new solo WAM videos
By EmmaM Friday     15 views
So I have done a few WAM videos these past years however they are mainly lesbian or Domination style. I decided yesterday to film two NEW solo videos to see how they sell and if it is worth making some more. So if you want me to make more WAM solo videos GET BUYING M...
A Roomie
By AbsorbMe Friday     34 views
Everyday I would hear this knocking from under my room usually at night but sometimes in the morning. I told my roommates and they said it's probably the water heater or something. Now I knew the kid in the only room that mine is above. Its the only room that I can hear...
Happy New Year 2018
By FETISH JADE Tuesday     43 views    image included
Haven't been here in a while, however I'm still sploshing at the www.the as are some of the other ladies. I also have many Erotic Hypnosis Videos: Madame Jade Paris madame jade dot com Hope you had a great holiday. xoxox Madame Jade - sploshing...
Casting Call
By PennyBanks 8 days ago     68 views
Looking for male-presenting costars to film messy content with in 2018. I'm seeking to shoot with someone who is: mid twenties to early forties Attractive Based in London/nearby Experienced on camera and able to provide at least 1 reference from another girl you've shot...
My life now (just in case you were interested :P)
By Leah Lambert 10 days ago     137 views    1 comment    image included
Firstly, I would just like to say thank you for such a lovely warm welcome back, from those who remember me and those I am just meeting. Someone suggested to me that they think my comeback video should involve custard, I used to have a custard bath video so I think that...
Wet night stop
By jpeter007 11 days ago     50 views
This happened a few years back but never posted on summer i went to a smoky bar and had a few beers. Leaving my jeans and t shirt reeked of smoke and knew everything was going straight into the wash when i got home....then i had a idea as i started my truck...
I'm back!
By LeahLambert 11 days ago     123 views    1 comment    image included
Hey guys. As I said in my about me section, I had a profile on this site about 5 years ago, but with bright red hair, I was so warmly welcomed and made some good friends while I was here. I ended up having to move around a lot and going through a bad break up, so decid...
New Shoes And Fun Socks In The Mud!
By Lauren19 13 days ago     50 views    image included
Last week, I was involved in clearing up a piece of muddy wasteland at the back of my workplace. I'm not one for wellies so I just got stuck in with my new shoes on! I love the way my amazing socks have been daubed with glorious mud through the cutouts on the shoes! It...
Telling Your Partner About Your WAM Fetish
By jakesm13 13 days ago     119 views    image included
I often get messages on how to best tell a significant other about our wet and messy fetish and believe this is a great topic for my first blog post. I've had great results with past partners, especially with my current partner, Kate, with whom I have shared a large amo...
Wet look session next weekend
By wetcouple 16 days ago     88 views    2 comments
Hey guys, we're new to the forum so thought we'd take the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are a couple in our 20's who have a very fond passion for wetlook. I myself have been into wetlook since my teens, always sneaking into the shower still wearing my jeans and...
With custard in my pants to work.
By Knickerfilling 16 days ago     376 views    7 comments
I couldnt sleep much last night and I was thinking that I needed to spice up my work a bit. So now Im filling a little plastic bag with some custard and Im tieing/taping it up around my cock and balls. So they will messy while I am at work. First Im going to check if i...
On the way to a meeting
By wetboxers 19 days ago     57 views    1 comment
I had a off-site mtg a few summers ago. Takes 45 minutes to get there. I decided I was going to get a little wet and edge myself close to cumming if not actually. I knew I would be dry enough for the mtg wearing a dark blue suit -'the pants would look ok at the mtg no m...
Thanks for Reading (Lauren's Story)
By LongTimeLurker 23 days ago     80 views    1 comment
I just posted the 50th and final(?) chapter of my first posted work of WAM fiction, Lauren's Story. I want to share a couple of things about this and my experiences writing this. First off, thanks to the many of you who offered me encouragement and support as I posted...
Pie Fight Club
By KakeKid 23 days ago     66 views
Pie Fight Club by KakeKid Lexi looked down at the thick cake inches in front of her face. It was a large round cake, 5 layers deep with pink frosting and light purple trim. Standing on either side of her head were two Asian twins in pig tails and dressed in matching...
