Over 100 Layers OF Mess! Bound, Ariels Revenge!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"This is not your typical wamming, whole other level of it!"

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Total size:634.49 MB
Runtime:42 mins, 52 secs
Scene ID:19869

This 45 minute video of myself and Ariel is where i made up and had SO Many Substances to fuck up Jilly! Ariel wasnt able to use the tape correctly because shes a total idiot and i wanted this trick on Jilly to be Perfect, so i decide to show her how its done and when i start to take off my clothes, she is perplexed...she asks "why are you getting naked?" im like "durrr, we all know Jilly is a nudist and her ass is still running around naked all the time, I want to make this as realistic as possible for when she gets here!"

so i get nude and show her how to tape my hands down and my legs down where jilly cant move...

then...she walks away...she doesnt undo my restraints...? The Bitch IS Going TO Use All This Mess ON ME! I Was Fucking Livid! i knew how much I had created for Jilly! IT Was AN Insane Amount! She starts to slop on the thickest stuff first, flours me, foam pies me, then just adds layer after layer after layer of Everything! IT Was SO Heavy. I was so encased at times I had to have her help me wipe my mouth to breathe! i was breathing in Nothing but mess! I had:

8 Buckets of Mystery Substance

8 Buckets of Fmallow substance

6 Large containers of Icing

6 Containers of Peanut Butter

60 Foam Pies...60!

about 15 to 20 cans of shaving foam

4 Buckets of Regular Batter

4 16 oz tubs of Cool Whip

Then 3 buckets for after my release. She tells me i cant go shower or Anything until i head dunk in the mystery substance, the fmallow and a bucket of all the drippage that came off my body, well, some of it...it wouldnt all fit in one bucket! lol! and i had to do it and keep doing it over and over until she saw fit! dude. This Was Insanity! you have to check this shit out. I love encasement and this just took encasement to a whole other level! wow! i hope you love it as much as i did...even fearing for my life a few times! lol! that was a rush...and it kinda turned me on ;)
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634.49 MB
42.9 minutes

Buy buy buy! Such a great video, I love the hair destruction and the constant swearing. Keep it up! PS. Those tits are perfect :) Piemeup, 10/13/16
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