"Walking The Plank." Into mud!
By Lauren19 14 hours ago     19 views    1 comment    image included
I went to a summer fun day recently arranged by my place of work. There were loads of silly games and many of them were quite messy, so we were told to dress appropriately! The one that really excited me was an arm wrestling competition with a pirate theme! You see, the...
A Messy Forfeit
By Messy74 14 days ago     150 views    1 comment    image included
This is so funny, I'm writing about my last forfeit when a very good splosh friend & I are about to find out about tonights clash. My friend Arry is from England & I'm from Scotland & since both of us are splosh fans, its a great way to share our love of all...
How to get my partner to try messy things?
By greatone90 16 days ago     87 views    1 comment
Hey guys, me and my partner have been in a solid relationship for the past 6 years, she still doesnt know about my wam fetish and i would love for her to experience it with me. I have tried to in introduce it to her once or twice but she never got the hint. Does anybod...
The Messy Gentlemen's Club
By want2pieme 21 days ago     180 views    1 comment    image included
So I quickly heard about this Gentlemen's Club. This club is really exclusive. Hard to get into really hard you have to always wear a crisp suit always have to look your best and you get to stay in amazing Beach house and big beautiful yacht's so after so many years of...
Ultimate Fantasy Fulfilled
By buzzlightyear 26 days ago     158 views    2 comments
I awoke to her climbing on top of me. "Good morning, bitch!" she said. I could see it in her eye - something was up. Usually she was never horny in the morning, and slept until noon anyways. But no, today something was up. She felt my cock begin to harden and started gr...
wet heels 2
By WetRose2 5/24/17     44 views    image included
Wet heels = the new game
By WetRose2 5/24/17     54 views    image included
Lets go fun :)
Another Wet Weekend
By MrWetShirt 5/21/17     85 views
Another Wet Weekend They checked out of the hotel later that morning, and Fiona was delighted to be presented with a voucher offering her thirty dollars off the cost of another visit, if made within a month! Already the seeds of the idea of another weekend with Number T...
Giving up getting messy
By Miss E Cleavage 5/16/17     219 views    1 comment
A lot of people might relate to this, if you do please feel free to comment and if i can ill reply :) Ive had a wam fetish for nearly 20 years, and it has remained secret the entire time. Like a lot of people on here, im afraid of being judged or rejected. The thing is...
First time with new girlfriend-it was a hit
By Blaze68 5/6/17     277 views    1 comment
Looking like I've got a new WAMMING partner. Cute little blonde named Beth in her early 40's I've been dating for a few months. I bought her a kayak for her recent birthday, and yesterday (5/5) she insisted we try it out. Loaded hers and mine up and headed to a flood...
Comic Relief Silliness At Work
By Lauren19 4/29/17     176 views    image included
My workplace always gets behind initiatives such as Comic Relief and this time was no exception. One of my friends cooked up the idea of "The Mud Bucket Challenge". Unlike the famous ice bucket challenge, this wasn't a pour over the head job, but a big bucket of thick m...
First Messy Session--Messy Fun at 4 in the Morning
By Slopseeker 4/26/17     186 views    1 comment
Wake up after a couple of hours of sleep bright and early for my 21st. Hastily sort out some train tickets for about two hours time, and then head into the bathroom shaking like a bastard. Lie some plastic bags on the shower floor, bring laptop into bathroom, and by 4 i...
When did it all start?
By FarmCouple 4/24/17     104 views
My best recollection of when it started for me as a young boy, was watching the Jungle Book and that sneaky snake wrapping his coils around Mowgli, and that started my mind going about what it would be like to feel those coils. Then I seen the movie The Blob (1958), and...
Mud Swimming in the Backyard
By wvmud 4/23/17     136 views
I have a 6 month old yellow lab. She's really good at being a puppy and whines constantly to go outside and normally I don't mind. But the past month in the pacific northwest we have had more rain than we should have had all year. So the backyard is a swamp. It can'...
Wet Knickers
By Wet-Si 4/9/17     105 views
So i had a dream last night, don't know what would have brought it on but anyway that doesn't matter. It was about an ex partner who i had a very active and varied fetish sex life with, she was always up for wet clothes and didn't mind a bit of custard in her knickers e...