Pie Threesome
By relax22 29 days ago     119 views
Pie Threesome August 15, 2014 After many weekends of role-play and sex where my girlfriend got pied by me, she finally got her revenge on one awesome long Saturday. It was college, and we were all working as stagehands in the theater. My girlfriend, Pace, the dance maj...
The Pie Meant for Someone Else
By relax22 29 days ago
The pie meant for someone else. August 15, 2014 bcpie3 She was late for her own party. Down the hall of her apartment, her friends were already there, drinking their drinks and munching on munchies. She was made-up, but not dressed. Crap. Now what? She started flippin...
Recruit of video model
By K.Kawahara 29 days ago     37 views
Hello. I'm K.Kawahara. I live in Tokyo, Japan. I am looking for a model to cooperate with video shooting in Tokyo. I'd like to sell movies I shot on the Internet. It is a woman whose age is from the early twenties to the late twenties and is qualified to work in Jap...
A real story, not fiction. Just because.
By PieWriter 12/15/17     690 views
With some of the speculation on the forums as to what is a true story and what's a fantasy, and since I almost always post fantasy, I thought I'd post a real event. A true story. A few things occur to me about why I love recounting this story. First is that my girfrien...
sposhing filming
By GoddessAveena 12/14/17     108 views    2 comments    image included
looking for like minded subs to do some sploshing on film, I can rent venue to do so but would need a tribute and it will be filmed for those of you who are camera shy you need not apply. This will be part of a humiliation clip so there will be verbal humiliation during...
A Tale Of Messy Woe.
By JinxyJenny 12/11/17     170 views    image included
All was well in the Jinxy household. We'd been to the shops and purchased an assortment of fun and yummy mess-making ingredients. In fact, we got carried away and spent way more than the budget allowed, but hey-ho! These things happen and it was bound to make for a b...
Something I would love
By gunge_the_loser 12/5/17     227 views    2 comments
I would honestly love a video or recording of someone even just talking about a scenario using the words 'gunk, slop, gunge, goo, ooze and splat', things like that. Ideally in an English accent and humiliating the listener. If anyone could ever fulfil that I'd be etern...
The tide is high
By wetmana 12/5/17     167 views
Tis time of year we get a really good high tide and the beach , (7.5m) so a lot of the beach gets covers, especially were the step go down to it, so sunday i was out for a walk along the banking to the beach the sun was about to se, and the dog walkers were going home...
The second wamming
By MessyBBWuk 12/4/17     266 views    3 comments
Having messed my face up the night before I decided to continue my solo experimentation with some full body sploshing. I also thought that rather than risk selfies I would video it and pull stills off, avoiding touching my phone when messy... thankfully it survived a m...
Pied In Public
By pieguy446 12/2/17     206 views    1 comment
I've been thinking a lot lately after I received an interesting proposition on UMD. A pperson, not to be named, messaged me out of the blue, asking me if I would be interested in conducting a social experiment. They claim that they are a psych student, at a local coll...
Health anxiety. How to beat it!
By ItsJay 12/2/17     179 views    2 comments
I know this is not W.A.M related at all, but, I feel its something I need to talk about. If I manage to help one person, just once, a little, I will be happy. I have been suffering with heath anxiety for around 2 years. It crippled me . At one point I thought I was hav...
First solo WAM
By MessyBBWuk 12/2/17     277 views    image included
I have wanted to be made messy from my first moment of sexual awakening but it's taken some time to actually get over the embarrassment of feeling like that about this unusual fetish Anyway, I'm currently arranging some messy sessions with others but unable to wait any...
more updates
By RainbowStarr 12/1/17     186 views    1 comment    image included
Sorry I have been on lately I having hard time with my internet I cant seems to upload any of my newvideos, no its not the site but my internet it needs help or rewiring or something Anyways i have a tech person come by this week So hopefully i won't to have to run tom...
Some alone time
By Wet-Si 11/28/17     32 views
It's not. Dry often I get time on my own without my partner, this Friday she will be out and this means I can finally get a tight pair of knickers and leggings on. I'll eventualy get them wet in the bath before masturbating in them. Can't wait!
