Jayce and Jilly Trash&Fill Their Boots&get Messy!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Jayce&Jilly fill their boots with slimes and then pour them over themselves"

Jilly and Jayce decide to trash some boots! Leather boots completely obliterated by all different consistencies of slime and gunge. methyl slime, batter gunge in all different colors. They fill them up till they can't anymore and then pour them over their heads right out of the boots! The girls are wearing short, cheerleader type shorts and tight tank tops so you can see the clothes cling when they pour the mess out of their boots over their heads and run down their bodies The colors swirl and make the once standing boots slouch with heaviness! The girls play with all the different slimes. Filling their boots and then pushing some out to see how it looks. Filling them back up again and again and just having a blast. You can hear the sounds of squishing toes inside and when they go to take them off you hear the sound of the boots sticking to their feet. It is quite lovely. The mixture of the different textures makes for beautiful swirls of color and loads of fun and mess they dump on their heads out of the boots! worn boots! whoa! This set is full of color, ooooh's and ahhhhh's and the destruction of two perfectly good pair of boots! Enjoy!

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Runtime:18 mins, 18 secs
Scene ID:6543

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