Muddy Pudding-Satin and Stockings-Cumming in Mud!

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"Jayce's Public Mud Pudding-Satin Dress+Stockings 2 Nude and Cumming!"
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On a public hike in my dress? I get nude and hike... to find the perfect mud pudding! I put my dress back on to feel the mud on my satin party dress and my stockings. My feet immediately sink down, down, down into this glorious hump of mud! The more I stomp? The more this seemingly Not muddy spot? Starts to spew this incredible mud pudding like a volcano! With every move I make? More creamy, dreamy mud comes to surface! I am going down deep! I am squealing with joy as I stomp and then? Lift up my dress, with no panties on, to plop my bare ass into the mud, like sitting on a cake. Bouncing up and down. I am SO in love! You can hear it in the excitement in my voice as I explain what it feels like. The panting from how heavy it is... How remarkable this spot is...

You also get to see shots of people driving by in this public, but beautiful place we took the canoe to. The muddier I get? The hornier I get. I dont have to tell you that if you see it. A progression from excitement to absolutely Filthy talk in this one! I go from a kid in a candy store to a dirty mud slut telling you all the things I want you to do to me in the mud. Begging you to fuck me deep into it, leaving out my pussy for you to fuck me while I backwards head dunk, doing handstands and breath play as I dive into the heavy and creamy mud! I get down to just my stockings and lift my legs to start rubbing my clit hard... covered in mud. The best part? I roll over and start to hump the mud, my clit slapping the mud over and over and That makes me cum so hard! No hand needed! I play, I talk dirty, I am in awe, I'm pulling heaves of more mud on top of me that is flowing down hill like a geyser spewing... making sure all mud around me? Is on me! After some absolutely nasty talk, cumming twice, dunking, diving, humping, caressing my entire body over and over? Showing off my completely saturated hair? Which weighed 20 lbs Atleast! I slowly rise out of the mud... leaning against the log I have been under this entire time, super slowly... I felt a sense of overwhelming peace and like I took "E" As I tell you in the video... The sun seemed to shine brighter, the cool at my feet felt tingly, my body didnt have a pain, the weight of the mud didnt even seem to touch me in this moment! Absolute pleasure and bliss! I leave the mud hole and drop to the ground, panting from the experience! After that? You see me rinse off in a very shallow pond, in just my stockings. Showing off my body in the sunlight, Showing off my clean ass and pussy just poking out of the water... then you see me hiking back nude! Plus more public scenery! This was remarkable. The grabs of this scene do it no justice! I fucking love the mud! (during rinse off scene the cam didnt open all the way so? You may see some black pieces on the outside but it takes nothing away from the rinse off. You see it aaaallll up close and beautiful in the sun!) Enjoy it as much as I did! I know you will
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Reviews from Paying Customers:

"Enjoy watching Jayce enjoy what Jayce does"
Never really been into mud wam before but I think this is the video that's changed my mind. As is always the case, your personality and obvious love and enjoyment of what you're doing are the factors that make it exceptionally good and it's both playful and raunchy in equal measure. It's well shot and the natural light, surroundings and sounds add a great dimension to the scene. Also, the hike at the beginning where you walk around naked talking about getting muddy is an added bonus I really enjoyed. More before and after outdoor nudity, please!

wammin 23 days ago
Jayce  22 days ago
more outdoor nude walking to mud? YOu got it, dude! It is usually blazing hot summer anyway so? I am FINE with doing that! thanks for the input and for the purchase and giving something a try you arent typically into! I appreciate it so much!Report
Jayce  9/17/23
Thank you so much mudfreakjon and thank you for your purchase! Helps me share more stuff with you all! I'm so glad you can see how much I genuinely enjoy not only the mud? But the hunt for it! How I have NOT let ANYONE take that thrill away from me! I love ya, babe! Thanks for always being such a wonderful friend!Report
mudfreakjon  9/16/23
I bought your video today and watched an Incredible scene of Jayce in her genuine sweet and sexy self tease us and thoroughly enjoy her experience. This video is mind blowing and jayce I can't thank you enough for bringing your muddy self to us that literally LOVE you.Report
Jayce  9/15/23
You guys are amazing! You are gonna make me cry! Thank you so much for the love!!! I love you alll back times infinity!Report
azwas  9/15/23
very nice pictures we miss youReport
Rubbberscum  9/14/23
So excited for this one and the other few of your scenes in my cart!Report
Mirrormess  9/14/23
Incredible pics, Incredible setting!Report
WildThang  9/14/23
WAMOptimist93  9/14/23
The Mud Queen is back, baby! And on my payday, too Report
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