By sweetfreak 4/7/17     168 views    image included
Aren't we lucky being WAM-lovers? For us, any supermarket is a sex shop. Do you recognize that feeling? Walking in a store, imagining all the things you could get messy with. things you can fuck, things you can pour in your undies, things you can put in your ass... Thin...
Bozo T. Poem.
By BozoT.Clown 3/28/17     82 views    image included
Nobody Loves Us Clowns. We Shouldn't Be Foolin' Around. We Should Be Serious. And Not Delirious. Nobody Loves Us Clowns. I REALLY MEAN IT! Nobody Loves Us CLOWNS!!! :P
By Wet-Si 3/26/17     161 views
I keep seeing this video on YouTube and can never get it out my head, it's a girl named Stephanie, from round the North Est area. She is recorded introducing herself and that she is about to be gunged. The video pans from her feet up over her sexy ass and to her face,...
Wet Yoga Pants
By Wet-Si 3/21/17     131 views
So last night whilst having a very mixed sleep I started dreaming about an ex partner and boy was it worth it. I remember this trip we took, I picked her up and started the journey she was wearing a purple t-shirt and black yoga pants, tight but not as fitted as legging...
friendship through wam
By INDIWAM17 3/19/17     99 views
Hi I am very lovable person but there no females takers as messy they get. I love being wet but still I am very open wet person. We can all be friends on wam but there is no takers, then is hope to a lovable man. Females wammers think about and let me know thanks . x
The London Splosh Games Tuesday 14th March 2017
By Whitestar 3/15/17     579 views    image included
This is an edited version of my post on Fetlife under the same user name. I was booked in for Sploshing Event at Townhouse on 31st July 2016, but unfortunately my car broke down the day before and I was gutted that I wasn't able to get to the event. With the hours I...
A new idea
By kane83 3/15/17     191 views
I was thinking once I open my own download store and start selling some product on here, i was thinking !, it would be an awesome idea to live stream a full pie season with my girlfriend getting creamed as per usual ;p... just a thought ;)
I suck, can we talk?
By AnnaLee 3/9/17     282 views    3 comments
Just gonna rant here a sec, m'kay? I get the occasional email that basically says, for more or less, "Sorry to bother you..." Uh, no you're not, or you wouldn't be writing. And you start an email by apologizing? I'm supposed to forgive you for...... ??? "I suck at...
By livemud 2/28/17     180 views    1 comment
Tuesday: Confirmed date for next Tuesday with Monica at 10:00. To quote the email reply, "....Monica....is completely fine with your request and willing to participate fully..... you can get her messy as much as you want." Booked hotel List of items to purchase: -...
Fiona by Herself at the Pool
By MrWetShirt 2/24/17     220 views    1 comment
Fiona by Herself at the Pool Tony had an interview and assessment for a temporary post at a home delivery company, working as a dispatch manager to be based at the depot. The job was due to start at the beginning of October and to last for six months, which would be id...
Oily Anal Vacation
By MyPieRogative 2/22/17     268 views    image included
It's interesting how sometimes you just know certain things. He makes me feel like a fortune teller at times. A look across a dinner table, or a moment of locking eyes with a smile walking down the street, or in this case, looking up seeing him with laughter in his eyes...
I know, I'm perfect?
By AnnaLee 2/18/17     242 views    6 comments
Just a quick blip before I go bouncing around Pieland for the day: Someone said to me this week, and I'm paraphrasing here, "You're impossibly perfect!" BINGO! Key word here is "impossibly"! See, lemme 'splain: I'm very aware that my profile is provocative. It i...
Quick replies to chat questions
By AnnaLee 2/15/17     197 views
"Where are you from?" -Pieland, Slapstickonia, USA. Like it says on my profile! "What do you do?" -Mainly make silly and risky comments while someone is holding a pie. Generally this is right after whatever I was wearing is now on the floor. "What's your major?" -I h...
Random Mailbag
By AnnaLee 2/15/17     183 views    3 comments
K. Writes: "Why all of the boob pics? Are any of them you?" Why the pics? I like them! They're aspirational to me at the moment I find them, and for the "theater in my mind" (not a real theater, just go with it for a second) I imagine that's what I'd look like while I'...
