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applesauce, pastries, batter, food, peanut butter, beans, fruit, lube, pies, butter, fruit filling, marshmallow, pudding, cake, messy, cheese, methylcellulose, shaving cream, chocolate, goo
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straight asian male, been pies and slime for a long time!
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From luvs2pie  5/27/18
Couples mud baths for anniversary
From GungeMasterUK  4/24/18
Thank you for all the photo likes! GungeMistressUK X
From LotsOfSlop  3/23/18
Thanks for all the love on my GIFs this week!
From Whitestar  12/25/17
Thanks for the loves and/or comments on the MyPieRogative Christmas posts
From Whitestar  11/27/17
Thank you for the loves on my photos
From luvs2pie  10/31/17
New status: Gf is happy she got warmer of the day
From luvs2pie  10/19/17
New status: Gf bought messy supplies for an imsorry session!
From Whitestar  8/3/17
Thanks for the loves on my photos
From luvs2pie  7/4/17
New status: Thanks 4 wammer of day!!
From luvs2pie  6/28/17
New status: Pied gf n she gave me a bj
From Whitestar  4/17/17
Thank you for the more on my photos
From Whitestar  3/15/17
Thank you for the loves on my photos
From MessyWeeb  11/26/16
Thanks for adding me here as well!
From Mrs.jurning  11/9/16
thanks for al the on my pictures
From luvs2pie  10/10/16
New status: gf deep throated me and used nutela
From luvs2pie  10/2/16
New status: Gf bought outfits for me to wam her in
From luvs2pie  8/26/16
New status: came on her schoogrl outfit last nite, tonight wam
From luvs2pie  6/15/16
New status: gf said i can wam her tonight if i do all the prep
From luvs2pie  5/4/16
New status: wow never been wammer of the day, thanks 4 the...
From luvs2pie  8/13/15
New status: new wam sessin with a girl ive been seeing
From luvs2pie  5/26/15
New status: get to pie a date tonight, messy creamy fun
From luvs2pie  5/26/15
New status: pies in a dates face tonight! heavy cream, peanutb
From jurning  1/15/15
Thanks for the FR. You keep up the good work too...
From MyPieRogative  9/14/14
Haha thanks!
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