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I've been into WAM for a while now, probably 10+ years. Like many of us on here, it started with a love for TV shows like Double Dare, ycdtotv, wwyd, etc. I tried to do some things very discreetly and privately for a while, and then realized just how much I love it! I've started doing it much more over the last 4 years with my gf, Tayler Texas, and we have had a lot of fun with it. I tend to be even a little more into it than she is sometimes!

I'm opening up a store and doing some filming here soon, and this part is all very new to me so I would love to hear your ideas! I'm open to nearly every substance and situation, so feel free to tell me whatever dark or crazy idea you have for your ideal WAM scenario!

I also create non-wam content. You can find those on ManyVids by clicking here:
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NateYork  2/15/18
Lacking motivation best to snap out of it?Report
NateYork  12/12/17
New status: Messy bondage shoot - good idea/bad idea?Report
NateYork  10/22/17
New status: Sorry Iíve been off for a few days - crazy busy!Report
NateYork  10/17/17
New status: Shower sex scene out now. Solo slime scene coming tomorrow!Report
NateYork  10/15/17
New status: Solo slime scene edited - uploading for sale shortly!Report
NateYork  10/10/17
New status: Just finished shooting my solo slime scene. Will post soon!Report
NateYork  10/6/17
New status: New video posted - Taylerís First Ever Sliming!Report
NateYork  10/3/17
New status: Check out my WAM BJ and B/G slime videos!Report
NateYork  9/26/17
New status: Bean bath video up for sale on my store. Check it out!Report
NateYork  9/24/17
New status: Getting ready to get slimed!Report
NateYork  9/24/17
New status: Store up - adding content shortly!Report
NateYork  9/17/17
New status: Going to start setting up a store and filming here soon!Report
NateYork  6/12/17
New status: Overdue for a good messy session. Who wants to do it?Report
NateYork  8/15/16
New status: Shooting PB&J Vid shortly!Report
NateYork  5/21/16
New status: Always the messer...rarely the messeeReport
NateYork  5/9/16
New status: Just slimed Miss Tayler! Wonder when it'll be meReport
NateYork  8/7/15
New status: Back after a really long hiatus. Messy welcome?Report
NateYork  4/9/15
New status: Messy dessert shoot coming soon!Report
NateYork  3/20/15
New status: Ice cream is making a comeback. Vote in my poll!Report
NateYork  3/18/15
New status: Looks like pies and cake batter. Vote now!Report
NateYork  3/16/15
New status: Vote now to decide what desserts I'll get messy iReport
NateYork  3/9/15
New status: Seems I'm going to get messed in desserts next!Report
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