Dream custom
By bsmithyst 11/26/17     64 views
I'd love to make a custom video along these lines, with contestant and host: Contestant: cute, clean shaven, aged somewhere between 18 and 30. Clothes: plain t-shirt, jeans or track pants, wearing regular boots/sneakers without socks. Contestant comes and sits inside g...
A Muddy Forfeit At Work
By Lauren19 11/26/17     75 views    image included
We had lots of fun at work for the recent Children In Need event. Some people were gunged and it all got very messy! I got involved in a muddy stunt again personally! I had a 100 price on my head and as soon as it was raised I was ordered into a pool of mud, in front o...
Watching Brandy in Toronto
By Paris Erotic Massage 11/25/17     27 views
Watching Brandy in Toronto November 25, 2017 | by stevenmaturin I moved into the condo about a year ago. I loved being close to work and my wife and I loved giving up the commute. The condo was large enough, but what sealed the deal for me were the views both long and s...
Mandy in Dubai
By Paris Erotic Massage 11/25/17     20 views
Mandy in Dubai November 25, 2017 | by cowboy109 The dragon's reptilian claws dug into the stone to wind its green scaled body tightly around the pillar. Its head with the ghastly big, baby-like eyes were raised into the blackness of the night sensing, keenly paying atte...
Arabian Nights in Dubai
By Paris Erotic Massage 11/25/17     27 views
Arabian Nights in Dubai November 25, 2017 | by kayla_femboi I was in Dubai for business. I was essentially a salesman for a company that specialized in medical equipment for hospitals. Nothing terribly exciting, but the pay was decent and I got to travel quite a bit. I...
Utah Wam
By gungeslime 11/22/17     34 views
I been dying to try to find someone to get messy with me in Utah, If you live in Utah or coming to visit Utah please let me know! I would be more than happy to get messy with a fellow dude!
Please wam me
By rick 11/20/17     14 views
I wanna meet up with someone and get messy with them in the los Angeles area...i wanna expedience it really bad!!! Please someone WAM me or us.
Our new dedicated Pie and Mess download is out!
By Squashums 11/19/17     26 views    image included
Jenny's First Pie Case"My first foray into pies."Pies, pies and more pies! And slop! And slime! With sprinkles on top. Watch me explore a rainbow of traditional, foil-tinned pies, generously filled with custard, rice pudding, whipped cream, butterscotch, caramel and...
New Knickers and Leggings
By Wet-Si 11/15/17     29 views
So yesterday I ordered some new leggings and knickers, can't wait for them to come and try them getting wet. Also thinking I will try them filled with custard.
Shower in work
By eddiefluich 11/13/17     51 views    1 comment
Hello, i just finished up work for the night and because it was/is raining out i decided to take a fully clothed shower in my uniform (as if i needed an excuse!) The shower was long and lovely i didn't want to get out. All my colleagues had gone home by this stage so...
1st time Splosh domination
By budgie 11/13/17     77 views
Was meaning to write this up a long time ago, so some of this might be a bit hazy now but it's still worth trying to clarify my thoughts. Back in the early summer I found myself up in Scotland and built up the courage to book myself in for a Splosh session with Megara F...
Panty filling
By optimuspax84 11/9/17     38 views
I'm looking for panty filling scenes usually between two girls that can be found on here or anywhere in media
The forfeit round
By GungeyShorts 11/6/17     1 view
"Here you go" as I look across through the layer of gloop on my head I see the Gungemaster passing me a pair of bib shorts. Surely it can't be half-time already I think to myself knowing the fate ahead of me. I slide out of my rather mucky lycra shorts and pull on the...
What is also key
By PieWriter 10/30/17     207 views    2 comments    image included
It's the little things that I want in my pie-in-the-face part of my life that have meaning that far outweigh and outsize the apparent depth of the activity. Which is pseudo-intellectual nerd-speak for "here's what I really want" ! With her, whomever she is out there,...
