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9 ½ years
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applesauce, foam, lather, pastries, batter, food, lotion, peanut butter
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I enjoy getting wet with my clothes on its some I live for to do I would like to get messy I like mud but never had the chance in getting messy with food but iam open for it and I reaaly want to do it
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Profile Wall
wetmark  12/17/19
Well its looks like feb.2020Report
wetmark  12/10/19
Well its likes in feb.2020Report
wetmark  8/30/18
I would like to ride in a dunk tank if anybody has one in SO Calif.Report
wetmark  7/18/18
i really dont know when bluesReport
wetmark  7/9/18
I hope to get trash in 11 daysReport
wetmark  6/11/18
You can see me getting pied and wet in clothes. there are groups for that so you can seeReport
wetmark  6/10/18
I did a jump in a swimming pool live on facebook it was fun to do with good clothes and it turn out not badReport
wetmark  6/2/18
I did a live video for face book live to where I get hit with 10 foam pies in good clothes it turn out not to bad it was fun to doReport
wetmark  3/12/18
Well I did do alive video on face book it was fun to do, but I don't know if they will show itReport
wetmark  3/10/18
Iam really thinking about doing a facebook live pieingReport
NateYork  9/24/17
Thanks for voting in my poll!Report
wetmark  9/13/17
9183 do I have any takers lets have some funReport
wetmark  8/25/17
Iam in answer the question or get foamy its a new video by Layla MooreReport
wetmark  7/25/17
New status: i think maybe in a couple of monthsReport
wetmark  6/30/17
June is not to happen i feel ready bum outReport
wetmark  5/15/17
New status: Iam hoping in june it will happenReport
wetmark  4/18/17
New status: Iam the one that is fully coveredReport
wetmark  2/9/17
Is there a producer that can help me in making a video with a woman model I will the normal things I live in SO CALIF.Report
wetmark  11/8/16
Iam waiting on the results today to see will happen so if Trump loses I will do my bet if Hillary loses I will cetabrate whit a mess so how many people on here would like to see naked cetabrating?Report
wetmark  10/29/16
Iam a very straight MALEReport
wetmark  10/29/16
New status: My WAM got put on hold for right nowReport
wetmark  10/17/16
New status: Just waitting to get wamReport
wetmark  9/14/16
I am going to get trash in Nov and loving it and counting the daysReport
wetmark  7/6/16
Its summer time. time to get thrown in the water by women do I have any takers and get it on flimReport
wetmark  6/5/16
I would like to get trash cross dress can anybody help me I have a coustume all ready to go Iam just waiting to here from some one to do thisReport
wetmark  12/17/15
New status: IAM on how to Destory your plumingReport
wetmark  11/21/15
I wish I could find a swimming pool to get push in or thrown in to in CaReport
wetmark  9/10/15
Iam a 6 foot 4 inch tall male with sender build and I weigh about 200 lbs I forgot to put that in my porfileReport
wetmark  1/7/15
I really don't know to get pics on here but you can text me at 714 488 9161 for picsReport
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