A surprisingly fabulous pie
By AnnaLee 2/13/17     355 views    6 comments
It's time for a happy, upbeat blog post! So once, I met a woman who was an overall very positive kinkster and who thought the idea of pies in the face was, if not erotic, at least very fun and had great power-play potential. We hit it off personally, and since I was in...
Pics Or It Didn't Happen
By AnnaLee 2/13/17     382 views    6 comments
And now, lets dip into our mailbag shall we? Viewer Bill (not his real name) writes in. Bill asks "Why don't you show us what you look like? How do we know you're as cute as you say you are and not some fat cow or some horny guy somewhere? You should post a picture of...
You know you're a wammer when
By MogAnarchy 2/12/17     146 views
You know you're a WAMmer when... You own a stack of B&Q orange buckets, despite never washing cars or doing garden work... You own a vast amount of paper plates, despite rarely holding a buffet... You buy massive quantities of shaving foam, despite using an elec...
By AnnaLee 2/12/17     231 views    3 comments
There's been this thing lately where I chat with someone and they do something WAMmy without my consent. It turns them on apparently, even after we've agreed what the interests and boundaries are for our chat time together. This is huge NOPE. I get that forcing your...
A Very Wet Start To The New Year 2017
By WetAndMuddyFun 2/12/17     84 views
Even though it had snowed all day new years eve and the the temperature was below 0C I managed to get wet multiple times on New Years day. First I did a polar bear swim at noon. When I got to the location of the polar bear swim I found out that due to the below 0 temps...
Wam session
By WAM SANJ 2/10/17     79 views
Hi to all wam females. As you know I have been on this site for a while. I am not getting joy in doing a wam sessions. I love wetlook and I am very open to anything goes. At the moment I cant accommodate and I am based in London. I would like to meet and open minded peo...
Slightly strange fantasy
By bsmithyst 2/1/17     183 views    1 comment
Ok, so I thought I would share my slightly strange fantasy with you guys. Let me know what you think... Imagine a young, tall cute blond guy. Both he and I are wearing tshirts and sweat pants. He sits down on a bed, so his legs are resting on the bed but he's sitting...
My ideal session continued.
By curiousvixen84 1/30/17     262 views    2 comments
Seeing that smile on his face excites me even more while he is standing surrounded by pies pleased with his actions so far...i get up off the floor and slowly slide my feet across the floor to meet him at the table of pies... He chuckles as i slip and slide my way acros...
messywife story
By sedd 1/29/17
Conversation with MessyWife on Jan 29th 2017 ------------------------------------------------------- (1:34PM) Me: hi (1:36PM) MessyWife: hiya (Smile) (1:44PM) Me: hows your day going? (1:46PM) MessyWife: all good now ive opened up the wine (Smile) and you? (1:47PM) Me:...
Old thoughts!
By Wet-Si 1/28/17     112 views
Lately I've been having a lot of thoughts about 2 ex partners both of who gave me a lot of pleasure with getting wet and messy. I used to enjoy the tight gym clothes and the jeans as well as using custard to get messy and filling knickers. There's nothing better than...
Charity Quiz With A Mud Bath For The Losers!
By Lauren19 1/25/17     189 views    1 comment    image included
Recently, I took part in a fun quiz night as a fundraiser with my work colleagues. Where it differed from a normal quiz was the fact that at various points throughout the night people that were deemed to have performed poorly were ordered into a bath full of mud. Most p...
The devastating effects from my pee fetish
By DiaperFun 1/22/17     131 views    image included
SAP diapers are unique diapers consisting of gel that gives extremely comfortable shiverings throughout the body every time I pee on such diaper. When I pee on SAP diapers I do it mercilessly and do not care at all about the ruthless treatment I expose to the diapers....
My fetish for diapers
By DiaperFun 1/22/17     84 views    image included
Pee in diapers is crazy exciting and liberating and this has become a sport where the primary purpose is to pee over and over again in brand new diapers for several minutes so that they after a while is a totally disaster. I have neurlogic incontinence wich include a ve...
watch later
By mudkip 1/19/17
I am finally back home
By RainbowStarr 1/19/17     167 views    image included
I am sorry I have not log in a while. I have to stay with friends in the last few weeks, due to the fact my water heater busted in my home. Also the broken water heater lead to frozen pipes in the building too. Finally my roommates and I fix the plumbing and replace the...
