Jayce Humiliated During Her Workout with Mess!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Ariel teases Jayce and then humiliates her, ties and messes her more"

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Date added:12/17/16
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welp. this day i was coming home from work. I was already able to change my work clothes but forgot my tennis shoes. I was still wearing my high heeled, suade shoes. So, i decide I will just work out in my favorite, perfectly adorable little socks! They are so cute! Ankle socks covered in hearts with little plushy hearts on the back! So, i start to stretch and get ready to start. So i start with squats when Ariels bitch ass comes in. She starts to make fun of me attempting to work out because I am failing pretty miserably but I keep my cool. She tells me I cant do X amount of jumping jacks and I tell her she doesn't know shit and I go for them...i lose my breath after the 6th one! She makes fun of me, relentlessly and then throws a damn pie in my face! i am pissed! I am even more concerned about my beautiful socks getting ruined. Luckily they are not. Mad as hell, i tell her to bring it on...I'll prove myself and so she tell me to do X amount of push ups. I am so confident, covered in pie, and start to do them...I am failing once again. Giving her even more to make fun of me. I keep going and her ass slides a pie underneath my face with her striped ankle socks pushes my face into the pie beneath my face! I get up and I am so damn pissed! I cant believe this bitch! She continues to make fun and tell me how bad i suck. She then grabs me up and tells me i need to sit down and in true Ariel style, tapes my hands behind me! She starts to pour slime all over my favorite socks! I am so upset! I cant believe what she is doing! After the first bucket I think, its ok, i can wash these but then she brings more slime out and it is dark purple! She totally fucks them up! For my endless whining about my beautiful socks being ruined she decides to tip bucket after bucket over my head and my socks! After a few buckets are used I start to rub my feet together and it kinda feels good. They are my favorite socks and I continue to show my great sadness for them being messed up but, it starts to feel kinda nice. Just as soon as i start to enjoy myself a tad, She brings out the pies and pies me in the face and right in the feet as well! she is relentless! She takes a bucket of bright blue slime and literally slings The bucket OF slime AT ME! can you believe this bitch? she makes sure my socks get as much mess as me the whole time until she finally lets me free. I go to the camera she had set up to humiliate me and i show off an even closer view of my messed up socks! That bitch! Messed me up, humiliated me during my workout! Totally trashed me! Ugh! I hope you all enjoy seeing me get messed up!
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