Chocolate "fun"draiser Fun Filling in Bed W/JC!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jayce raises money/charity she covers herself in melted chocolate bars!"

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Date added:12/16/16
Year produced:2016
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50 Percent OF Sales Will GO TO The School That Held This Chocolate Fundraiser

Jayce is wearing some super sexy, see-through white undies that match her lacy halter type bra alllll white! She has melted down all the candy bars from one box a customer and friend bought from her, that is 60 bars! Plus, she added some corn syrup to not scald her body...only to realize it made the chocolate Super shiny And Super sticky! Especially since some of the bars had caramel already in them! She starts by putting a bar in her white bottoms, to see how much it would melt during her fun time in the bed She Then starts by taking the spatula and the Heavy, dark chocolate and struggles to even get it out of the pot! but she does and plants it right on her butt where her see-through panties can see her spreading it all around her booty with the spatula! She Then flips over and can feel it going all around her panties so she decides to fill up the front, holding them open and letting you watch her fill up her full bottom undies with this heavy, warm chocolate...she grabs herself with pleasure and then begins to rub any access on her tummyand on the outside of her panties is rubbing on her pussy and her filled panties with the chocolate bar inside, rubbing on her...

She then decides, it is time, before this chocolate gets any more cooled off and even harder and stickier (because she is getting stuck! its so thick!) to work on the top, she covers and totally destroys her white bra, putting chocolate in between her tits and showing you her pressing them together and pulling them apart, how sticky the chocolate is. She is having so much fun! Then she lays down and grabs the spatula to rub and apply more chocolate, with the spatula on her legs and works her way down...she starts to play with her pussy with the spatula, rubbing it up and down on the outside of her panties, she is starting to get turned on, even with all this fun time and runs the spatula up her stomach and between her tits and then back down to her pussy, giving it a good spanking Next, its time for the big guns, Jayce is ready to cover her face and head in this stuff! she grabs the heavy pan and pours this insanely shiny and super thick and sticky stuff down her face...

it looks Incredible all over her, slowly moving down her face onto her tits and body. She gets up close to the camera to blow kisses but ends up putting her hands on her face and showing you the sticky of it all! beautiful! She then takes handfuls and puts it in her long, thick, heavy hair! She decides to check on the candy bar in her underwear and yes, after warm filling, the spatula playing with her pussy, she has melted a lot of the candy bar ;) She decies to coat her bare ass with more chocolate and then make sure to get anything she missed all while sucking on a big, long chocolate bar for you ;) She pops her huge tits out to make sure they are fully covered and says her goodbyes!

50% TO The School!
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"Jayce gets messy for a good cause in this awesome chocolate!"
By tenchi2004  12/25/16

We have to love Jayce, she likes helping people and this ''fun''draiser, helps people and she gets to show off her great body covered in chocolate! Everybody wins!

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