Update 2017
By messyjojo 1/16/17     152 views    1 comment
After havinbg a few pm's about what I'm up to/why I'm not online much....I thought I'd better give you all an update..... Since August 2016 I have been back at college, undertaking a new venture, no less! I am now studying Animal Care Management, with a view to workin...
Tony's Treat
By MrWetShirt 1/14/17     132 views
Tony's Treat It was winter and it was closed season at the outdoor pool. Tony had a temporary job at a warehouse, picking goods from the thousands of storage areas and shelves, and rushing them onto trolleys to be dispatched. Every shift was a hard slog, there was liter...
Ode to the Target
By dreamygie 1/3/17     221 views    1 comment
There was a thread recently asking if people liked getting messy. I wanted to expound on the subject but like I said earlier, if I post on a thread it will die immediately. It's a gift. I don't like getting messy. I didn't actually know that at first. Growing up I wa...
Too old for this sh-stuff
By dreamygie 12/28/16     289 views    3 comments
It's a movie cliche in the third or fourth installment of a comedy/action series, after an especially exhausting yet familiar action sequence, the weary sidekick will say in an aside, 'I'm too old for this shit'. Well I reached that point in my wam career this morning....
Now, that's embarrassing.
By sneaked666 12/28/16     182 views    image included
You know how it is, you think you've got presents for everyone and then someone turns up at the last minute with a gift and have have nothing to give them back... Wammer of the Day on Christmas day is kinda cool! Thanks to everyone who loved the photos/videos now and i...
My story
By messycoolcatshirtsboy 12/26/16     207 views
Hello everybody, I am Luuk, a 19 years old boy from Utrecht, The Netherlands. I was 8 year at the start of my Wet And Messy Story. I do WAM with everything, paint, mud, custard, ketchup etc etc. A few years later, I start with bdsm. I am a gay slaveboy. (I am gay and I...
blah blah blah
By dreamygie 12/25/16     178 views
So I figured i'd try this blog thing for awhile though i'll probably delete this tomorrow. I always do. Eventually i'll leave one up. So yeah, i'm bored. And a little high. I love my green, what can I say. I am a thread killer so I don't post much. I wish I could do m...
Heavenly Mud
By VersaceMess 12/22/16     239 views    3 comments
For years, I have carefully ventured behind the old barn at home and down to the creek for some nice muddy relaxation. I never understood why I am so attracted to the dark, deep, captivating mud that lined the banks of our creek, but the feeling is so unique I can't hel...
Plans for 2017
By Manwam 12/20/16     160 views    image included
So another year has past. Ive nearly been on umd 10 years not (had a previous profile) This year has been most interesting and a bit turbulent. I enjoyed meeting with elf earlier in january and february and met tim in january aswell but then pretty much ceased filming...
30th Birthday kinky gunging
By Gungdulgence 12/20/16     274 views    image included
The night has finally arrived. I have been ordered upstairs by my sexy wife to prepare me her naughty sex and messy punishment dungeon. Looks like i am well in for a good seeing to! Just about to make up 3 buckets of blue, purple and glossy black slop for her to use and...
Villain/Villaness meets sticky end WAM style!
By cigarsuitedslimeball 12/10/16     319 views    3 comments    image included
Has anyone been fascinated by movies where the villain/villainess meets a sticky end through slapstick and lots of WAM scenes !! I love the powerful role suddenly being reduced to a slimy blob! I've always admired Cruella Deville in 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians !...
At What Point.
By MFG_LonelyBear 12/9/16     110 views
At what point do you wake up, each and every day... Hoping that this will be the time that all the hurt will go away? At what point do you realise, whilst staring at the ocean, standing there on the sand... There will never ever be anyone standing there beside you to t...
By Beethoven 12/7/16     145 views    1 comment    image included
I recently just added three pictures to my folder. They are not "current pictures" but they are new to the site. I don't think I will ever change my Avatar Picture of the body paint, but the new pictures are... A Pre-Wam Selfie of a nude holding a pie and two picture...
An Amazing Mudbath With Friends!