Depth Test
By mosluigi 10/17/17     115 views
A week after my first undertaking in my new mud pit I went back and this time I wanted to see how deep it really was. I followed the same procedure going to it as before. I didn't anticipate being seen entering the park but better to err on the side of caution. I took m...
New cycle gear,
By wetmana 10/16/17     68 views
recently was shopping in lidl local supermarket, i as usual the have a lot of bits and bobs along the centre isle , i noticed the cycle wear ( crane) so i had a gander, tight pants, tight jersey and a nice fitting coat , hmm i though that material would look great wet,m...
cade voce?
By paulo21225 10/14/17     20 views
Cade os paulistas que curtem torta na cara?
cade voce?
By paulo21225 10/14/17     18 views
Cade os paulistas que curtem torta na cara?
Joining s.l.o.s.h
By Manwam 10/7/17     332 views    2 comments    image included
S.L.O.S.H Throw what you think happens at a SLOSH event and open yourself to the possibility of going head first into a group that you have known about for many years, yet at the time, believing you were straight, would have made things awkward. Oh, I was soooo wrong!...
More Messy Material Coming Soon!
By Messy_Princess 10/6/17     156 views    1 comment    image included
Hello Splosh Lovers, I have to say my messy store has been rather neglected but I am about to correct that with 2 planned shoots is November (FREE) - so if you fancy being filmed then please do come along (although spaces are filling up fast!)... you can find further d...
How I ended up with the hotel receptionist in my shower
By drippingskirt 10/1/17     219 views    image included
While staying in a hotel in deepest Kazakstan I encountered the most enticing and, unfortunately most complicated shower I have ever seen. It had an electronic control panel and after poking about with the stupid, ill-considered thing for several frustrating minutes it...
A little heads up.
By Sinbad316 9/23/17     88 views
You people enjoyed the little teaser/vlog of my mud pit? Well just a heads up; there's plenty more comming. Either i will have to divide them into parts, or i will upload them in full, i wil probably upload all the full versions on UMD first, and later on the smaller...!
By mudsprite 9/23/17     109 views
My very first taste of a session in chocolate pudding yesterday was incredible. How has it taken so long for me to find this stuff?! It went almost completely to plan; typical me I decided to really go for it, so I deliberately mixed it as thick as I could. It was SO st...
By squelchingsocks 9/22/17     90 views    1 comment
My introduction on UMD. I have been using this excellent site for years now, and never thought to sign up myself, I was just happy lurking about and looking at all the amazing content, links, producers etc. For me it's all about SOCKS, those fabulous sexy garments, tha...
Finally back on my feet
By RainbowStarr 9/20/17     129 views    1 comment    image included
I am finally back on my feet again Thanks for all support love and advice during this hard time in my life, it kept me going. I will be shooting new videos next week and cant wait to get messy HAHAHA! LOve Rainbow
A Silly Game Running Across A Bog!
By Lauren19 9/15/17     158 views    image included
I recently entered into a competition that involved racing (on foot) across a large muddy bog. It wasn't very deep, but it was very sloppy and sticky! It was at a village fete / fun day that was happening locally. I think I surprised a few people by going for it without...
Keeping My Panties Full
By PantsFillingGirl 9/12/17     439 views    14 comments
Hi all, I've been lucky enough to be given a couple of months off work!!!!! As a result, I have decided to never wear unfilled pants until I have to return to work (Even when sleeping!) Of course I wont be doing this alone, so I need people to comment on this post tel...
wet girl biker
By leeming 9/5/17     137 views
Travelling home yesterday in the car I caught up with a girl on a moped. Nothing strange ..but it was pouring with rain and she was totally drenched. Her jeans jacket was running with water, her blue jeans were shining as the rain fell on her thighs. Her hair was plaste...
Sploshing event Sunday 3rd September 2017
By Whitestar 9/4/17     237 views    2 comments    image included
First posted 4 Sep, edited 5th Sep to add photos by Godfarter3 Well, after having a job for the last few years, that meant I would leave on a Sunday night, work away all week, then do a couple of hours paperwork on a Saturday, then back out on the Sunday again, I was s...
