Mud Lake: Jilly in Sexy Dress+Stockings!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jilly cuts loose in the mud lake in nothing but a minidress and stockings"

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So this was my first mud romp of the season in our lovely, glorious, mindblowing, heavenly mud pit full of silky clay-like mud as far as the eye can see... Not only was it a beautiful, sunny day, I was decked out in a sexy black minidress, thigh-high stockings reinforced at the top with lace details, rocking some curly hair (which gets a little windblown, but the wind noise isn't evident, cross my heart! I did the audio mastering!) and a sweet, gold, vintage necklace from my dear Jayce. I start off by slowly climbing down the side, trying not to hurt myself on the embankment, but almost as soon as I step foot in the mud I sink a good 2 feet! (almost a metre for the system of measurement everyone else seems to use) It's very clear that I'm going to have a hard time maneuvering my short little body around in this mud, but I sure do enjoy trying! ;) I frolic, crawl around, sink, make mud angels, head dunk after head dunk, lift up my dress to show off my little naked booty, all just within minutes! I finally realize that the weight of the mud on the dress isn't going to allow me to keep it up over my breasts so I slip out of it, wring out any remaining mud, and keep nothing on but my necklace and sexy thigh-high Nylons. The mud has made a pretty awesome pattern by sinking in the lace! You'll get a nice view of it This was exquisite footage, in uber high-def, so you don't miss a moment of awesome, sexy, muddy fun with me! I also find one part of the pit that is stable enough for me to stand up (but you can feel the liquid mud beneath it. Kind of felt like surfing!) so I stand on it and take flying leaps into the mud some were belly-flops, some on my back, some butt first ^_^ hehe. Just check out the photos because it truly is indescribable. I love, love, loved it, there's not even a question *sigh* Until we meet again, my dear mud pit...


P.s. If anyone needs a lower-res copy, feel free to message me after purchasing and I'll send you one as soon as possible. Thank you!
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