By Lauren19 12/7/16     295 views    1 comment    image included
Just before Christmas last year, I was extremely fortunate to be invited to take part in a charity fundraiser with some friends of mine. The event took place in a large shop that two of the friends work in and the idea was people would donate money to see people attempt...
What a crazy ride this has been
By curiousvixen84 12/6/16     341 views    1 comment
OMG so many things I have never done or seen that are on this site that look so intriguingly wonderful. I have sadly not been able to get messy recently but it has been on my mind! I need to feel the coldness of the pie on my face and feeling it falling onto my exposed...
Wamming in the shower
By wamcouplebj 12/6/16     269 views    1 comment    image included
We are getting more and more open about WAM and I purchased a great video of Messie-Jessie ("introduce your partner to wam") explaining what WAM is about, which substances you can safely use and how to WAM for the first time. Take it slow and be focused on the fun of WA...
Introducing ourselves
By wamcouplebj 11/29/16     446 views    1 comment
Hi everyone, this is our first blog as a couple, where we will share our experiences and grow together as a WAM couple. Let me (the guy) start introducing ourselves.. We are a couple in our early 30s and are together for several years. I am already a WAM enthusiast for...
crazy November
By RainbowStarr 11/29/16     176 views    image included
This has been a crazy month for me. How did this month start, well with my roommate breaking my computer monitor and my very expensive webcam. Which I or my roommate is yet to replace with new ones. So that led to me not be able to do live broadcast for this month. Fing...
By RainbowStarr 11/22/16     167 views    5 comments
So I want to do a new video but I don't know what I want to do yeah. So please send me your ideas for videos. What I'm think is ; Full body fluff and chocolate syrup Or plastic wrap and messy fun Or maybe thanksgiving sides Or just savory like gravy ketchup baked bean...
Pumas in deep trouble
By messy_jenny92 11/19/16     312 views    2 comments    image included
One night this summer I was out with some friends, just having a great time and enjoying the warm weather. It had rained quite a lot the days before and we were now finally getting sunshine again. We were out in the country having a bonfire at a friends house. I was wea...
Thanksgiving fun
By pigboyny 11/18/16     125 views
Would love to celebrate the holiday in a gunge-ful way. Be naked and trussed up like a turkey, sitting in the dining room, as you serve a traditional feast. As each course comes out, you cover me with it: mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, baked yams with marshmallow,...
A Sponsored Mud Bath For Charity
By Lauren19 11/17/16     295 views    2 comments    image included
I recently had a wonderful opportunity to get muddy at work again. We decided to raise some money for our chosen charity by rolling out a large container full of mud and having somebody get sponsored to get in it! I was really keen to take part so was delighted to be se...
Being Nosy.
By Buff 11/17/16     161 views    2 comments
I sent a message to Kacie James yesterday, & in one paragraph i decided to be very candid about my love of nose-filling. Kacie was the first person i ever really opened up to about Wam, a couple of years ago now, & through her being so cool with it, it made me f...
The next morning
By messy_jenny92 11/16/16     515 views    3 comments
So as I woke up after a good night sleep, I remembered that I had left some unfinished business. During my fun time in the water the night before, I lost one of my high heels and it was still sitting at the bottom of the pool! As I would be alone for the rest of the day...
Slime torture
By RainbowStarr 11/15/16     260 views    image included
I am uploading my video now to UMD I had a great time making this new slime video and the video came out great. I just wished my cameraman/helper would of done It to my fantasy I wanted to do. He unfortunately did not follow to my written instruction. As you all know i...
Video Day
By RainbowStarr 11/14/16     150 views
OK I am going to do a new video today but only going give you some hints -slime -cake batter -colorful -cute duct tape -spanking -pie -shaving cream -vibrator -white clothing -syrups I cant wait to do this. This is going to be fun video shoot and I will be selling my...
By RainbowStarr 11/13/16     207 views    2 comments    image included
so this IS A rough draft of what we ( us girls and staff) are thinking for this get together event Let me know what you think? We have decide we need at least 20 people to buy tickets so we can do this event if not we have to raise the ticket cost or reduce some of t...
Getting My Zebra Socks Muddy!
