Jayce Gets Sweet and Aroused in Ballet Gear!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jayce does feet play, hose filling, cake sitting, stripping to finish ;)"

Jayce starts off in her authentic ballet gear and then erotically decides to trash it.

Jayce starts off by stretching and limbering herself up and then decides to take off her ballet shoes and cover her panty hose in syrup. After she soaks her panty hose she decides to pour loads of syrup over her head and long hair. She continues to trash her hose withy the syrup and taking off layers of clothing. Jayce then grabs her big thick fluffy bakery cakes and gind her hosed feet into them. She loves loves the sensation so much, She decides to top it off with more syrup and continues to play in the mess with her feet.

Jayce then decides its then time for her leotard to come off. She is now down to nothing but her hosiery. Jayce then decides to sit on them and grind into the cakes erotically while moaning with pleasure. This quickly arouses her so much that she then fills her panty hose full and begins to play with herself. This esculates into Jayce rolling in the cake and syrup as she causes herself to envelope into a state of ecstacy.

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"Congrats Jayce XxX"
Really really nice girl and video! I love it:D I like the outfits and Jayce seem really enjoy the moment. mouuuuuuuuuah! Peter Forst, 8/31/15

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