Brattleboro Fair
By Blaze68 8/29/17     201 views
This may be the last of them for a while - I have a new girlfriend who is really into wetlook, mud, WAMMING, and wild sex. Time to create new memories instead about writing about the old ones..... Brattleboro Fair some months later Fall faded into winter and our out...
This is a test
By Lena 8/20/17
wetsuit wetness
By wetmana 8/7/17     124 views    1 comment
Well for the first time in my life i purchased a full neoprene wet suit , ( trespass shop and a sale on ) i walked up to the stand , see a large sized one , went to try it on, (well what it felt like dry was amazing,) nice feel , close tight fit , like a morph suit ,...
An extremely fun day with mypierogative--Saturday 15 July 20...
By Whitestar 8/3/17     561 views    3 comments    image included
MyPieRogative what can I say but 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10, 5 Stars out of 5, I think you dear reader might be getting the picture, but how did I come to that conclusion I hear you ask? Read on and find out. I had been an occasional lurker on UMD only joining in Marc...
Things to come.
By mudsprite 7/30/17     129 views
Its been a funny year so far, and sploshing activities have been difficult to arrange. Certainly so far, things havent quite gone to plan. Looking back though it's amazing how well I've done considering; mainly smaller sessions when opportunities have suddenly presented...
New Video on YouTube
By Wetty2010 7/22/17     93 views    image included
There is a brand New video on youtube. Wet G-Starts with my Denim Jacket Here is the link:
First time in new mud
By mosluigi 7/19/17     220 views
I moved to Florida a year ago from Maryland. Up there I had a couple good mud spots I'd played in a few times, so after moving I made finding a new spot a priority and finally hit paydirt. And what a find it was, tucked away in a corner of a park within walking distance...
By iain-ecgunge 7/17/17     291 views    image included
Last weekend was a rather busy one for me - the tripleWAMmy, it's strange the way things work out sometimes! I did have a session booked in for my birthday, but that had to be postponed for reasons outwith either of us' control. Along came the second London Splosh Gam...
I just want to thank you!
By SeaOpal 7/15/17     103 views    image included
I haven't had a lot of time to spend here lately, and I never have time to respond to each individual message or friend request I get but I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!! to all you guys who've shown your love of my pics & videos. Nothing is so guaranteed to...
some thing different
By wetmana 7/11/17     110 views
well it bee very wet in the uk this week , i planned to get wet so many times and something else came up , until today , i was free to , so i had planned what to wear, jeans or chinos, shirt or suit , um,d and arch, until i though rite its going to a xdress time not...
London Splosh Games Two 9th July 2017
By Whitestar 7/10/17     653 views    4 comments
Edited 13 July 2017 to add names of people I couldn't remember. Wow, what can I say but it was another absolute blast! I saw the post for London Splosh Games two appear on Fetlife/UMD and within a minute or so I was logging in to get my ticket as I knew it was somet...
You Tube Channel redesign
By Wetty2010 7/10/17     87 views
Guys go visit my new redesign you tube channel I also activate my UMD site posting pictures, videos and becomeing a mode where i encourage all interest guys who wants to film videos contact me. I wanna travel i want meet guys who like what i...
It's what we do
By EdwinR 7/1/17     159 views
We have produced a couple of free promotional videos featuring dozens of photos and clips in a hip music video format to show you the variety of images you will find at "A Splash Of Glamour" and our video side we call, "Always Wet & Sexy". We appreciate the help and...
My Evening at slosh Messing About at Underworld
By slosh1474 6/27/17     333 views    image included
I saw the advertising about S.L.O.S.H. Presents messing About at Underworld on the homepage of S.L.O.S.H. and was curious. So I clicked on the link and informed me. After I had asked some questions by mail, I decided to do it. I bought a ticket. The flight from germany...
s.l.o.s.h. Presents Messing about an Underworld 24 June 2017
By Whitestar 6/25/17     409 views    2 comments
I saw the post on UMD about 'S.L.O.S.H. Presents Messing about an Underworld' on 5 April and within about 30secs of reading the post, I knew I had to buy a ticket. Ticket was bought without any problems and now I had the wait for the event. Having been to Underworld...
