bummed I only got one catch! Report
Wet_stuff2m  10/1/22
Sitting with underwear AND jeans filled with shaving cream awaiting heading into a cold shower due to a loss in Battleships!Report
Wet_stuff2m  9/18/22
This entire weekend was like a study in sleep deprivation!Report
Wet_stuff2m  9/10/22
This facial cancer stuff is almost done, healed upReport
Wet_stuff2m  9/7/22
I wish I was playing games on getting dunked in a dunk tankReport
Wet_stuff2m  9/4/22
I am back in the games except no shaving cream piesReport
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