Trick or Treating Turns Hot and Sticky!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Sorority Girl trick or treating finds wam stash and things get Hot!"

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Runtime:19 mins, 2 secs
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Jayce is a sorority girl on a mission, whoever brings home the most candy, wins! So she goes to a house that looks uninviting, just because she wants to leave no stone unturned. A guy in his boxers reluctantly answers the door and sees its some hot chick. He is not prepared, thinking no one would come since he covered his doors and whatnot. Jayce's bouncy sweet personality doesn't stop her from begging this guy to look for any gum, mints, anything he could have that would count as candy. Jayce, dressed in her girl baseball player uniform with long baseball socks and white baseball shoes, begs and pleads with him to go look for some "pretty please" so, the guy does. When he goes to walk away, Jayce notices some tarp on the floor, so she opens the door and makes her way the rest of the way in. She finds tarp on the floor and WAM stuff everywhere! This guy was about to WAM by himself! Jayce gets super turned on and before the guy gets back unbuttons her uniform and gets down to nothing but her matching leopard print panties, fish net thigh highs underneath her knee high white baseball socks and sneakers. The guy comes back shocked and Jayce asks if she can join him. This guy is totally thrown back but of course says yes!

The mess starts with Jayce asking the guy what to do to her, and of course, this guy is not saying NO! A hot chick just shows up and finds him wam stash and wants to play? no way!Jayce asks if he will tie her hands, of course he says yes he covers her body in black treacle, then she asks for caramel poured all over her. Jayce makes sure to bend over to get it down her back and bottom and her sexy thong. She tells him to make sure to cover her face with it. He gives her a banana to put in her mouth and she sucks on it while he drizzles her with chocolate syrup. Jayce rolls and plays in the mess and they talk about how awesome it was that they stumbled upon eachother this way, a wammers dream! Jayce then asks nicely for a pie sandwich, and gets one! By this time she is completely covered but wants more, more caramel is brought out, syrups, and clothes start to come off! Posing for the camera because Jayce loves it, she shows off her but, she basically rolls and dances in the mess. Laying down and asking for more. To Top it off, he pours a huge white bucket of white creamy thick substance all over Jayce. She plays and moans, and squeals with pleasure. She finally asks the guy if she can use her shower and tells the camera it is gonna get too dirty for them to see in there. Nice coverage. Nice girl
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"A good gunging with treacle and caramel"
Jayce strips to bra, panties and socks and sits on the floor with her hands tied. Black treacle is poured over her face and hair. She smears the treacle over her body and legs, and into her hair. With her hands now untied, she turn around with her back to the camera while caramel is drizzled on her back. Jayce turns to face the camera again while more caramel is poured over her head and face. She removes her bra and smears treacle and caramel over her boobs. Jayce then lies on the floor, first on her back and then on her stomach. She sits up and smears her boobs again. This is followed by a pie sandwich. She continues to smear the mess over herself, and the panties come off. She puts a banana in her mouth while still more treacle and caramel is drizzled over her. Finally a large bowl of either whipped cream or shaving cream is poured over her. Richard6, 12/25/16
"Jayce is super-hot in black... then white!"
This trick is a real treat! Jayce is absolutely adorable as a wandering trick-or-treater who happily stumbles upon a fully-supplied Wammer who's ready to start pouring. Jayce's excitement as she realizes what she's in for is very well acted, very funny, and crazy sexy. She reminds me of Kaley Cuoco here... that is, if Kaley Cuoco was stripped naked, covered in thick black treacle, then hit with pies and slathered in thick white cream. Jayce is real dream-come-true in this one! I highly recommend it. Zeppo1935, 2/15/13
"Trick or Treat will never be the same for me!"
As an attractive co-ed in the cutest baseball uniform I've ever seen, Jayce would always be able to score some sweets. But when she discovers all the wam supplies in his house, she knows that she could be in for a real TREAT! Every substance is applied slowly over her lingerie covered body and she goes from dark chocolate to milk chocolate, She really enjoys herself slithering in the mixture. And it appeared that he was enjoying himself. Great sensual video with total coverage and sexy dialog. Mahar, 10/27/12
"A must have college girl fantasy"
Jayce really brings the sexy in this one, from the fantasy of a college girl showing at your place to the sexy time with the banana. She always is able to makes fantasies come true :) if you buy one video make it this one. TOTALLY WORTH IT :D dojorat, 10/25/12

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