A Jayce and Jilly Messy Package!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"A video of Jayce and a video of Jilly both getting down and dirty!"

File count:2
Total size:626.37 MB
Runtime:19 mins, 12 secs
Scene ID:5216

The first video, Jayce is wearing one of her infamous outfits from her first striptease set. She slowly, teasingly and seductively pies and slimes herself, her heels, her face...everything! She does this all on the untarped floor of her kitchen. Rolling in it, rubbing it in with her heels and embracing the messy freedom! Until she is totally covered in mess, still dressed and then showers off, still fully-dressed to show her stockings and shirt shine under the water as they come clean she talks to the camera about how much fun it was but how good the water feels. She stays fully-dressed and continues to shower off

The second video. Jilly refuses to help Jayce clean up after a big messy set. Jayce is totally pissed because she has always helped Jilly clean! Jayce is still covered in mess trying to clean up on her own! So Jayce waits for the right moment while Jilly is eating leftover cream from the pies, and is slowly filling up tins with mess...When Jilly walks past her Jayce launches at her with a huge filled up tin of nothing but cool whip, pie crusts and goo! A big, green, chunky mess! Jayce then rips her shirt, and makes her take more of her "leftover" mess! Scolding her and telling her that we "wammers" don't not help other wammers clean up! That us "models" help eachother out! She makes sure each time she covers her in a huge heap of slime, she is reminded! A now topless Jilly was wearing stretchy pants and of course Jayce sees opportunity and fills her pants till they cant hold anymore of the crust, whipped cream and batter filling. And boy do they stretch! They are so full they almost fall off, so Jilly gets rid of em, and takes them off! Jayce then pulls out her secret stash of thick, green, nickelodeon style slime and gets it on her and then adds a little white mixture she mixed up to the top telling her to Not rub it in! Once Jayce is finally done scolding and messing her up, she makes sure JIlly understands that we all help eachother clean up. She says she does, so Jayce only coats her one more time in this goopy green mixture, making her "sit down, look up and dont wipe your face!" Jilly listens and does it and so Jayce decides to leave her alone
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"Wam one-two knockout punch xP"
First scene with Jayce is back in her her very sexy stripe tease outfit, she really brings the sexy in her scene covering herself in mess right on the kitchen floor just for you then taking a shower and letting you watch as she washes away the mess. The Jilly gets it good when she wont help clean up Jayce grabs her stripes down and really lets her have it with left over mess by the end you cant go wrong two beautiful girls covered in mess and one gets naked. WIN all the way dojorat, 11/19/12
"A unique production that is out of the box and sexy and funny."
Jaycee's messy floor video is like always so sexy. Her wardrobe is one she has used before except in the first video she wore black panties and in this one she is wearing white panties with her short skit and stockings. She pies herself with cool whip pies and then does a a face and head gunge into what else but batter, which leaves her a sexy mess. She then rolls in the messy in a most sensual manner that will certainly stir your manhood. In the second it is a comedy like no one but Jaycee and Jilly can present. There was a messy production and now Jilly doesn't want to help clean up so Jaycee proceeds to mess up Jilly. Jaycee has the messy from the previous sketch over her but out of caricature of her other films she is wearing a shower cap and plastic cape which is hilarious looking on its own but the dialog really carry's the video. Mahar, 11/15/12
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