By Lauren19 11/12/16     177 views    image included
I couldn't resist a splash in the mud with my amazing new zebra socks. I went to a field near my house and just ran across it without a care in the world! It felt really incredible as the sticky oozy mud claimed my shoes and I squelched ankle deep in just the beautiful...
Get Together for east coast USA
By RainbowStarr 11/10/16     161 views    3 comments
I been talking to few of local east coast people on here, the general community would love get together and do wam party. So I want to do a east coast wam party next year here are my ideas so far Two choices I am thinking about (let me know what you think?) A) Ther...
Hi all wammers!
By Desamo 11/10/16     142 views    1 comment    image included
I joined this awesome place yesterday. I am 24 years old man from Finland. I am into messy woman. Being messy became my fetish six years ago. I haven't done lots of messy stuff but I want to. My first messy substance was syrup. I covered my upper body with it and It fel...
Messy Time
By RainbowStarr 11/9/16     250 views    image included
I had a great time with in person session this Sunday I had freakn blast being pie and giving pies to my friend's head/faces. We also pour colorful slime and yummy chocolate syrup on each other. I am looking forward to other session with new friends. Also Monday I had...
My Intro to Gunging.
By MonsieurBrideau 11/7/16     246 views    image included
My first foray into gunging was a solo effort in my bathroom 10 years ago. Smartly dressed with 8 buckets of natrosol, I remember my heart racing with excitement as I was getting ready for the session. The feeling of that cold, slimy liquid pouring over me, finding its...
By RainbowStarr 11/7/16     143 views    image included
I have been having a great time making these videos for UMD but if people kept buying (if you can call it that) at zero dollars, I will be unable to kept finically affording to make UMD videos. I know if I rent a video from anywhere it would cost me a dollar per day....
By RainbowStarr 11/6/16     183 views    image included
So few years ago I started getting back into sploshing when I got my first video request for it. I was more than happy to do the custom video. My first video request was for soups and cream soups with full clothes on. After that one I got more request with other items...
Today in person session
By RainbowStarr 11/6/16     218 views    1 comment    image included
I so excited today. I'm doing in person session in my home today. I can't wait to make a mess with my new friend. We have eight pies ready to use on each other. Plus four colorful slimes waiting. Did I forget to mention chocolate syrup too. This going to be fun day.
My first
By RainbowStarr 11/5/16     233 views    image included
As far as I can recall my first time I was like 14. My friends two girls beside me and two brothers of one of my girlfriend. We were having outside dinner party. Some how we got into food fight. I think it start out of boardism really. What was for dinner that nite spag...
Today New Video
By RainbowStarr 11/4/16     140 views    image included
I am excited today I'm getting messy today. YIPPEE! What I'm doing.....Mmmmm Ok I will tell you I am all dress in this super sexy wetlook catsuit with even gloves. Oh boy! My plans is to have great time with five gallons of lovely custard. After getting really messy...
Trip to UK
By RainbowStarr 11/3/16     135 views
I want to do some sessions and do them in UK next year in JUNE. Maybe do some wam sessions with the locals. I don't know what part of UK I should go to. I am planning to go for about a week or maybe two depending on the demands of sessions. So please answer me what p...
Another Charity Mudbath With Jeans, Socks and Shoes On!
By Lauren19 10/31/16     244 views    2 comments    image included
After being selected to go into a huge tank of mud in my work clothes, and discovering that I actually enjoyed the sensation, I obviously volunteered to take part again. I wondered how it would feel in jeans, so wore a nice pair of blue skinnies on the day. Two things s...
A Shoe-Sucking Shortcut Across A Muddy Field
By Lauren19 10/29/16     252 views    4 comments    image included
I managed to get myself in a bit of a mess taking a shortcut across a very muddy field recently. I knew it would be muddy, but I couldn't resist having a bit of fun! I was wearing my smart brown brogue-style lace-ups and some beautiful nautical socks. It was far muddier...
My Introduction To Mud.
By Lauren19 10/26/16     411 views    7 comments    image included
A few years ago my workplace staged a charity auction. The idea was that people had to pledge money and nominate someone. The person with the highest number of votes would then have to get into a tank of mud, in public, with everyone watching. This event couldn't be sle...
Pie Anybody You Want!
