15 Gallons of Thick Gungey Goop+dildo Orgasm!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jayce tweaks molasses into a thickened, blackened goo and rides dildo"

File count:1
Total size:378.41 MB
Total runtime:23 mins, 41 secs
Date added:1/19/17
Year produced:2016
Scene ID:21166

Video starts with Short Commentary:

So, I got sent 15 gallons of Black Strap Molasses and of course, me being me, I had to tweak the substance. I used Liquid Thickener to make this stuff ultra thick and then used Loads of Acrylic Black Paint to make this stuff Really, Really Black. It turned it into a beautiful, heavy, shiny, super dark, super thick, smooth, black, gungey goop. It was incredible. It was heavy and coated my body the whole time...Every pour over me was heavier and heavier and I could feel the substance just getting deeper and deeper around me...I was completely naked in my heels which made the sensations even more arousing. I moaned, panting, making sounds of sex feeling this stuff being poured on me. I could not stop. It was so encasing I was completely aroused the entire time. Pour after Pour, you think its going to stop and it doesnt. Its just perfect! After pouring was done, I rolled around a bit in the deep mess, you have to see the way this stuff moved. I was in awe of it all. My hair was plastered to my body, i was completely coated and I was ready to get off. I had my big suction cup dildo, and i stuck it down in the deep substance...I sat on it and rode it from the front, slapping my clit and rubbing my pussy, i was so fucking horny...i was so close to cumming but i decided i wanted to cum from behind...So i turned around and adjusted myself to sit and ride my big dildo reverse cowgirl and I did. I rode that cock so hard, I was bouncing up and down and feeling the substance splat on my ass every time i pushed my pussy further down onto the cock...That made me cum so hard. Feeling that sensation of that substance coating my pussy and ass, everytime i got that dick, far up in my pussy...I came hard and then got out to roll around and play with my coated hair...Show off the depth of the mess, and the thickness of it, and then grab the dildo and suck some molasses off of it where it fell into the mess when i was done with i. ;) Afterwards I take a shower and tell you all, all about my experience, how we may get the mess out and what made me cum ;) There is also beginning commentary of the video as well enjoy!
Includes this file:
2,232 Kbps
378.41 MB
23.7 minutes

"Amazing mess a pink toy and clear paltforms, Jayce has a winner!"
By hooter  1/24/17

Oh great here we have the lovely Jayce channeling her inner Jennifer Beals in this little scene. A sexy pair of clear stripper heels is all she wears though out. An incredibly thick concoction incases Jayce's naked form from that point on. With her body completely covered she "dances" in the filled pool that was created. Jayce now takes the time to toy with us with her not little friend. Here's the part where the scene gets steamy. I would go into details but her toy is completely covered like herself, but cums out clean 8-0 ;) Another Jayce classic in the making.

"Sticky and sexy"
By messyginger  1/22/17

Jayce never disappoints but this scene she has outdone herself. The mixture of molasses and paint and seeing it get poured over her naked body is something else. This is a must buy!

"Best work yet!"
By closetdave  1/21/17

From the very first pour with the stool is exactly what I've come to expect from Jayce's beautiful work. I've enjoyed watching her sessions grow over the years and this is my favorite by far! Keep up the great work, never stop!

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