Jayce Strips down in the Mud Lake Gets Naughty!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jayce gets super sexy and makes love to the mud!"

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Total runtime:9 mins, 59 secs
Date added:10/19/16
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Jayce gets super sexy in this video in the Mud Lake! She strips down and gets in all kinds of positions ;) She rubs all over herself and makes love to the mud, bouncing up and down onto it, full submerging herself, head dunking while rubbing herself down ;) She starts off all in her cute little pink and black cheer uniform, matching jacket and matching Nikes! She is wearing a crisp white turtle neck underneath that snaps right at the crotch which she makes sure to take advantage of ;) Jayce jumps in and begins to trash her uniform. As it gets to the point of no return she starts to strip out of it. She takes off her nikes to reveal her hosiery and feet and shows them off for you before destroying them in the mud too She strips down to her underwear and decides she is going to bend over completely in the thigh high mud and dunk her head with her ass facing You and rubs all over her ass and other naughty bits for you to see, all while her head is completely submerged. She plays around, showing off her long hair covered in the mud. She does a lot of submerging and emerging to show off her completely covered body. She lays back in the mud and spreads her legs at one point to where her legs are resting right by her ears! She then submerges her head while her legs are still spread wide open and plays with her naughty bits while feeling the awesome pleasure of being encased in the mud. Jayce continues to play, turning around and bouncing on top of the mud like she is bouncing on something else ;) haha! She gets really sexy in this one. She lifts her legs in the air, showing off her naughty parts and dunks her head backwards while rubbing on her pussy and her face totally covered. If you like erotic mud scenes that seem to be a show just for you, you will love this set! enjoy!
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"Jayce keeps shattering perfection with each new video."
By Viking  12/14/13

The videos Jayce either stars in, or has a hand in making, are beyond exceptional. I have just about all of the mud vids, and I can say that this is one of the finest. Jayce always makes sure to play to the camera, and really enjoys herself. The consistency of the mud is great, and the sound of the mud isn't muffled by wind noise, which can ruin the experience. The right attitude is very important, and Jayce captures it! I am a fan for life. I will be a repeat customer, for sure!

"Awesome Vid! Great value for money! Go buy it now!"
By D.M.Z.  12/4/13

The preview pics do a good job of setting the scene, so you know whats in store. Jayce brings her great mix of fun and sexyness to that superb mud pit. I must mention the incredible positions Jayce gets into, showing just how confident she is in the mud. You see the action right up close and in HD! Jayce performs lots of excellent reverse head dunks and emergences and brilliantly leaves the mud on her face after some. To me the style is a successful merging of the total coverage and extreme head dunking of Route 207 and the sexy edge of MPV. This puts the video right up there with the elite and makes it, easily one of the best Vids of the year!

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