By BozoT.Clown 10/20/16     250 views    image included
I have a Review for you. There's a new free iGame App, called Pie Fight. It lets you pie anybody you can take a picture of. It's a whole lot of WAM / Sploshing fun! I'm very shy, so I haven't asked any girls if I could take their picture yet. But I have taken plenty of...
My CD messing
By drippingskirt 10/17/16     183 views    1 comment
Mainly I like wet clothes, but for everyone who has asked if I do messy, this is a true account of something I once did. And never did again. A mistake? Enjoy, and do try it at home! Once when I moved to a new flat I used a spare room that was still unfinished, builde...
Back around here :3
By MessyMaiden 10/15/16     121 views    1 comment
Hello everyone! its been a time that i havent logged in around but im back or at least i would like to stay more often :) this december im travelling with some friends to london (2nd time for me) and it came up to me that i could meet some of you while drinking at a pub...
pool fun after a night out
By messy_jenny92 10/13/16     604 views    5 comments    image included
I'm still quite new to all this, but I would like to share my experiences and figured I might start with a story of me that took place about a year ago. I was out in town with a couple of friends having a great time. When I got back to my house I felt a little tipsy and...
Making a custom video or pictures
By RainbowStarr 10/12/16     309 views    image included
How to teach me your fetish .......simply book a custom video or photo set or session or Skype fun Please message or email me with serious inquiry for booking Or contact me with advices or your stories about you kink I really have been enjoying doing these videos for...
The Wait IS Almost Over!
By ALEXISSTAR 10/11/16     149 views
Just heard on the grapevine (from a reliable source) that my video and pics should be with you real soon. Yay xxxxx can't wait for your feedback on my filthy debut and future ideas xxx
No patience! Xxok
By ALEXISSTAR 10/9/16     164 views
Hi all Trying to set up an account on here so i can show you all my video pics. So proud of them as it was my debut WAM experience and i loved it!!!! Seems like ages and I'm still waiting for acceptance!! I just can't wait to get it out there so you can all enjoy also...
Oh My God!
By CreamMeAgain 10/8/16     420 views    3 comments
Hello all you sexy creamed faces! Here's a story for you, I wrote it years ago, one of my many short stories I will be sharing. This one was inspired by my fantasies to travel. I have always wanted to go to Britain and travel around the haunted sites there, so in my...
My First Time
By CreamMeAgain 10/4/16     632 views    10 comments
My pie fetish started the way most of them do, (at least the ones I've read about) when I was a kid watching someone randomly get pied on t.v. or in a movie. Of course I felt embarrassed at first when I watched it. I didn't want anyone else to notice I was embarrassed,...
Autumn fun.
By mudsprite 10/2/16     140 views    image included
Feeling REALLY horny right now. It's been a long wait, but next week I'm all ready to have four days in a row of mucky, sexy fun. Rest assured I'll be putting up the pics and clips soon after. Can't wait!
My Aquaphiliac Life Story
By SeaOpal 9/27/16     227 views    image included
I think I've been an aquaphile for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest sexual explorations involved playing at "wet tshirt contest" by myself in the shower, or slathering myself with baby oil. And I was constantly drawing designs for my "dream house" that alw...
Introducing my wife to WAM
By wamgod 9/27/16     286 views
For many years, I am a WAM fanatic and played around by myself. I already opened up to my wife a while ago about my fetishes and she was not against it, but I was always feeling uncomfortable to play with her. I know it's my fetish and she would like to have fun with me...
First experience
By survivor1701 9/25/16     122 views
I have two big cans of baked beans, one carton of eggs and two four packs of liquid yougurt ( to replace custard, cause I couldn't find custard) can anyone walk me through my first "Wet And Messy" experience, please
First mud experience
By HairyPitSlop 9/18/16     283 views    1 comment
My first mud experience happened when I was 25 or 26...although I'd been fantasizing and jacking off to thinking about wallowing in the mud for years. I was in the military, stationed on a base in the South. I used to run a lot, and the base had acres and acres of undev...
Games 2
By deviant_dan 9/5/16
Game 1 Box roulette Basically the same as egg roulette. However this idea means you can have mixed substances. Gather a bunch of boxes and place in each a substancw of your choice. Leaving some empty or with somthing nice in them. Then each player (2 or more) takes it...


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