My Spa Treatment From Taylor-epic Encasement!

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"The Most Insane Spa Treatment-epic Encasement From Taylor To Jayce!"
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So? I go in for a spa treatment to help ya girl out... I get encased like you have Never Seen! With tons of Pies, Peanut butter, Thick frosting, Thick frosting pies Bread, Tortillas with peanut butter on them to stick all around my head... I have never seen such a treatment! I trust my esthitician though so? I do as I'm told. She tells me to relax and just let it all go-she hands me a harness for my legs which I am reluctant at first but? Like I said? I trust my girl! So? I get into it

... She first slathers my head with giant tubs of peanut butter until I cannot hear or see... only smell and feel the weight of it on my face! Layers and layers so heavy! Then? I feel her pressing something onto my face. Its Bread! She covers my head, all around, in a layers of bread... Making it hard to catch my breath. She continues to assure me that I need to relax and just continue to breathe when I can. I am heaving... Which is turning me on. She tells me to touch myself and let go! So? Don't mind if I do! While I am doing this? I start to feel her pressing even more weight onto my face. They are tortillas covered in a layer of peanut butter on one side! To stick to the bread layer she has already put on my face. Everything is so heavy and deafening! I dont think it can hold anymore weight but alas... She goes extreme every time! I feel her jerking my head and adding a ton of weight... the smell starts to seep past the peanut butter and I feel a little drop onto my body. It is buttercream frosting! She takes my giant head covered in all these layers? Makes it even bigger with folds and layers of icing! My head is pulling back towards the floor in the gravity chair she has placed me in. All I smell is sweet. All I taste is sweet. I feel like I'm in a dream falling backwards with no ending! I start to feel the chair wobble like it may fall backwards with all the weight but she assures me I am fine She hands me a giant vibrator to put my mind at ease. It most certainly does. I use it on myself and I am so turned on by the sensation of falling, the weight, the smells? That I am cumming hard and muffling under all the mess. My pussy is so swollen! Then? When I think that is my happy ending? It is not even close. She starts Flinging something very heavy onto my head! I just feel "thud" over and over. The crumbles start to go down my body. I realize-she is pieing me! They are so thick and sticky. I make a hole to breathe and I can feel. These are frosting pies! I smell oreo, i smell chocolate. My senses are just everywhere! Not only that I am masturbating and have to take breaks to rub on my pussy it is so swollen! She hits me with 25 frosting pies! I'm thinking its done! Wow! No. I start to feel a heavy and cool-overwhelming smell of peanut butter--its pourable peanut butter! My favorite! Then? I feel cool and chunky come down my torso! Chunky Gunge! Watch me play-try to get out! You Will Love This!
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"Jayce should visit this spa more often"
Taylor gives Jayce a spa treatment... the WAM way. After getting nude, Jayce is subjected to Lots of pies, until her head is encased in cream. Then Taylor provides a "friend" for Jayce, which is followed by some batter. Jayce is satisfied. This is a fun video.

deadpool 11 days ago
quietman  10/9/23
wamfan22  7/8/23
this looks amazing. have you ever consider getting messed upside down?Report
MessyCanadian  1/14/23
Wow!! You always enjoy layers and layers of face coverage which I really appreciate, you are the Queen of over the top mess Jayce Report
Alex Giron Sanchez  1/14/23
Gorgeous..... Just.....gorgeous Jayce. Taylor messed you up really good.Report
Jayce  1/13/23
i KNOW !!! i dont know why that happened. I will have to message messmaster but the photo is in the screengrabs for the scene even better, the video itself! lots of cool angles like that!Report
Lakers501  1/13/23
when i click on the scene Jayce i cant see the big picture u are talking about i just see a white blank area where a photo should beReport
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