"Walking The Plank." Into mud!
By Lauren19 6/24/17     306 views    1 comment    image included
I went to a summer fun day recently arranged by my place of work. There were loads of silly games and many of them were quite messy, so we were told to dress appropriately! The one that really excited me was an arm wrestling competition with a pirate theme! You see, the...
A Messy Forfeit
By Messy74 6/10/17     368 views    1 comment    image included
This is so funny, I'm writing about my last forfeit when a very good splosh friend & I are about to find out about tonights clash. My friend Arry is from England & I'm from Scotland & since both of us are splosh fans, its a great way to share our love of all...
The Messy Gentlemen's Club
By want2pieme 6/3/17     357 views    1 comment    image included
So I quickly heard about this Gentlemen's Club. This club is really exclusive. Hard to get into really hard you have to always wear a crisp suit always have to look your best and you get to stay in amazing Beach house and big beautiful yacht's so after so many years of...
Ultimate Fantasy Fulfilled
By buzzlightyear 5/29/17     299 views    3 comments
I awoke to her climbing on top of me. "Good morning, bitch!" she said. I could see it in her eye - something was up. Usually she was never horny in the morning, and slept until noon anyways. But no, today something was up. She felt my cock begin to harden and started gr...
wet heels 2
By WetRose2 5/24/17     126 views    image included
Wet heels = the new game
By WetRose2 5/24/17     135 views    image included
Lets go fun :)
Another Wet Weekend
By MrWetShirt 5/21/17     163 views
Another Wet Weekend They checked out of the hotel later that morning, and Fiona was delighted to be presented with a voucher offering her thirty dollars off the cost of another visit, if made within a month! Already the seeds of the idea of another weekend with Number T...
Giving up getting messy
By Miss E Cleavage 5/16/17     370 views    1 comment
A lot of people might relate to this, if you do please feel free to comment and if i can ill reply :) Ive had a wam fetish for nearly 20 years, and it has remained secret the entire time. Like a lot of people on here, im afraid of being judged or rejected. The thing is...
First time with new girlfriend-it was a hit
By Blaze68 5/6/17     466 views    1 comment
Looking like I've got a new WAMMING partner. Cute little blonde named Beth in her early 40's I've been dating for a few months. I bought her a kayak for her recent birthday, and yesterday (5/5) she insisted we try it out. Loaded hers and mine up and headed to a flood...
Comic Relief Silliness At Work
By Lauren19 4/29/17     264 views    image included
My workplace always gets behind initiatives such as Comic Relief and this time was no exception. One of my friends cooked up the idea of "The Mud Bucket Challenge". Unlike the famous ice bucket challenge, this wasn't a pour over the head job, but a big bucket of thick m...
First Messy Session--Messy Fun at 4 in the Morning
By Slopseeker 4/26/17     277 views    1 comment
Wake up after a couple of hours of sleep bright and early for my 21st. Hastily sort out some train tickets for about two hours time, and then head into the bathroom shaking like a bastard. Lie some plastic bags on the shower floor, bring laptop into bathroom, and by 4 i...
When did it all start?
By FarmCouple 4/24/17     165 views
My best recollection of when it started for me as a young boy, was watching the Jungle Book and that sneaky snake wrapping his coils around Mowgli, and that started my mind going about what it would be like to feel those coils. Then I seen the movie The Blob (1958), and...
Wet Knickers
By Wet-Si 4/9/17     150 views
So i had a dream last night, don't know what would have brought it on but anyway that doesn't matter. It was about an ex partner who i had a very active and varied fetish sex life with, she was always up for wet clothes and didn't mind a bit of custard in her knickers e...
By sweetfreak 4/7/17     211 views    image included
Aren't we lucky being WAM-lovers? For us, any supermarket is a sex shop. Do you recognize that feeling? Walking in a store, imagining all the things you could get messy with. things you can fuck, things you can pour in your undies, things you can put in your ass... Thin...
Bozo T. Poem.
