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Older guy who has always liked getting wet fully-clothed - ideally outdoors in warmer weather - and seeing guys in wet / muddy / messy situations. I experience a total empathy with them! Favs are snug-fitting/skinny jeans (but not super-skinny), light shirts or t-shirts (transparent when wet) with sneakers/socks or bare feet, but I also like topless guys! Prefer to look at clothed + wet rather than naked. Also love guys who get soaked spontaneously, as when fulfilling a dare or just for a laugh, which often ends up with their mates wet as well!

Big fan of the guys on the 'Wetlooker' site, including their amateur section. With their permission and your encouragement I maintain a series of albums showing my favorite pics of guys sets featured there.
When the site relaunched in 2019 with Verotel payments quite a lot of the older sets did not reappear. Any album pics affected here are suitably marked.
Occasionally I have a sort out of little-loved stuff to make room for new. These will appear in a "Pics pending deletion" album to give early warning.
Please do not lift from these albums onto other sites as it jeopardises my permission to upload them for the benefit of our membership.
If interested in any specific guy/guys featured I could provide info on their available sets, just inbox me. Sorry I cannot help re-the girls in this way - not really my department! Perhaps somebody else could pick up on that..
Note a small minority of wetlooker vids (from ms- series) are affected by a file glitch and may cut out part-way on some players - I recommend the vlc player as that overrides the problem - as does Windows 10 for me!

Check out my created playlists on Youtube, link above. I have also been allowed by Wetlooker to upload a few of their unavailable vids/photosets on there.

I reckon my wetlook interest began when at school pre-puberty, envying those guys who could swim whereas then I could not. Wet scenes in various TV westerns, adventure series and films gave much pleasure! Eventually taught myself to swim aged 28 when living at the seaside one hot summer and started swimming in jeans as did several others there. I think we all liked the thought of defying convention doing something 'verboten' plus the fact that it looked and felt good, giving a definite sense of liberation. Also liked to dip into remote pools along mountain streams on warm days hiking, drying off as I continued my walk.

Normally I prefer to correspond thru inboxing as chat is liable to distract from what I am doing. However I can use chat by arrangement. Don't do meetups now except for close friends.

Finally I would like to say to any Putin (or Lukashenko) supporters out there that you are not welcome in my section, because effectively you support Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the war crimes inflicted there.
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RickA  3/28/24
More pics (guys + coeds) have been selected for deletion by mid-April unless more likes are forthcoming:
wettoddswl  3/22/23
I better get my likes in!!Report
wetschool  2/10/23
Got any school uniform pics adults wearing school uniform wet messyReport
RickA  4/8/22
More album pics up for deletion soon, unless...Report
RickA  3/12/22
More album pics for deletion soon, unless...Report
RickA  2/28/22
Strength to UkraineReport
RickA  1/20/22
"More pics for deletion soon - see album"Report
RickA  1/13/22
More pics for deletion soon - see albumReport
RickA  1/9/22
More pics for deletion soon - unless....Report
RickA  12/31/21
A Happy and Peaceful 2022 to All!Report
RickA  12/24/21
Note: album loves were not registering earlier today, ok nowReport
RickA  11/16/21
Not uploading pics for now, gallery displays not right (:Report
RickA  11/5/21
Not posting pics until verified, sorryReport
RickA  11/2/21
New album pics posted today!Report
RickA  11/2/21
My "every guy" albums completed!Report
RickA  10/26/21
Newest album posts moved into C2Report
RickA  10/12/21
Tempoarily unable to upload pics sorryReport
RickA  6/29/21
Prob a few weeks before pics post again ;(Report
RickA  6/27/21
Sorry folks, cannot post pics for a week or so - pc probsReport
RickA  6/21/21
Main everyguy albums now complete except for some new guysReport
RickA  4/17/21
Some changes in progress within my wetlooker albums!"Report
RickA  4/17/21
Starting to make some changes to my wetlooker albums soon!Report
RickA  2/21/21
test for wall inclusionReport
RickA  2/21/21
Testing for visibilityReport
RickA  2/21/21
Sorry my profile was invisible for a few days!Report
RickA  2/19/21
Is this message on the wall?Report
RickA  2/19/21
Is this message on the wall?Report
RickA  2/19/21
Wall seems to be ignoring my album postsReport
RickA  12/29/20
New wetlooker favs album starting WednesdayReport
RickA  12/21/20
Starting another special wetlooker album next week!Report
RickA  12/19/20
Will be posting #1 of my Top 100 Wetlooker guys Monday!Report
Wet Live Team  10/6/20
You have amazing photos! Nice to look at! Report
RickA  8/9/20
Opened a new album of pics for deletionReport
RickA  8/9/20
Sorry cannot upload album pics at the moment Report
RickA  8/9/20
Problem uploading any more album pics just now sorry!Report
RickA  2/21/20
If your wetlooker vid cuts out part-way - try vlc player!Report
RickA  2/16/20
Unpublished wetlooker sets uploaded to my YT.Report
RickA  1/23/20
Oops just uploaded Fridays pics a day early!Report
RickA  1/5/20
Will soon be merging some full albumsReport
RickA  12/17/19
Just added some wetlooker co-ed picsReport
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