"After-School Delight" School Girl, Foam, Nuru Bed
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jayce is a naughty school girl who plays w/foam and nuru in bed and orgasm!"

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Date added:5/18/17
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Jayce comes home, drops her back pack and playfully decides to get on her computer and chat with fellow wammers...she pulls out her fun stuff to put on a show for them via Skype! In this video, I am one naughty school girl! i dress naughty, I act naughty, and as soon as I come home, exhausted, I have you follow me to my closet of fun with all my fun messy stuff! I make my bed, I get online to chat with my fellow wammers and decide to put on a show for them! I get up on the bed and lift up my cute little skirt to show off my sweet, white panties. I grab some foam and start to fill them up to the brim in the back and in the front...I moan and giggle feeling the tingly sensation and my panties SO filled and SO naughty! Then, i grab a bottle of nuru gel and start to pour it down my shirt, which makes it glisten and it runs down my titties, my cleavage, down my stomach and down into my panties too! it starts to puddle underneath me and mix with the foam...creating a more stringy and shiny effect! its beautiful! From then on I am just creating more and more mess. More and more foam and losing more clothes! I take off my skirt to reveal myself in my undies and bra...then i lose my socks and use my feet to play in the slippery mess (my bare feet, you see a lot of my bare feet) after i have gotten my slouch socks soaked in mess. I pour karo syrup all over me, thick and heavy...

Then I grab more foam and pile it up on the bed to submerge my face into...I pour more nuru over my body and karo and then lay back and squirt foam from my ass all the way up my pussy to my bellybutton and to my titties,making almost a foam bikini with my titties and then roll over to rub it all in all the piled up sticky, slimey, foamy and fluffy, shimmering mess...I then take a can of foam and pile foam into my ass and rub it all over...i bounce up and down on the bed, showing off my ass that looks amazing covered in all this! I do this over and over, foam, nuru, karo until i am nude and doing it all over again...all over my body. Falling into big piles of foam and then showing you how i can wrap the fluffy foam all around my head and body with the mixture i created with my body. I am completely covered now and I am SO turned ON by that. I feel encased and beautiful, in all white and I get a little quickie orgasm! It did not take long, there was a lot of foreplay before hand ;) Afterwards, I am head to toe, completely white, laughing, giggling at the relief from the play and orgasm...and I show off some of this dreamy, creamy stuff all over my body and ask you to watch me show off for you while i pose in it, show how it moves all over me, and let you see how good it feels on me. I hope you love it as much as I did coming up with the idea to do this! This is a House of Mess Production, not a custom you will love it as much as I did!
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"White princess!"
By Jpwam  26 days ago

Jayce wearing cute costumes will change into foam and lotion costumes, that costume suits her very well, it looks like a foamy princess!

I am very happy to see her very very sexy figure!

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