Jayce+Vibrator Singing Happy B'day As Your Cake!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"smothered in icing, sprinkles and creme try to finish song w/o cumming!"

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First time in the House of Mess, Jayce uses a Toy! Jayce is dressed up in a cute little pink number with sparkly high heels for your bday but decides to strip out of it but she is shy...once she gets a few things off, she starts to get a little more eased up. She just wants your birthday perfect! Jayce starts to smother herself in Huge Tubs of white icing in nothing but her sparkly pink heels. She starts at her legs and works her way down to her feet, rubbing them in and showing off her perfectly covered feet...then makes her way up...rubbing her clit covering herself...making her way all the way up to her tits. Grabbing handfuls of this amazing icing and covering every inch. Turning around and covering her back and ass in this drippy, thick, amazing icing. Bending over to rub it all over her ass and pussy. She makes it up to where just her head is clean and then grabs the Biggest handful of the icing and plunges her face into it and at the same time her hands hit her face like she is being pied with it. it is so thick, so sticky and drippy, so sweet she basks in it. Rubbing it all over her face, through her hair and doing it again. grabbing more and pieing herself with icing! She is so turned on by this feeling. She lays down and grabs handfuls and lets it slowly cover her face. keeping her face covered she rubs all over her coated body. She gets up to decorate the Jayce cake...she puts a little blue decorating frosting on her nipples and yellow on her pussy and rubs them all in...then, she covers herself in sprinkles to make you a real bday treat! She wants you there so bad, though! To make sure your Jayce cake is nice and moist, she grabs a can of some marshmallow creme and coats her body, which she has decided it is now time for your real treat. Jayce is going to sing you happy birthday But! She is going to sing it while using her vibrator and try to get through the song without cumming. Jayce tries the first time and fails. her clit is so sensitive! She tries the second time and comes sooooo close to cumming. She tries a third time and Seh cums so hard it curls her toes! Finally Jayce gives in and stops masturbating after cumming twice and almost once and decides to just end your treat with singing you happy birthday the best she can, after having two orgasms! Enjoi this first time treat in the House of Mess! Jayce in mess with a toy! Very, very fun! Watch her fail miserably and cum more than once! (sorry this was in third person, i started it that way but this was of course, written by me ;) love yall xoxoxox
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"Buy this video you won't regret it"
By Desamo  10/2/17

This is awesome video from Jayce. Easily worth the money. She starts with her nice pink dress and then strips herself to nude because its your birthday. She covers her sexy body and her great big boobs with white icing. She then has fun with her vibrator while she sings happy birthday and gets orgasms it's so hot. I recommend this to everyone who likes Jayce or wants naughty birthday video.

"A Very Happy Birthday!"
By Methos20  12/13/16

The Pros of this video: Unique premise--Don't think I have ever seen another video like it and if it does exist, it ain't Jayce Jayce--She is hot as ever in this video

Vibrator and masturbation--if that is your kind of thing then this video is amazing Length--This video is over the 20 minute mark so it is good value for money and you can 'enjoy' the experience. The Cons: If you're being really picky then maybe there could be a wider variety of mess used maybe some chocolate sauce. Overall I'd say this video is well worth buying if you're a sweet WAM fan, a fan of Jayce or just looking for a birthday treat.

"Hot, fun, and well worth it!"
Jayce knows what she's doing here. She methodically covers herself in the icing, starting with her legs and feet, and working her way up from there. She spends some time rubbing it thoroughly into her ass, which is pretty cool because her ass is quite nice. By the halfway point of the video, Jayce's completely covered. It looks amazing The icing is sticky, but it still flows and the effect is fantastic. I do wish she hadn't added the sprinkles, though. They're colorful, but they look like they have a grainy texture, and I prefer a softer mess. This is probably just my own personal preference, and it didn't ruin anything.

Watching the mess go on was fun, but the heat really gets turned up around minute 16-17, when Jayce starts the birthday song challenge. Her challenge is to make it all the way through the song before her orgasm washes over her. Listening to her struggle to sing is absurdly sexy just by itself, and the view is incredible. She almost made it through the song on both attempts, and they were noble attempts, but it was not meant to happen. To be fair, I too challenged myself not to cum before the song was over, and I also failed. If she ever wanted to try this challenge again, I'd absolutely watch.

"You can have your cake and eat it too!"
By messyginger  9/4/15

Wow Jayce. Sad to say this is my first video I have from you but my goodness this is sexy. I loved watching all of it and I enjoyed it just as much as you did. I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to future videos.

"An excellent and welcome addition to the House of Mess"
By mhalver  9/1/15

This is an excellent video from Jayce. The video quality is excellent as has come to be expected from the House Of Mess, and the camera work moves in close to the action when needed, and wide out when appropriate.

The mess is fantastic, and Jayce ends up nude and fully covered in icing and marshmallow creme.

Seeing Jayce with a toy is most welcome as well. The video is highly recommended.

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