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Edu a lover of mud
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Chat with friends, roleplay with others, find others interested in meeting up, and connect with customers
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applesauce, foam, lotion, pies, marshmallow, pudding, cake, messy
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Hello! Describing myself into a profile has never been easy to me, there are so many things to say about me that I cannot put it all in one small space.

I am from Mexico and even after anyone of my inner circle knows about my love for getting wet and messy I do it since I was 11, my top is mud but I am happy to cover myself in gunge, chocolate and foam, I love to feel my wet clothes and I truly enjoy walking barefoot in the mud, I am also a lover of woman's feet and other peculiarities about me, I am here to get in touch with that messy side of me, to make friends and share this side of myself, I am open to friendships, I am looking fo them, I want to have a lot of messy, muddy friends, I really want to have a lot of people to speak about this love.

So don't be shy, write me, chat with me, let's be friends!!
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Profile Wall
Edu Mud Lover  2/29/24
I've been having a lot of work, so I will post my story new chapters once every two weeks instead a weekly, I hope you still like itReport
Edu Mud Lover  2/16/24
New chapter of my story is online, a new chapterReport
Edu Mud Lover  2/1/24
New chapter of my story is online! I hope you like itReport
Edu Mud Lover  1/28/24
First chapter of my messy story is online now! hope you like it!Report
Edu Mud Lover  1/24/24
So as I said, I am writting a messy story, I feel so full of INSPIRATION RIGHT NOWReport
Edu Mud Lover  1/18/24
You know what sucks? when Instagram deletes your account even if you are already claiming not to have anything sexual or copyrightReport
Kershenbaum Gabri  1/5/24
"Got pushed into the fountain by bsmessybakery" - What is this anyway?... Report
CalypsoJuneQueen  11/21/22
Thank you for the love xReport
Edu Mud Lover  2/6/22
Follow me in my social media, Let's be messy friendsReport
Edu Mud Lover  11/28/20
I got my first blog, I hope you like itReport
Edu Mud Lover  11/20/20
Waiting for a messy comeback after quarantineReport
Edu Mud Lover  11/20/20
Let's go for some mud funReport
Edu Mud Lover  6/4/19
I love to play in the rain and getting fully wetReport
Edu Mud Lover  3/27/19
I dream on getting muddyReport
TorveaFilms  11/1/16
Thank you for the friend request!Report
Edu Mud Lover  10/1/16
Can you believe I'm actually taking a fully clothed bath right now??Report
Edu Mud Lover  4/11/16
New status: Hot weather... Time to mudReport
Candleboxxx  1/30/16
Liking your avatar! Report
Edu Mud Lover  1/18/16
New status: I love getting messy!!Report
Edu Mud Lover  1/18/16
New status: I was so happy playing with mud as child that I deReport
Edu Mud Lover  1/12/16
New status: There's nothing's sexier than mud in the skinReport
Edu Mud Lover  1/3/16
New status: do you like mud? I love mudReport
Edu Mud Lover  1/1/16
New status: Another year begins, I can't wait to get messy!!Report
Edu Mud Lover  12/30/15
New status: Laugh, and play in mud, that's all aboutReport
Edu Mud Lover  12/30/15
New status: what is gardening without getting fully covered wiReport
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