By BozoT.Clown 3/28/17     125 views    image included
Nobody Loves Us Clowns. We Shouldn't Be Foolin' Around. We Should Be Serious. And Not Delirious. Nobody Loves Us Clowns. I REALLY MEAN IT! Nobody Loves Us CLOWNS!!! :P
By Wet-Si 3/26/17     205 views
I keep seeing this video on YouTube and can never get it out my head, it's a girl named Stephanie, from round the North Est area. She is recorded introducing herself and that she is about to be gunged. The video pans from her feet up over her sexy ass and to her face,...
Wet Yoga Pants
By Wet-Si 3/21/17     187 views
So last night whilst having a very mixed sleep I started dreaming about an ex partner and boy was it worth it. I remember this trip we took, I picked her up and started the journey she was wearing a purple t-shirt and black yoga pants, tight but not as fitted as legging...
The London Splosh Games Tuesday 14th March 2017
By Whitestar 3/15/17     702 views    image included
This is an edited version of my post on Fetlife under the same user name. I was booked in for Sploshing Event at Townhouse on 31st July 2016, but unfortunately my car broke down the day before and I was gutted that I wasn't able to get to the event. With the hours I...
A new idea
By kane83 3/15/17     242 views
I was thinking once I open my own download store and start selling some product on here, i was thinking !, it would be an awesome idea to live stream a full pie season with my girlfriend getting creamed as per usual ;p... just a thought ;)
I suck, can we talk?
By AnnaLee 3/9/17     388 views    3 comments
Just gonna rant here a sec, m'kay? I get the occasional email that basically says, for more or less, "Sorry to bother you..." Uh, no you're not, or you wouldn't be writing. And you start an email by apologizing? I'm supposed to forgive you for...... ??? "I suck at...
By livemud 2/28/17     222 views    1 comment
Tuesday: Confirmed date for next Tuesday with Monica at 10:00. To quote the email reply, " completely fine with your request and willing to participate fully..... you can get her messy as much as you want." Booked hotel List of items to purchase: -...
Fiona by Herself at the Pool
By MrWetShirt 2/24/17     300 views    1 comment
Fiona by Herself at the Pool Tony had an interview and assessment for a temporary post at a home delivery company, working as a dispatch manager to be based at the depot. The job was due to start at the beginning of October and to last for six months, which would be id...
Oily Anal Vacation
By MyPieRogative 2/22/17     404 views    image included
It's interesting how sometimes you just know certain things. He makes me feel like a fortune teller at times. A look across a dinner table, or a moment of locking eyes with a smile walking down the street, or in this case, looking up seeing him with laughter in his eyes...
I know, I'm perfect?
By AnnaLee 2/18/17     343 views    6 comments
Just a quick blip before I go bouncing around Pieland for the day: Someone said to me this week, and I'm paraphrasing here, "You're impossibly perfect!" BINGO! Key word here is "impossibly"! See, lemme 'splain: I'm very aware that my profile is provocative. It i...
Quick replies to chat questions
By AnnaLee 2/15/17     252 views
"Where are you from?" -Pieland, Slapstickonia, USA. Like it says on my profile! "What do you do?" -Mainly make silly and risky comments while someone is holding a pie. Generally this is right after whatever I was wearing is now on the floor. "What's your major?" -I h...
Random Mailbag
By AnnaLee 2/15/17     243 views    3 comments
K. Writes: "Why all of the boob pics? Are any of them you?" Why the pics? I like them! They're aspirational to me at the moment I find them, and for the "theater in my mind" (not a real theater, just go with it for a second) I imagine that's what I'd look like while I'...
A surprisingly fabulous pie
By AnnaLee 2/13/17     468 views    7 comments
It's time for a happy, upbeat blog post! So once, I met a woman who was an overall very positive kinkster and who thought the idea of pies in the face was, if not erotic, at least very fun and had great power-play potential. We hit it off personally, and since I was in...
Pics Or It Didn't Happen
By AnnaLee 2/13/17     457 views    6 comments
And now, lets dip into our mailbag shall we? Viewer Bill (not his real name) writes in. Bill asks "Why don't you show us what you look like? How do we know you're as cute as you say you are and not some fat cow or some horny guy somewhere? You should post a picture of...

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